Leap Year Program in C [Logic, Examples & Output] | IF-ELSE

 Write a Leap Year Program in C to check whether the year is Leap Year or Not, using IF-ELSE Statements. The user must enter the Year and Program should Prompt the message "The Entered Year is Leap Year or Not". Leap years have total 366 numbers of days and a February 29. If we need to find which year is Leap Year or not.

Leap Year Examples:
  1. 1992: Leap Year
  2. 2002: Not a Leap Year
  3. 2016: Leap Year
  4. 2100: Not a Leap Year
You can modify this code to find the next or previous Leap Year if the User Entered the current year or you can also find the list of all the Leap Years in a Century.

Leap Year Program in C Using IF-ELSE

#include <stdio.h>

int main() 
    int year;

    printf("Enter a Year: ");
    scanf("%d", & year);

    if (year % 4 == 0) 
        if (year % 100 == 0) 
            if (year % 400 == 0)
                printf("%d is a Leap Year.", year);
                printf("%d is Not a Leap Year.", year);
        } else
            printf("%d is a Leap Year.", year);
        printf("%d is Not a Leap Year.", year);
    return 0;


Output of Leap Year Program in C

Leap Year Program Explanation Step by Step

To Understand this Leap Year Program in C, we have to go with the Line by Line Code. So In this, there are the following steps we are going to explain everything in details.

  1. Step 1: Take an Input from the User, and Store the user value in a variable(As we have stored in a year)
  2. Step 2: Now the real logic begins, Here is the year is divided by then 4 then it's a Leap year, Because as we all know that Leap Year comes in every 4 years that is the reason we are going to divide by 4. if (year % 4 == 0), Else print the entered year is not a leap year.
  3. Step 3: Again We are using Nested IF-ELSE because we have to check for century year(Ex. 1900, 2200, 2300, 2500), Because Century year easily divides by 4. So if if (year % 100 == 0) this condition is true then we will go to the fourth step. Else print Not a Leap Year.
  4. Step 4: Now if this if (year % 400 == 0) condition is true then the Year Entered by the user and is a Leap Year, and if this condition is not true that means the year is not a Leap Year.

Leap Year Condition

if (year % 4 == 0) 
    if (year % 100 == 0) 
        if (year % 400 == 0)
           printf("%d is a Leap Year.", year);
           printf("%d is Not a Leap Year.", year);
     } else
        printf("%d is a Leap Year.", year);
printf("%d is Not a Leap Year.", year);
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List of Leap Years: from 1900 to 3000

List of Leap Years from 1900 to 3000
PHP vs ASP.NET: What to Choose for Web Development?
There is a developing trend to provide progressive web applications that will enable the user experience and commitment and also promote the development process. The business demands are progressing remarkably agile and the best technology stack could cause a distinction to the project. As per the statistics, most business share of the back-end technologies is succeeded by two programming languages in the digital world: PHP and ASP.NET

There has perpetually been a battle when it proceeds to pick between ASP.Net and PHP for web development. What do developers prefer for their development projects? If you question the developers, they will repeatedly immerse themselves in complexity as they are uncertain of which is more content to work with or which is the right that provides more features. Here we are to find out.

PHP is one of the extensively utilized scripting languages, and developers are hooked to it. However, ASP.NET language has Microsoft as its substitute beneficiary and can be performed beyond any .NET supported language. However, the last decision is yours. If you are in the requirements of the project, then, you will be the only one who should determine whether PHP accommodates your requirements or whether you require to produce your project on the .NET platform?


So, in this post, we will explore the what and why of the PHP and ASP along with the benefits of practising both that will assist you to choose that would be perfect as per the specifications of your project: PHP is a Hypertext language. It has grasped all minds over the internet for the wonderful training curve that it provides. And, also it has a great developer population.

There are several web technologies such as PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails, or Python. Though, PHP and .NET are the well-known used technologies in web development. As reports state, PHP and ASP.NET endure a big percentage of the web technologies business. In most circumstances, development teams pick between these two alternatives.

So, let's explore both tech stacks and decide which will be the best choice between PHP and ASP.NET.

PHP vs ASP.NET:- Table of Content

  1. What ASP.NET is in the world of Web Development?
  2. Benefits of ASP.NET for Web Development:
  3. Drawbacks of ASP.NET:
  4. Why ASP.NET for Web Development?
  5. What PHP is in the world of Web Development?
  6. Benefits of PHP for Web Development:
  7. Drawbacks of PHP:
  8. Why PHP for Web Development?
  9. PHP vs ASP.NET: Differences between these two technologies.
  10. Why are These Techs Exceptional at Web Development?
  11. PHP vs ASP: Which one is the right for your web development?

What ASP.NET is in the world of Web Development?

ASP.NET is developed from a C#, server-side web app framework. It was launched by Microsoft at the beginning of the 2000s as an expansion to the .NET program. This framework contributes to a diversity of libraries and tools, especially for web development. Furthermore, any different packages obtainable on the .NET platform such as Visual Studio are conveniently practised by web developers.

Microsoft performs the support framework for processing applications simultaneously with web-page templating language, the authentication mode, editor enlargements, and model libraries. This framework facilitates various applications, including effective web pages, microservices, REST APIs, and real-time hubs.

