Top 7 Free Tools for Building Mobile App by Own

In this article, we have featured a 7 Free Tools for Building Mobile App by Own without writing a single line of code. The business world today is high on the advancing technology and mobile apps have been part of it for a while now. According to research, around 85% of tablet and mobile phone owners prefer to use apps to get information about products and services. People prefer using mobile apps as they carry their smartphones with them all the time.

Free Tools for Building Mobile App

According to Gartner, over 75% of enterprises will adopt at least one mobile application development platform by 2020, to fast track their digital business transformation strategy. Having a personalised and intimate relationship with customers is mandatory to boost your business. Experts recommend that business apps drive an upward curve on your company’s sales graph.

Mobile App Development Tools

A mobile app design company helps build a perfect app. However, such apps are expensive; a reason for which is the customizability features. With tech disruptions happening in the tech world, people can now easily create their own apps by using various app creating tools. You do not have to be a programming junkie or a tech expert to make your desired app. There are multiple app development platforms for creating interactive business apps cheaply and quickly.

Free Tools for Building Mobile App

  • Bubble Mobile App Builder
  • TheAppBuilder
  • Adobe PhoneGap
  • AppMakr
  • GameSalad
  • Corona SDK

Let’s take a look at these 7 tools that will help build your own mobile app!

1. Bubble Mobile App Builder

The bubble is the first tool in our list of Tools for Building Mobile Apps. Bubble visual programming tool that aims to take-out programming. The tool efficiently lets users create mobile apps and websites without a single code character. Its in-built drag and drop feature enables users to add various elements effortlessly, for instance, images, text, buttons, and more. The tool offers complete app customisation, from icons and font colours to the visibility of different elements and their display in the app.

Bubble Mobile App Builder

Bubble allows users to connect to various third-party services, like Mixpanel and Mailchimp. The offers a seamless app and website building experience for users. It is completely free to use but as the audience grows, you may have to pay for additional features.

2. TheAppBuilder

The tool offers different app suites according to the needs of clients, employees, events etc. The users can easily build their applications by using the online toolkits. It offers numerous app templates and lets users choose templates according to the requirements.

The App Builder Thrive

TheAppBuilder provides training manuals to help users build their app. Also, users can work with TheAppBuilder team to outline and create the app’s structure and integrate business processes and data into the app. This is a second Tools for Building Mobile Apps.

The AppLibrary provide users with various app themes and also lets them modify apps as per their company branding. The platform offers unlimited changes even after the app goes live, with changes being deployed within a 60-second timeframe.

3. Adobe PhoneGap

The Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source development framework. The tool is used to make a cross-platform mobile application using, JavaScript, CSS and HTML for Windows, Android and iOS devices. There are no programming skills required to use this tool, but it requires some web-development knowledge as it uses standard web APIs to build the apps. It creates an experience for various platforms through a single codebase.

Adobe PhoneGap Mobile App Builder

PhoneGap converts all website updates and changes automatically into app files. It compiles the web-language code into the native app code automatically and provides users with a hassle-free experience. It assists developers to boost the app with rapid releases and iterations, offering quicker debug cycles.

4. AppMakr for Building Mobile App

AppMakr is a browser-based tool that helps create apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Windows and Android. It is a quick and easy solution for users with no programming or coding skills and lets them create apps in no time. It explores user’s existing platforms, such as websites and social media, to recommend relevant app features.

AppMakr for Building Mobile App

The tool comes with features like custom JavaScript and CSS capabilities, location-GeoRSS and pushes notifications. The basic features of the app are free, but users have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access premium features.

5. GameSalad App Builder

GameSalad lets users create games for multiple platforms, including Android, macOS, iOS, and HTML5. The app gives a seamless experience to users with its drag and drop interface. GameSalad lets its users learn computer science through the process of building apps. It allows users to begin without the need for coding and programming languages. Most of the game creation happens in the platform’s actor and scene editor.

GameSalad App Builder

The platform’s community forum is a plus where designers interact with each other for advice and help. GameSalad offers two types of plans, one for educators and the other for developers. You can build a custom app without having to write a single code line.


The platform lets you create custom apps and manage your presence on all tablets and mobile devices. The tool offers rich images, graphics, audio, video and other interactive features.

