Best 8 App Development Languages Every Developer Must Learn

From millennials to grownup adults, people across the age groups are addicted to smartphone apps. Top 8 App Development Languages Every Developer Must Learn for Mobile app Development. Mobile apps continue to add value to our lives in a multitude of ways, and they became inseparable from our everyday lives. Naturally, for any new app to remain discoverable in the extremely crowded app marketplace is quite challenging.

Because of this competition, developers need to choose tools and technologies that perfectly shape the app user experience. Choosing the right programming language has a grave impact on the user experience and app performance. Some programming languages that remained the de-facto standard of programming for certain platforms continued to dominate the app development scenario. At the same time, some new languages appeared with their new capabilities and feature set.

App Development Languages Every Developer Must Learn

Do You Know How Often You Check Your Smartphone in a Day?

List of Top 8 App Development Languages

Taking note of all these options, we have picked here the top programming App Development Languages options that every app developer should learn. You can also 

  1. Kotlin
  2. Swift
  3. Java
  4. C++ or CPP
  5. Python
  6. JavaScript
  7. HTML5
  8. Ruby

Kotlin App Development Languages

Kotlin has emerged as a credible alternative to Java for Android app development. For years, Java remained to be the de-facto programming language for Android, and to date, most Android developers use Java for building apps. But after Google certified Kotlin as the official language for Android app development, developers around the world began to use Kotlin for their app projects. Kotlin is the top App Development Languages Android.

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The best thing about Kotlin is that it can be used alongside Java in a project, and Java developers don't need to handle any steep learning curve for building apps with Kotlin. Kotlin also offers a more performance-driven approach with the removal of null pointer exceptions and the absence of the boilerplate code.


Swift replaced the C++ and Objective-C programming languages used by the iOS developers in iOS app projects. Since it was introduced a few years ago, Swift came with several updates with key-value additions and new features and became the de-facto standard language for iOS app development. Swift App Development Languages are very popular.

Apple pushed Swift as the principal language for iOS development because it was developed to solve several major security vulnerabilities of the earlier Objective-C language. There is no better alternative to Swift language for any developers looking forward to excelling in iOS app development.

Java Language

When it comes to App Development Languages Java has been a programming language for more than two decades, and it has played a primary role in developing the present web and web apps across the spectrum. When Android was officially launched back in 2008, Java was the default language for the platform.

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Even though Kotlin has emerged as the official language for Android development with several value additions over and above Java, most Android app developers still use Java. Java expertise continues to hold prominence in the career graph of most Android developers.

C++ Programming Language

C++ is still popular among many programmers who use the language along with the Android Native Development Kit(NDK). Though it is pretty robust and useful as a language, no app can be fully developed only by using C++, and the Android NDK is required to implement several elements and features with native code.

C++ remains popular just because it has been there for quite some time and enjoys a large following of developers with expertise in C++ coding. The only downside of the language is its difficulties in setting up and lack of flexibility.

Python: Mobile App Development Languages

Python has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages because of its easy to read code that simplified programming and a lot of features that are ideal for certain apps like financial and banking apps. Python library is full of features that can be used for high-performance business apps across the niches.


JavaScript has been one of the most popular interpreted programming languages, and JavaScript is also popular because it supports both paradigms of object-oriented and functional programming. Javascript is the widely used App Development Languages for API access and for other tasks. Complete Guide on JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development.

Just because it is the most common language in browsers and web apps, it can easily incorporate web features and web-like interface elements into mobile apps. The best thing about JavaScript is that it can be used once for building an app that can be used across multiple platforms.

HTML5: App Development Languages

If you are going to build a dynamic web app, HTML5 appears to be a great programming language option for your project. One of the best capabilities that make HTML5 popular is that it allows simple injection of very complex data types and can maintain the look and feel of an app for diverse screen sizes and dimensions.

HTML5, along with JavaScript, is considered the de-facto programming language option for browsers and web apps. If you have a team of web developers upgrading the expertise level to HTML5 involves less effort and a lower learning curve and resultantly will ensure a lower cost of software development.


Ruby is another powerful, object-oriented, dynamic, and interpreted programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming.

Ruby's best thing is that it comes with a standard architecture for both web and mobile apps and is capable of automatically managing the memory. The only downside of Ruby is the lack of documentation and slower run time speed.


Here we are with a brief explanation of the most popular programming languages for your app projects. Apart from the above considerations and pros and cons, you should also think of how these languages can be beneficial for your app project in hand. I hope you like the Top and Best 8 App Development Languages for Mobile Apps.

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