The Microsoft team performs continuous improvements to increase the overall functionality and displays the enormous ecosystem of unrestricted libraries. Although this is an open-source framework established by Microsoft, programmers are further emboldened to provide to the community.

Amongst the foremost functionalities is the web templating syntax know as Razor. It empowers developers to record the back-end cypher in C#. Subsequent code improvement of the server, the HTML content will be transferred to the users.

Moreover, the user faction is written in JavaScript that effectively blends with ASP.NET. Various editor augmentations enable code fulfilment and syntax highlighting.

1. Benefits of ASP.NET for Web Development:

  1. ASP.NET is extremely scalable and is growing at an accelerated momentum.
  2. Managed by Microsoft, it has more trustworthy reliability in the business.
  3. It preserves all the significant programming languages and is congenial with app and C#.
  4. Developers can determine any error that originated in the coding and edit it.
  5. ASP.NET accords a plethora of tools and innovations to maintain programming.
  6. ASP.NET guarantees the stablest results on Windows.
  7. It is the greatest platform for business applications.
  8. Developers can practice diverse pre-coded benefits affecting development faster.
  9. Also, there is an exceptional UI for experts.

2. Drawbacks of ASP.NET:

  1. ASP is more complex compared to PHP.
  2. The developer association for the patron is less.
  3. ASP.NET exclusively operates with Microsoft servers.
  4. It is more costly, as it entails acquiring a Microsoft license.
  5. For web development objectives, it is more succinctly effective than PHP.
  6. ASP.NET terrains on restricted source technology.

3. Why ASP.NET for Web Development?

Any web technology can be an outstanding option for the web development project whenever it coincides with the collection expectations. Providing a complete explanation of the issue “why exercise ASP.NET for web development?’’, we would prefer to determine the most significant features that should be delivered into account.

To begin with, ASP.NET is a full-fledged framework that has been in the business for more than several decades. In contrast to other frameworks, it has succeeded a conventional business share and proceeds to restore them within continuous evolution. Today’s association consists of more than thousands of programmers all around the world.

While comprising an open-source framework, it is likewise completely approved by Microsoft and recognized for effective community provision. This established cooperation commences to the convenience of diverse libraries and apparent guidelines.

Microsoft advances important amounts of sources in the development of its programs and association support. There are no problems that they would recommend some antiquated approaches. And for the technology party, ASP.NET is usually determined because of its quick and dynamic performance.

The accumulation requires to be taken only earlier as the .NET platform is competent to perform the consolidated code again and again. Not like the defined code that requires to be performed every season by the organization, composed one is more compatible and scalable.

What PHP is in the world of Web Development?

PHP is a server-side web development scripting that has developed from the diminutive open-source project. It was constructed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf who inscribed several CGI details and engineered them to deliver web applications and databases.

He hasn’t intended to produce a distinct programming language but it adapted to convert amongst one of the most significant open-source languages. Everyone can contribute to modern propaganda including duty deployment, experimentation, documentation, and specialists.

Thanks to its accessibility, PHP has gained popularity among a huge number of developers. It might be a common choice for newcomers, as its learning curve is much easier in comparison with others.

The PHP association has several open-source available libraries, devices, and expansions. For instance, MySQL Extension enables developers to generate PHP applications that communicate with the database while facilitating enhanced account and transaction maintenance.

In the enlightenment of ASP vs PHP association, the PHP developers trade with a different kind of code – a defined one that is entirely coded in C. It provides exceptional customization although that might be the problem for fascinating bugs and inadequate coding.

1. Benefits of PHP for Web Development:

  1. PHP is open-source and available for users' language.
  2. It has a broad alliance of dedicated developers universally.
  3. PHP is the most suitable option for extensive projects such as Facebook.
  4. It is likewise an excellent selection for web-based writings like web content management systems (CMS) because of the efficient interaction with different database models.
  5. Customize it as per your requirements, and it is extremely scalable.
  6. And PHP is cost-efficient and effortless to read, code, and accumulate.

2. Drawbacks of PHP:

  1. PHP is usually not fitting for desktop apps, since it targets web applications.
  2. PHP applications run more past it than apps developed with other programming languages.
  3. Customization choices can drive bugs and bad coding.
  4. In correlation with other programming languages, PHP requires efficiency in error treatment. Hence, it needs more time to catch errors.

3. Why PHP for Web Development?

It might appear a simple problem to explain, so let's be more explicit and explain why PHP is useful for web development. The primary cause why we utilize PHP for web development is that the PHP programming language has been originally introduced as a web scripting language. It is exceedingly maintained and developed by its population that consists of over 5 million PHP developers.

The open-source programming language is considerably successful among novices and has succeeded the most prominent market share. Its supportive population continues developing for more than 25 years.

Working with open source has its benefits and limitations. This language is simple to learn, cooperative with several servers, and proper for various web applications. Different perception of PHP development is the evaluated code.

This kind of code is normally performed on the server, following created into HTML and particularly then assigned to the user side. Hence, the performance time is extended and might get some glitches with conveying big files and commence to more moderate performance associated with other languages.

On the other hand, PHP web development is frequently preferred for improved scalability. This is succeeded by totalling more servers. The overall workload will be divided between them and can manage more user applications. This approach relies on the horizontal scalability that varies PHP from ASP.NET.