*GENWI website is not working Right Now

GENWI provides users with an unlimited revision, whenever required. Additionally, it also enables users to add different features used for revenue generation, for instance, coupons, in-app subscriptions and ads. It is a paid platform but offers a three-month free trial period. The packages differ in pricing.

7. Corona SDK- Mobile App Building Kit

The Corona SDK is a tool for a wide audience range. It is a 2D engine that lets you create apps for every platform. It offers tailored services and features to its users that range from programming novices to big game studios. 

Corona SDK Tools for Building Mobile App

The tool helps in creating high-quality e-books, games and apps for different platforms like Kindle, iOS and Android. The tool uses Lua language to create amazing graphical content and is considered fairly easy to learn. This tool is completely free to use, be it for creating the app or publishing it on different platforms.

Final Words

Building a business app is an effective way to make your brand stand out. Apps can create new revenue streams for businesses also deepen relationships with customers. Developers use different approaches for app development and these tools make it easier. Also, these no-code apps can create business apps best suited for your business.
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Benefits of Taking Computer Science as a Subject of Study?

We are going to discuss the Benefits of Taking Computer Science as Subject of Study. Computer technology has been widespread and that is the reason computer science jobs are in great demand. What is important here is to note why computer science has emerged to be such a huge hit in the market. Dealing with this question, what is required is the availability of computer science courses that are there at this point in time.

Computer Science as a Subject of Study

Now, given the CS courses that are available, the next is the computer science requirements which is important.

What Are the Requirements for Getting Computer Science as a Subject?

  • Starting from the school level, each institution has its own set of rules and criteria for giving computer science as a course of study.
  • In the next level, that is the graduation, depending on the marks obtained in the boards, one can be eligible to take up computer science as a subject, 60% is required mostly for getting admitted to premier colleges. And in most of the colleges, there is no admission test taken.
  • For the students who want to pursue engineering can take up computer science stream and that can prove to be good for them. In that case, you have to sit for the Joint Entrance Examination and secure a good score in order to get admission in a good college.

Citing all the above requirements of taking computer science as a course. What is required is to understand the opportunities after studying this.

Huge Opportunities in Computer Science

Well, the opportunities are huge and you need to have a track of where you want to work. In this light, the job prospects can well be discussed:
  • If you are an engineer in computer science stream. Then you get a job mostly from the on-campus placements in reputed companies.
  • Suppose If you are a graduate in the CS. You can continue working in this field and pursue a PhD in the subject eventually.
  • If not, then you need to search for a job. It is not that difficult because the internships that you do can help you a lot in this whole prospect. You might as well get absorbed in the sector you have worked for.

Apart from mainstream Computer Science My Homework Help, data structures and software development are two very important part of computer science. You can obviously deal with any of the two branches and seek a good result or more appropriately land in having a good job.

What Will Be the Areas of Work?

Well, that is an important matter of discussion and an enquiry.
  • You can work on any on-site project with an MNC. Help then find out the real intricacies of the software development area.
  • Or you can single-handedly deal with the project of growth and expansion of the team and. The areas where the computer can override the system.
  • Artificial intelligence can also form a larger part of the work process and can help the company in finding newer areas to work on. It can help you also to get in touch with the best and deliver the best.

The Career in Computer Science

Discussing everything about computer science as a subject and the career it is well understood that the demand is huge. Why is the demand so huge?
  • It is because of the expansion of the market in technology that each company. Now wants to have more of a computer-driven system rather than manual. The system has been more of technology-dependent and the people who can operate the technology are very much in demand. The study of CS as a subject will be having an upper hand because they deal with the process from the core. No matter what is the demand, they can deliver that.
  • Apart from working for companies and delivering the best, android development and the demand for all kinds of tech-related jobs are very much in demand. With proven years of relevant experience, any start-up will be demanding you and your skillset. You can actually don all the responsibilities and start your own start-up one day if you want. Designing an application and launching it is not a big deal for you and you can actually live the dream of being the owner of a company soon.

Computer Science as a Subject

There are lots of Benefits of Taking Computer Science as Subject of Study, especially in jobs in IT. With the discussion of computer science as a subject and dealing its ways to fit into a career of importance. You have to keep in mind that you have to have patience in finding the right job for you. Depending on the specialisation that you have, you will be provided with the job. But the specialisation is on you to choose from. You can only do justice once you are in the right place because job satisfaction is a criterion to be fulfilled and hence has to be catered to.

