C Programs

Welcome to c programs practice and solution page. Here is a huge collection of c programs in various categories. You can find all c problems and practice them and in case you are not getting solution click the link and find the solution of the problem with full logic and explanation, according to problems I tried to solve mostly solution is covered with examples also. The most important I checked and run all c programs and put the output of each and every program so you can trust, all programs will be compiled and run successfully that is why I put the output (output picture is divided into two part one part consist problem code and second part of picture consist output so you can trust) with two-part all solution will be run.

C Language Most Popular program:- Grade Of Given Marks Using Switch Case.

Note:- I compile all c programs in dev c++, if there is any case program is not working and showing error please let me know in comment section. If you are using adblocker, please disable adblocker because some functions of the site may not work correctly.

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Table of Content

1. Simple Programs

2. If / Else Statements Programs

3. Loops Programs

4. Switch Case Programs

5. Array Programs

6. String Programs

7. Functions Programs

8. Pointer Programs

9. Structure Programs

10. Patterns Programs

11. Sorting Programs

12. Searching Programs

1. Simple Programs

2. If / Else Statements Programs

3. Loops Programs

1. C Program For Reverse A given Number Using While Loop

2. C Program To Find Number Is Armstrong Or Not using While Loop

3. C Program to Calculate Sum of Natural Numbers Using While Loop

4. C Program To Print Multiplication Table Using For Loop

5. C Program to Display Fibonacci Series Using While Loop

6. C Program to Find GCD of two Numbers Using For Loop

7. C Program to Find LCM of two Numbers Using while Loop

8. C Program to Reverse a Number Using While Loop

9. C Program to Check Whether a Number is A Palindrome or Not using While Loop

10. C Program to Count Number of Digits of an Integer Using While Loop

11. C Program For Find A Generic Root Of Number Using While Loop

12. C Program To Print A Calender Taking Input From User Using Loop

13. C Program To Generate IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses Using For Loop

14. C Program to Check Whether Entered Number Is Divisible By 11 Using (VEDIC MATH)

15. C Program For Sort A Float Array In Ascending And Descending Order Using For Loop

16. C Program For Denomination of an Amount Using While Loop

4. Switch Case Programs

5. Array Programs

6. String Programs

7. Functions Programs

8. Pointer Programs

9. Structure Programs

10. Patterns Programs 

11. Sorting Programs

12. Searching Programs

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