PHP vs ASP.NET: Differences Between These Two Technologies

Now we are going to deep dive into the difference between these two technologies that will define why a business must differentiate PHP vs NET-based upon these parameters:





Facebook is PHP-based sites, therefore there is no uncertainty PHP can be your option if you desire it to exercise. Though, PHP is a more secure choice if you aspire to produce a website by a content management system like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. 

Microsoft and Stackoverflow are created utilizing ASP.NET and are extremely scalable.

Deployment Time

PHP is performed on the server, consequently, it requires approximately a shorter period in deployment.

Employing ASP.NET includes a time-consuming method since ASP has to be complied with each time to secure changes in the code.  


PHP is compatible with various platforms like Linux, UNIX, Windows, and practically everything you would practice it for. Since PHP is recommended by various IDE's open for available and paid as well.  

ASP.NET is constructed for windows platforms essentially, hence it has a large dependence on the platform. If it gets to working with ASP.NET, developers require to use Microsoft Visual Studio throughout the development process. 


PHP, however, is more durable. It is following Facebook, Google, and other sites. 

ASP.Net provides total authority over the project including the scripting of code and construction implementation that established the great performance of the website. 

Now we know that the differentiation is hard between ASP.NET vs PHP. However, with time, PHP has acquired extensive community support. Therefore, various frameworks and combinations are free to support it.

Why are These Techs Exceptional at Web Development?

PHP platform is practised to create a little project that does not need complicated support. While ASP.NET benefits in more suitable scalability which is an excellent option for extended projects.

ASP.NET operates on organized code that works like computer code and utilizes hardware of the method that performs it more specifically. PHP has performed a programming dialect that is platform-independent and supports many effective programming methods.

ASP.NET provides upward scalability that involves enhancing the performance of an individual element of the conformity for overall performance. While PHP operates on regular scalability that separates the system into little structures and runs on them concurrently on several servers.

The alternative, in the end, is conditioned on the project and its computation in the business. The best is to hire a dedicated PHP developer to develop a small-scale corporate business and reduce the cost and improve the development process.

PHP vs ASP: Which one is right for your web development?

As this discussion of ASP.NET vs PHP has reached the summing point, let's decide which one is best for the other. ASP and PHP, the development frameworks are extremely prominent in the task they perform and developers smoothly decide between them according to the requirement of the development procedure.

In many instances, PHP has been determined to be a more powerful framework but has also produced some defects that can influence the development method in numerous areas. Also, it's seen as a separate division for the benefits in ASP.NET development which complied with stable features of profits for the developers.

PHP has a large community and is an available framework to run with. However, ASP.NET is expected to have more range in the upcoming time as it has a big company name Microsoft supporting it. So, it's entirely upon you to decide which will be more suitable for your project.


Tips to Speed Up Your Web Application Development in 2021
Tips to Speed Up Your Web Application Development: Web development has swept the world like no one else did before. In the mid-’90s enterprises started understanding the importance of the web and that’s why they started migrating to web technologies. It was started from static websites and then we moved towards highly dynamic websites and web applications, which can handle any sort of business process and workflow with ease.

As expected, more tech firms ventured into the domain of Web development and many of them indeed make a big name for themselves, though a large number of them were unable to survive due to multiple factors which impact web development. Web development Time is one of the most important factors in the entire web development process. Even a simple-looking web application may have extensive and complex code underneath, which may require many efforts and time to develop. 

Meeting the web development deadline can be considered as the most important critical success factor for the developers and the tech firms alike. If you are meeting the project delivery timelines, that signifies the effectiveness of planning and development of your project. At the same time, lesser time-to-market also determines the success of a web application among the end-users.

Tips to Speed Up Your Web Application Development

In today’s cut-throat competition, even a delay of a few hours may prove fatal for the success of any organization. Another important aspect is the product quality, which heavily relies on the time we can spend on the development. Quality solution development takes time and no matter how efficient or smart you are, if you cannot manage the time, then you are bound to fail in the long term.

Unfortunately, there is never enough time. That’s why software developers always keep on searching for logical and practical methods to accelerate the web development process. If you are concerned about the slower pace of the web development process, then we are pretty much sure that this article will help you. We are going to explain certain ways to pace up the web development process with a few tips, tools, and techniques. This will not only help you to speed up the web development process, but it will also help you to make the overall process very effective.

What Software Development Speed Depends On?

It is extremely important to know the factors which may affect the speed of web development. Broadly we have 2 categories for such factors, Organizational and Technical.

1. Organizational Factors

As the name suggests, this category comprises factors that are non-technical in nature. It involves everything that belongs to the project management process and project development processes.

2. Project Planning

To have a well-conceived plan in place is extremely important for the success of any project. It is very easy for a web development team to perform if the project plan is well-elaborated. The following factors are very important for project managers and software developers while working on any web development project.

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1. Objectives of a Project

Project objectives are the aimed results we are expecting by the end of a web development project. This includes project deliverables, assets, resources, and intangible objectives like motivating the resources and enhancing productivity. It is important to note that project objectives must be attainable and should be time-bound so that goals can be measured at the end of a web development project.