Try to find articles where the careers are discussed and you can get expert advice in this regard. You can also consult any subject matter expert if any of your questions have not been answered in this blog. LinkedIn and Quora remain to be the two best platforms where any such questions find the answer. The more you deal with the matter, the more you crave for it. And you become indispensable(Absolutely Necessary ) for a company. That is the ultimate lookout of studying. You need to have a clear view of what you are doing and in that, you find out the best version of you.

Final Thought

Last but not least, is the discussion on programming languages. What is it and how is it actually important in dealing with the computer science stream. Well as we all know computer science and all its branches have a language of their own and if you can be a programmer you can actually be the best in the market. With a degree of computer science and required programming language, you can well adapt to the job market and no one can stop you from achieving the best. Depending on your performance, the companies will be hiring you for their need.

About the Author

Hey, this is Michelle Johnson. I associated with My Homework Help for ten years. I had been topper in my school since childhood and completed my master’s in computer science from the University of Australia. My genre is Java programming which is one of the most sought-after subjects these days.
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Responsive Web Design Tips | 5 Useful Tips You Must Know

Responsive Web Design is most important nowadays, here are the top 5 tips to make web design fully responsive. Those days are gone when you would only have to design for a single desktop screen. With the evolvement of technologies and the expansion of mobile websites, website designers have to re-evaluate how their websites are displayed on various devices.

Mobile devices have officially taken over desktops. Think about it, on your day off, which device do you spend more time on? Desktop or mobile?. So with the mobile devices taking over, having a responsive web design is more important than ever.

Responsive design doesn’t only offer a better user experience. It also encourages a better appeal for your website. With a simpler layout, content optimization, and better typography, your website can look better and also be more responsive.

If you’re a developer and you’re looking for ways to make your website more responsive, you’ve come to the right place. Below I’ve rounded the top 5 tips that you can follow to create a responsive website design.

5 Tips for a Responsive Web Design

Before I move on to the tips, let’s understand what responsive web design is.

  • What Is a Responsive Web Design?
  • Use Fluid Grids
  • Touchscreens are a Must
  • Optimize the Elements to Include on The Smaller Screens
  • Content Placement and Formatting
  • Focus on Image Sizing
  • Wrapping Up

Let's discuss every step in details but before discussing the responsive web design we need to know, What is responsive web design?

What Is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design allows your code and design to effectively and flawlessly respond to the size of various devices. It gives you a good viewing and usability experience whether you’re using a 4-inch Android Device, a 20-inch display, or your iPad mini. Have a look at the image below.

What Is a Responsive Web Design

The primary aim of responsive web design is to provide a good user experience across multiple devices. The layout may look slightly different, but, the overall content and design remain exactly the same.

Now that you understand what a responsive web design in. Now let’s move on to understanding how you can implement a responsive website design.

Use Fluid Grids

Like it was mentioned above, responsive web designing is the process of re-arranging the layout of your site in such a way that important information can be presented to users on all kinds of devices. When designing a website, it is up to the designer to choose between a fixed or a fluid grid-based design layout.

Fixed Grids

If you don’t already know, fluid grids conform to the size of their containing elements, in other words, they transform themselves to fit in every environment. This means that no matter what kind of screen a user is using, the content will automatically adjust itself and minimal adjustments will be needed from the designer’s end.

Fluid Grids

If you think about it, mobile devices are getting smaller in size and desktop monitors are getting wider (with higher resolution). So evidently, you won’t be able to plan for smaller devices. You can adjust the maximum width on fluid grids and they will still be able to work on larger screens after the percentage-based calculations.

Touchscreens are a Must

As technology is evolving, touchscreens are becoming more common. These days, even laptops are built with touchscreens. This means that if you want your website to be responsive, you will have to design it for both mouse and touchscreens.

Touchscreens are a Must

So let’s suppose you build a company website that shows their services in a drop-down menu on a desktop. In order to make it responsive, you will have to consider designing this menu so that it is larger and easier to press with your fingertips on all the touchscreen devices. Furthermore, don’t forget that tiny elements and tabs are very hard to touch on a smartphone, so you will have to incorporate images, icons, and call to action buttons that can be properly displayed on all types of screens.