2. Milestones and Deadlines of Project

Milestones and Deadlines are an important component of any project as they help us demonstrate the progress of our web development project. Milestones and Deadlines help us align and motivate the resources according to the project needs and determine the priorities. They also help us monitor the important dates and determine the potential bottlenecks within the web application development project.

3. Web App development Team Ramp-up

The pace of a web app development company is heavily dependent on the expertise and size of the project development team. The more Technology experts and seasoned professionals we have in the team will enhance the pace of web app development. The smaller the developer’s group, it is quite easy to manage them. Small teams usually tackle various problems faster, though if a project has many complex issues, then a big team suits it better. It is important that every team member must have precise objectives and tasks aligned, they must understand their roles and responsibilities well, and know who to contact in case of any emerging challenges.

4. Technical Factors

This category talks about the technical aspects and the development tools. It is imperative for software developers to determine the tools, frameworks, plugins, libraries, and other instruments to implement for a project. A well planned and chosen web development tool can help us to speed up the web development activities and ensure adequate quality as well.

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Following are the technical factors that impact the web development process.

1. Frameworks

Usually considered as software development platforms and allow developers to have preset configurations and establish a core foundation on which an app is developed. Frameworks consist of multiple additional tools that speed up the app development and ensure high code quality and security.

2. Libraries

It represents the collection of various sources, pre-written codes, data configurations, documentation, and several other components, that help developers to alleviate software development.

3. Plugins

These are the software components that can incorporate a new feature in an application to extend its overall functionality.

4. IDEs

Known as an Integrated Development Environment, that helps developers to build applications by amalgamating multiple development tools in a single program.

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5. Development Methodology

As far as developmental methodology is concerned, developers can utilize Agile methodology to develop a web application effectively and fast. The Agile methodology and practice can help developers to remain in line with customer requirements and modify any application functionality upon customer requirements with ease.

How to Boost Your Web Development Process?

How to Boost Your Web Development Process

Now that we have understood the factors which can hamper the speed of the web development process, in this part of the article, we will look into various methods to enhance the speed, without compromising the web application quality and wellbeing of developers.

1. Organizational Tips

We can follow the given tips to speed up the web development process

1. Break down the project into small tasks

We can break the project into small and manageable parts which can make the project less complex. It will also make the overall project and task management easy.

2. Do not expect to write a perfect and future-proof plan

While making a plan, it is important to have a rough plan, which can serve as a backbone of the project and could be modified at any point in time.

3. Do not over-plan

Over planning can kill productivity and efficiency. Many developers spend most of their time and efforts in project planning and they usually forget to pay attention to the execution part, which is the key to project success.

4. Use the application to document the Project plan

To document the project plan, we should use note-taking applications like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Quip, and so on.

5. Team Expansion

To match the project deadline, sometimes we must add more developers to the team. If you want to add more code and features in less time, then please prepare yourself to add more developers. Based on the requirements, we can hire remote resources as well.

6. Small components should be assigned to small teams

The best way to achieve high productive software development is by assigning the small components to small teams. Teams can easily develop small components and once it is coupled with the testing and integration, it can bring amazing results and help the developers to accomplish their objective much faster.

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7. Establish a clear roadmap and requirements analysis

If the web development team is aware of their project requirements and objectives, and if they know what exactly and when they have to perform any specific activity, then it will reduce the overall web development process and will help us to engage fewer resources as well. It is always recommended to develop a clear roadmap of the web development project and discuss it with the developers before the web development process starts.

8. Control the Work in progress activities

To make the web development process more effective and efficient, we must control the activities that are work in progress. While performing many tasks simultaneously, the team might get overwhelmed and may stall certain activities and label them as ‘work in progress. However, that approach will certainly hamper the web development process and may put extra pressure on the team later. The project managers can utilize the Kanban board to manage the development activities. Project managers can specify the maximum number of tasks allowed under each column, which will offer them enough ability to plan, review and execute a project task.

9. Always Leverage the Lean approach

We implement the Lean approach to optimize the web development time and resources, as it helps us to reduce resource wastage and keep the focus on the product requirements. The lean approach helps us to understand the tasks which truly matter and then keep working on them. We can break the project into small chunks and then build it in small increments while getting the end-users feedback in the early stages of web development. The information obtained from the user feedback proves to be very critical, as it allows us to make the necessary adjustments as the web development process goes on.

10. Avoid technical debt

Technical debt is a term that reflects the implied cost of additional rework if we choose an easy solution now instead of utilizing a stable approach that would take more time. It is a conscious decision, as we may enhance the development speed, however, if not chosen correctly, then it could lead to system complexity. It is always recommended to take this decision with the help of all the stakeholders, and it is always good to write the proper code whenever it is possible.

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11. Automated testing

It is certainly the best way to enhance the development speed while maintaining the right quality. We can use the repeating scripts to execute the regression tests without repeating the same steps manually. It allows more time to add new features or functionality. Automated testing is more effective than manual testing, as executing multiple manual tests across several types of devices and browsers usually takes a lot of time. Here it is also important to know that, if product quality is not as crucial as getting it to the market on time, we might leave the testing for the end-users.

12. CI/CD pipeline

Continuous Integration is an innovative software development approach, which allows developers to merge any changes in the code in a central repository. Whereas Continuous Delivery is an approach that automates the overall software release process. If we implement the CI/CD pipeline approach, then we may observe a huge improvement in the web development speed. It is highly recommended as it removes manual errors, fetches instant feedback, and allows fast iteration.

13. Workflow automation tools

It is always recommended to implement automation for the web development process. Though it is also important to know that we cannot automate everything in a traditional sense of this world, as that is not feasible. However, we can still take a lot of work off the developers’ shoulders. Your team needs to communicate. Certain aspects can be automated, such as task management, workflow discussions, project meetings, and so on. We can use an automation application like Zapier, which can easily automate several repetitive tasks, thus it helps us to save several hours per day.

Technical Tips

As a developer, it is extremely important to use the right frameworks, development tools, and libraries, as they make our life easier. It is important to determine the correct technical components for our project, as it will help us improve the pace of the web development process.

Technical Tips

1. Frameworks

If your developers are coding in JavaScript, then they can use jQuery, Meteor, or AJAX. Meteor is a robust JavaScript framework that helps us to increase the overall code productivity. If your developers are using PHP, then they must use a strong PHP framework like Laravel, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework, Aura, Phalcon, or PHP-MVC. Developers can use UI frameworks like Bootstrap to develop amazing UI designs quickly.

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2. Libraries

We can use CSS libraries such as Pure.css or Normalize.css to speed up the web development process. Grid libraries such as Flexible Grid System or Semantic Grid System can also help us save a lot of time. The CSS libraries such as Hover.css and Animate.css can help us implement animation, transition, and hover effects easily, without putting more effort into coding.

3. Extension languages

We must use extension languages such as LESS CSS, Sass language, and Compass framework, which can help developers to enhance the quality of stylesheets, without spending too much time and effort.

4. Plugins

We can use several Plugins, which can add features to the web solution without having to add extra code. There are many websites such as GitHub.com, Unheap.com, jquery. in, to select and download the necessary plugins for our project.

5. Use Scripts

We must write a code that can replicate it for itself. Thus, the usage of the script is always advisable. We can use Meta-programming, which can greatly automate most of the code related tasks, which in turn reduces the time and development efforts.

6. Extra Tips to speed up web development work

These are not Organizational or Technical, but still very effective to keep up the pace of web development.

7. Stay healthy

Health is an important aspect of any human being. Developers must pay attention to their health and should be engaged in healthy practices, which ensure their uninterrupted availability for the project.

8. Do not put too much pressure

We understand that tight delivery timelines can exert pressure on resources and the organization. But the fact is that unnecessary pressure can lead to anxiety, which is bound to reduce the work efficiency of web developers. Hence, it is recommended to not put too much pressure on resources, we can implement better resource allocation to ensure the work is divided properly and people are not overburdened.

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9. What to avoid while speeding up Web application development?

Well, we know what to do to improve the speed of web application development, but there are certain guidelines we must follow to ensure we keep up the product quality intact and not get diverted from our ultimate goal. Here are a few aspects, which we must avoid while speeding up the web development process.

10. Do not rely too much on Manual Testing

With the web development progression, it becomes more complex for the developers to add new features and functionalities to the code. That is because they must spend more time spot and fix the code errors and bugs. This process becomes more cumbersome if we use manual testing. Sometimes it took way more than the appointed time to check the functions, which apparently increases the development time.

This situation can be avoided by using the Automation approach for testing, as it helps us to highlight all the bugs and code errors in a few seconds. However, we would like to add that automation testing must be well planned and executed, as the wrong approach may lead to further delays.

Final Thought

Web application development is certainly a vast process, which is required to be managed properly to ensure better productivity. We have a plethora of tools, techniques, and tricks that can help us complete the development work quickly. One can always discover more such ways to enhance productivity while developing web development projects.

The best advice is to remain engaged in the development work, improve your skills, utilize automation and other programming tools and frameworks. The more experience a developer attains, the better he/she will get at their work and as a result, the overall productivity and speed of development work will be increased in due course of the time. Continuous process improvement is considered the best productivity hack one can utilize to speed up the web development process.

Author’s Bio

Gourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.


GetInsta Followers App-The quality apparatus to get lose Instagram followers and Likes
If you are searching for an application that may offer you free Instagram likes and followers, protect yourself! This pamphlet may also help you in such a manner. Instagram Fonts has apparent gigantic advancement in recent years.

It is protected to refer to since Instagram is the most celebrated social stage at the blessing. Either it's far for business venture purposes or non-public use, it accommodates your capabilities. Be that as it may, it is a piece extreme for a rookie to acquire fans and likes rapidly.

He undoubtedly picks to search for Instagram fans and likes from an individual. Nonetheless, now and again it isn't generally protected to gather Insta followers and likes from a specific application or seller. Those are either fake fans or some accident and will vanish soon.


In any case, the GetInsta application has procured a great deal of notoriety as of late for providing a simple way of free Instagram followers and likes.

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GetInsta manages the cost of a characteristic and moral method of expanding your followers and likes than other free Instagram supporter applications.

What are the highlights of the GetInsta App?

There are a couple of intriguing capacities you'll find on this application. We should examine a portion of those.