Optimize the Elements to Include on The Smaller Screens

When you start designing your website for responsive, it doesn’t mean that you have to start replicating your website from one device to another. Because your aim is to provide better user experience, you will have to consider leaving out some elements for screens of smaller sizes.
Optimize the Elements to Include on The Smaller Screens

For example, when you design your website, you may choose to adopt condense menus and navigational buttons so that they can be opened with a single tap. On a larger screen, this menu can expand, but for a smaller screen, it will be necessary that it opens on an entirely new window (a smaller window for the menu). Similarly, you can make some more changes and even choose to leave out certain elements by implementing the changes on your website’s CSS and other codes.
It will take some time, but the effort will be worth it.

Content Placement and Formatting

If you start designing your website without a clear idea of its content structure, it’s sort of like purchasing a frame before you even start making your painting. Before you head on to designing your website, it’s essential that you have a clear idea of how you want your content to be organized.

Content Placement and Formatting

If your content is too big, has bad formatting, bad typography, and it overlaps the other elements of your site, then you will have a major readability issue. Content organization is important if you want your website to be readable and user-friendly. Furthermore, content is how you convey the story that you’re trying to tell your audience. So it’s important that you create a list of all the messages that you wish to convey to your visitors. Decide the placement of your content so that it is engaging, easily understood, and easy to navigate.

Focus on Image Sizing

Images play a major role in your website’s design. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are the essential elements of your website that can help you make an instant emotional connection with your visitors. This is why it’s crucial that your images be optimized for your website. It may sound easy, but image sizing can actually be one of the most challenging aspects of responsive website design.

Focus on Image Sizing

For responsiveness, you will have to start creating certain rules on your CSS that will automatically determine how an image will be handled in various screen sizes. Whether it will be resized, kept at full width, or entirely removed.

Wrapping Up

If I open a website on my mobile and it takes too long to load, the content has been cropped, and I just have a hard time using it, I instantly hit the cross button and start looking for a better website. I honestly start wishing that Google wouldn’t show these websites in my search results (thankfully, Google is starting to take ‘responsiveness’ into consideration when ranking websites).

So all in all, responsive web designs have changes the websites for the overall good. Responsive website designs have led us to strip away unnecessary images, content, and graphics that we don’t need. Now your websites can look and function flawlessly on screens of all types and sizes.

About The Author

Rameeza Yasin is a Digital Marketing Executive for Appverticals, a company in Dallas. Her expert writing skills enable her to convert complex information, into content that anyone can read. She has a demonstrative history of technical writing and working in the information technology and services industry.
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Blockchain In Mobile Application Market | What is Blockchain?

We are going to discuss the Blockchain In mobile application market. Why it is important in a mobile application. This century has witnessed so many advanced technologies that changed our way of living. As we are habituated to modernization and machines in our day-to-day lives increased the demand for more and more new technologies. The people are appreciating accepting new technologies like never before.

Blockchain In Mobile Application

One of the best examples for the advancements in technology is, From using a remote to operate and control devices. We reached a stage where all we have to do is give voice commands; modern technologies has grabbed a sweet spot in our day-to-day lives.

The growth of Augmented reality and IoT technologies increased rapidly in the past decade and now a guest has joined the club. I.e. Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain- The revolutionary technology influencing several industries remarkably was first time used for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is nothing but a form of virtual currency (Cryptocurrency) that can be used as an alternative or replacement for fiat money for trading. And the technology used behind the huge success of cryptocurrencies is known as Blockchain.

One of the most common misapprehensions of people regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain are one and the same, however, that is not the case.

Developing and operating cryptocurrencies is only one of the applications of Blockchain technology and apart from Bitcoin. There are so many other applications developed using blockchain technology and ruling the market.

What is Blockchain?

To keep it a simple way, Blockchain can be defined as a data structure that stores transactional data and while guaranteeing security, transparency, and decentralization.

You can also consider it as a chain or data stored in the series of blocks which are operated by no single authority.

A blockchain is an allocated ledger that is totally open to any and everyone on the network. Once data is stored on a blockchain, it is impossible to change or copy it.

Every transaction on a blockchain is sealed and secured with a digital signature that proves its originality. With the use of encryption and digital signatures, the information secured on the blockchain is hack-proof and cannot be altered.

Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

Blockchain technology enables all the network holders to be in an agreement, known as consensus. All the information saved on a blockchain is recorded digitally and has a similar history. Which is available for all the other network participants as well.

This increases transparency and decreases the chances of any illegal activity or replication of transactions is removed without the interference of a third-party.