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  • It offers top-notch and loosened Instagram followers free.
  • If you can bring in money, you'll get every one of the followers and likes freed from cost.
  • GetInsta application is certifiably not a tedious application, yet you may get likes and followers rapidly.

Final Words

If you are somewhat pushed and don't understand how to purchase Instagram fans and likes, then, at that point GetInsta App can play a full-size capacity to your motivation. It doesn't most viably offer you a free decision to gain fans anyway additionally is protected.

You'll not see an application giving free Instagram followers safe environmental factors that take care of your privateness.


Why Is Lean Six Sigma Important and How Can You Use Its Certbolt Certifications to Improve Your Career?
Because of increased globalization and continuous advances in technology, organizations must find a way to adapt to new trends. Due to this, different opportunities and threats to the companies will come about, which will require innovation and striving towards excellence. This post recognizes the importance of Lean Six Sigma in ensuring that the certbolt organizations keep up with the changes in technology and learn how to obtain excellence in their projects. It also shows you how you can make use of these principles to enhance your career!

Lean Six Sigma Certifications

What is Lean Six Sigma?

The primary aim of this methodology is to ensure improvement in the quality of projects. The principles consider the possibility of reducing defects in products as well as processes. When Six Sigma is coupled with the ‘Lean’ principles, it is known as Lean Six Sigma. This involves wastage elimination in processes by using tools for the latter.

The tools used by Six Sigma help enhance the delivery of Certbolt products as well as services that are free from errors. The Lean Six Sigma approach, on the other hand, adopts the use of tools that ensure streamlining and improvement of processes as well as the rate at which products or services are delivered.

What are Lean Six Sigma Certifications?

There are levels of skills and credentials that the methodology covers. They are available through globally recognized organizations like IASSC and the Council for Six Sigma. The available list of badges may vary depending on the vendor. Generally, the certifications for Lean Six Sigma include the following list from the basic to the most advanced:

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt.

You should check the details of the options and their availability on the official websites of the organization you are interested in.

How Can Lean Six Sigma Improve Your Career?

Execution of processes based on this methodology takes the experience of a qualified professional who understands the details of the principles and can apply them successfully. They have to know how to use a structured process in solving problems. Learning the methodology, therefore, will place you at the forefront of helping the businesses and organizations achieve quality in their products as well as processes.

However, your skills will be a result of training and certbolt practice. You will be expected to take the tests that culminate in earning a certificate in one of the skill levels available. That is why you should use various preparation options such as video courses and revision guides. 

You also need to keep testing your abilities and readiness for the particular exam you are preparing for by using practice tests. As you move towards more advanced badges like Black Belt, you will be expected to have completed a number of projects as a part of the award of the certbolt certification. For more visit https://www.examsnap.com


Getting skills in any of the Lean Six Sigma levels will improve your career by making you eligible to work on projects and gain excellence. You can build it from the basic level and go all the way to the most advanced one. With the demand for Certbolt professionals who are good at innovations and using these principles,.

You can always be trusted to support and oversee projects to a successful end. So, make sure you are ready for these opportunities by getting the right skills!


Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages | Expert Opinion
We are listing the Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. This is a popularity index of Programming Languages Ranking. If the TIOBE index is anything to go by, there are over 265 programming languages for developers to choose from. Of course, not all of them are equally popular. Normally, most developers use 10-12 languages; moreover, their preferences tend to change from year to year.

We tried to find out the most popular programming languages in the year 2022, using official information from PYPL and TIOBE rankings. Keep on reading to learn more about the latest trends in the field of programming.

How Is the Popularity of Programming Languages Ranking Calculated?

Nowadays the biggest question is that How the Popularity of Programming Languages Ranking Calculated?. To compile the ranking of top programming languages, popular indexes use the same methods. They calculate how many times a particular language has been mentioned by users.

However, if we compare the algorithms of TIOBE and PYPL, we’ll see that their approaches are slightly different. While TIOBE calculates the total number of search inquiries in 25 popular search systems, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, Wikipedia, etc., PYPL checks the frequency of seeking programming language tutorials in Google.

Logically enough, they get different results. We’ll review the rankings of both indexes and try to compile the most accurate comprehensive rating. Get the TIOBE and PYPL Ranking of Programming Languages 2022 list.

TIOBE Index- Programming Languages Ranking

The number-one programming language, according to TIOBE, is Java. which has been keeping its leading position since last year. It is followed by C, which is slowly moving upwards, with an increase of 2.4% per year. The third and fourth positions have gone to Python and C#, with a yearly increase of 1.41% and 2.07% respectively. Java comes in first place in the TIOBE Ranking of Programming Languages index

Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2020

PYPL Index Programming Language Ranking

The top-1 programming language, according to PYPL, is Python, with a yearly growth of 4.3%. It is followed by Java and JavaScript. Last but not least in the top-10 ranking is Kotlin, which seems one of the promising options, thanks to its yearly growth of 0.5%.

PYPL Index of Ranking of Programming Languages

Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022

We’ve compared two different approaches to Ranking Programming Languages. For our review, we’ve selected the PYPL ranking as the basis, as it relies on the frequency of googling for tutorials. The information is derived from Google Trends.

Our ranking includes only programming languages, no frameworks, such as Angular vs React. For every language, we’ve singled out some core features that make it stand out.

#10. Kotlin

This language is primarily used for Android apps development. A consistent increase of Android users in the world is the main reason for its popularity. Kotlin has 10 places in the Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. Its key features include:

  • Interoperability with Java, which allows using Android libraries for the apps written in Kotlin.
  • Incremental compilation support.
  • Can be used by backend and frontend developers.

#9 Swift

Swift is a popular open-source language with a simple syntax(That is the main reason it comes in the top 10 positions of Ranking of Programming Languages 2022) that is widely used for developing iOS applications. Developers love it for several reasons:

  • Interoperability with Objective-C.
  • Easy to use, due to its simple syntax.
  • It is an open-source language.

#8 Objective-C

This is a predecessor of the Swift programming language. Until 2014, it was the only language for iOS apps development. Later, it has been replaced by Swift. However, developers still use Objective-C, as it has some benefits:

  • Use of static libraries.
  • Interoperability with Swift.
  • Compatibility with Apple for iOS, macOS, iPadOS.
  • Compilation of runtime code.

#7 R

As well as Python, the R language is meant for analyzing large data massifs. IT is widely used by data analysts and statisticians in projects where extracting and displaying statistic data are required (banking, healthcare, government, etc.) It also works within Mediawiki software for running R-programs and getting text or graphic results. Its highlights include:

  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Acting as a tool for working with statistical data.
  • Working with machine learning algorithms.

#6 C and C++

In the PYPL ranking, the popularity of C and C++ languages is on the same level, so they don’t distinguish between them. C is one of the oldest languages around; however, it remains popular. This a sort of basic programming language, which was used for creating most existing operating systems, web-browser, basic Microsoft products. C++ has much in common with C. Their core features include:

  • Basic syntax and basic memory model.
  • Similar mechanisms of interface exporting.
  • Separate compilation.

#5 PHP

PHP is the main programming language for web development. It is mainly used for writing scripts for websites and web apps, i.e. for creating dynamic pages. PHP deserve 5th position in Programming Languages Ranking. Its main features are the following:

  • A cross-platform open-source language.
  • Built-in MySQL support.
  • Reduced learning curve.
  • PHP Frameworks.

#4 C#

This is another brunch of the C language family with some features of Java. It is often used with the .NET framework by Microsoft for the development of all types of desktop applications for MS Windows. Its highlights include:

  • Integration with MS Windows.
  • Has programming idioms for recourse management.
  • Availability of dynamic variables.

#3 JavaScript

JS is the main tool of front-end developers and one of the most widely used programming languages out there. With the help of JavaScript, most interactive elements of web pages are created. Numerous JS frameworks add flexibility. Here are just some of its benefits: It's obvious that Javascript has a special place in the top 3 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022.

  • Compatibility with various languages.
  • Several frameworks add flexibility.
  • The feature of data validation.

#2 Java

Java is a classic choice of many backend developers throughout the world and the only official language for Android app development. Many major web apps and systems, such as LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and others are built with the use of Java. Widely used Java comes in 2nd place of Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. Here is a shortlist of its benefits:

  • High quality and stability.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Strong support from Google.

#1 Python- No.1 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022

Our top choice in the category of programming languages is Python, which is the most popular option for both web and mobile development. It offers excellent documentation, great frameworks, simple and consistent syntax, and a standard library. No doubt Python should come in top of the top position in Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. The core features of Python are the following:

  • Cross-platform support.
  • Suites for desktop and web development.
  • Several modules are available.
  • It is an open-source language.

Database administrators, often called DBAs, make sure that data analysts and other users can easily use databases to find the information they need and that systems perform as they should. Learn DBA Programming also have a great future. Some DBAs oversee the development of new databases.

Main Future Trends in Programming

According to a fresh Github report, the top-five fastest-growing programming trends look like this: Check the list of 5 fast-growing Programming Languages Ranking,

  1. Dart.
  2. Rust.
  3. HCL.
  4. Kotlin.
  5. Apex.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Programming Languages Ranking

The languages like Rust and Kotlin are related to so-called statically typed languages with the focus on interoperability. HCL, in turn, stands for human-readable language, the popularity of which also tends to grow, according to GitHub.

How to Choose a Programming Language for a Project?

It depends on the type of tasks you need to solve. Don't think too much about the Programming Languages Ranking. The best approach is to rely on the choice of competent developers who have experience in this particular sphere. Making the right choice is important for the future of the product, its functionality, security, and scalability.

Author’s bio

Vitaly Kuprenko

Vitaly Kuprenko is a writer for Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company with headquarters in Ukraine. He enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing.


Drupal Vs WordPress: Which CMS Is Better for Your Business In 2021

Only the intelligent CMS systems dare to perform various functionality ranging from management to master modifying. The most famous CMS of today’s era are WordPress and Drupal. WordPress is full of creative functionalities ranging from custom sidebars and responsive designs to countless colours and page templates. In contrast, Drupal is efficient with API development and performs more creatively if individuals develop web apps or projects.

In 2021, modern websites need to develop strong structures to be more creative and innovative than their competitors. These two innovative CMS systems never intertwine with the HTML or CSS coding strategies, making the functionality easier than before. Some organizations are still hunting for the best CMS for their websites that could ease their website management.

Drupal Vs WordPress: Which CMS Is Better

Tooltester revealed that WordPress had overcome the 39.5% market, and Drupal wrapped up 1.5% in 2021. According to Kinsta, WordPress version 5.2 has been downloaded 16,712,361 times. Countless organizations are availing these two CMS to experience their outstanding features.


Both CMS management systems are organized, perfect, and logical in their ways. WordPress and Drupal have the audacity to cater to web designers in developing ultra-modern and creative websites.

The Creative WordPress

WordPress dive into the digital world on May 27, 2003. WordPress is all about the fastest, robust and reliable CMS of all time. It is older than Facebook and Twitter and an open-source CMS, while the lowest cost aspects. Developers have many customization options using WordPress, such as; template customizations, various interfaces, themes, total user registrations, countless plugins, SEO friendly, high security, and easily accessible.

WordPress provides creative freedom to web developers who intend to develop outstanding websites. WordPress offers responsive designs and covers 76.4% of the corporate sector by its creative facts and features. Its hosting is more powerful than other CMS and has updating options with a single click. WordPress is open to all, and it could accept any logical suggestions, plugins, patches, and bug reports.

WordPress Famous Websites Fleet

WordPress Advantages

  • Low-Cost: WordPress is a very low-cost open-source web software.
  • Innovative: WordPress is innovative and offers countless themes, designs, features, and plugins.
  • Editable: Developers have a broad range of various customization options.
  • Language: WordPress is available in almost more than 68 languages with eco-friendly access.

WordPress Websites Costs

WordPress is a convenient choice for web developers. WordPress installations are free, and themes are available at inexpensive rates. Let’s unleash the WordPress website pricing.

  • Domain: Its domain starts from $15 per year.
  • Hosting: Its hosting starts from $90 per year.
  • Premium Plugin: Its premium plugins start from $50.
  • Security: WordPress has security subscriptions starting from $15 to $65 per year.

WordPress Rational Facts

Startups are utilizing WordPress to augment their business in a very professional way by developing unique websites. Even the creative CMS covers the various domains of all educational sectors ranging from schools to universities and helping students worldwide. Solo developers and freelancers are also utilizing WordPress for their freelance projects. Always choose the best wordpress development agency for responsive and interactive design.

E-stores, web shopping giants, and book publications experience the WordPress innovative features to spread their businesses. Furthermore, Non-Profit projects and famous NGOs connect with WordPress to showcase their core values throughout their unique websites made by WordPress.

The Amazing Drupal

Drupal was released on January 15, 2001. Drupal is known as the rival of WordPress and has its targeted audience. It is also an alternative and convenient option to develop creative websites. Drupal covers more than one million websites around the world. It has more than 42,650 free of cost Drupal downloaded modules. It is also utilized to create websites, blogs, and e-stores and allows web developers to make their websites more creative and attractive.
Drupal has almost 1.3 million members, and Drupal is also available in 100 languages around the world. The amazing Drupal covers 1,121,049 websites. It is more professional than WordPress and has a broad range of innovative features ranging from modifying to various themes. After WordPress, the entire corporate and educational institutes are using Drupal to experience the executive factors.

Drupal Famous Websites Fleet

Drupal Advantages

  • Open-Source: Drupal is creative open-source software.
  • Sizable APIs: Drupal has various customized and sizable API functionalities.
  • Customization: It has very polished and expert customizations.
  • Mobile-Friendly: It has mobile eco-friendly factors for mobile users.

Drupal Websites Costs

Drupal is a far expensive and different CMS system from WordPress. It increases its cost according to the additional factors for making the websites more creative and attractive. Not all companies can bear Drupal’s high costs; still, the software dares to generate the fastest ROI in a minimal timeframe.

  • Development: The software construction fee ranges from $50000 to $20000.
  • Standard Project: Drupal offers its standard projects ranging from $20,000 to $40,0000.
  • Maintenance: Drupal offers $500 to $1000 for site maintenance.
  • Security: Drupal has robust security systems.

Drupal Rational Facts

Drupal is the most powerful software of all time, ranging from data interactions to handling complex integrations. Drupal also has a broad range that covers the corporate and educational sectors. Even some famous brands intertwined themselves with Drupal to experience professional outlooks. Drupal is best for websites, blogs, web and mobile apps and solves the most difficult projections with its creative features.


It’s hard to decide which CMS system is better for website developments. It depends according to the website and business niche, product, and requirements. Whether WordPress or Drupal, both CMS systems are intelligent, sharp, creative, and outstanding in their ways with minor changes. Worldwide, countless organizations and solo website designers use both CMS systems to develop impressive websites and consider these CMS systems the most generous and supportive. 

WordPress has more innovative features and various options to build websites more attractive than Drupal; also, Drupal looks more professional than WordPress to deal with challenging website projects. Both CMS are inventive and productive, and Individuals can utilize both WordPress and Drupal to make their websites more tempting and professional.

Author Bio:

Usman Khan

Usman Khan is a Digital Marketing Executive at Techxide. Usman Khan spends most of his time understanding audiences and attracting them with his strategic content. When he's not on his work desk, you'll find him gaming and searching for the latest fashion trends.