In order to get to know about blockchain better. Just take an example where you are looking for an alternative to transfer some money to your relative who lives in a different location.

The most common option that comes to your mind is a bank or via a payment transfer application like PayPal or Paytm.

Infographic Blockchain In Mobile Application

This alternates requires the involvement of third parties to process the transaction and this needs an extra amount. It is nothing but transferring fee.

Moreover, in these scenarios, you cannot guarantee the security of your money as there are many chances a hacker might enter the network and steal your money. In both cases, it is the user who losses. This is where Blockchain helps and becomes handy.

Instead of going for a bank for transferring money, if we use a blockchain in such cases. The process becomes much smooth, painless and secure. There is no need of paying additional charges as the funds are transacted directly by you and this eliminates the need for a third party.

Moreover, the database blockchain is fully decentralised and is not limited to any one location. Which means that all the data and records stored on the blockchain are public and decentralized.

Since the data is not stored in a single place. There’s no chance of manipulations or alterations of the information by any hacker.

How Does a Blockchain Work?

Every block in a blockchain network has some data along with the hash of its previous block. Hash is nothing but a distinctive mathematical code that belongs to a particular block.

If the data stored in the block is changed or copied. The hash of the block will also need to be modified. As there are millions of blocks present in the network so it becomes impossible to modify the data.

Using Blockchain for Mobile App Development

Even if we are enjoying the extensive range of technical benefits, chances are there the technology might not indulge with every sort of mobile app. Apart from that, for an app that only publishes contents without any transaction interface. They might not need blockchain at all.

On the other side, if you use an app continuously that executes sports transactions, payment gateways, or any other thing that is related to transactions requires the help of defence for its database, in this scenario blockchain is a perfect choice.

To know more about this, check out the infographic developed on ‘Blockchain In Mobile Application Market’ by AC Market.
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Salesforce DX Development and Testing for the Beginners

As we know, Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM(Customer Relationship Management) platform used by a large number of business users from across the globe. So we are going to discuss deeply the Salesforce DX Development and Testing for the Beginners. The major advantage of Salesforce is that enterprises of all sizes can leverage its benefits at various levels of operations. Founded by Marc Benioff, the primary objective of Salesforce is to thrive as an efficient CRM for organizations to help them through their sales and business operational processes.

Along with offering sustainable CRM(Customer Relationship Management) solutions, Salesforce is now providing cloud storage as well as development solutions too to a wide range of users.

Salesforce DX Development and Testing

The major benefit of Salesforce cloud storage is that the users need not have to maintain any software or hardware infrastructure to build and operate the Salesforce operations. With Software and Storage as a service, organizations can now easily access their services from anywhere.

They can also reduce their overall developmental, maintenance, and operational costs and time.

Some Quick Facts About Salesforce

  • About 82,000 enterprises across the globe function on the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce is always dedicated to maintaining a productive and engaging relationship with all types of customers.
  • It not only automates tasks but also takes care of the end-to-end operational needs too.
  • Salesforce doesn’t put any financial overhead as there is no need for the users to buy any additional software or hardware resourced to migrate to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce development platforms can help increase developer productivity, too, with in-built developmental objects and also cut down their efforts.
  • All existing applications and tools can be reused, and there are add-on apps too to be explored at the App Exchange repository.
  • Developers have the scope of building their own applications, too and publish it at App Exchange.
  • The in-built reporting tool will also make reporting real-time.
  • The administrators can create multiple user access for a single Salesforce platform with varying privileges to work simultaneously.
  • Salesforce also can offer a graphical overview to the administrators about the real-time functions of various users and their level of functions.

Guide to Beginners in Salesforce Development

Salesforce DX or Salesforce Developer Experience is an advance concept materialized by Salesforce in such a way to make development a much easier and developer-friendly endeavour. With this innovative approach, developers can do it at a jiffy on the Lightning Flow platform. You can find the best of all worlds brought together here in terms of a source-driven developmental model and on-the-go deployment.

Salesforce Logo

Governance, a collaboration of teams, and agility all made easier with this app development approach on this new Salesforce platform. Advantage of using the latest Salesforce DX development platform are:

  • Using it will not be felt strange to the developers who are experienced in the other platforms as you can continue to use the same tools and developmental methods for Salesforce DX development too.
  • Salesforce DX also offers users the privilege to apply the most adopted practices in software development. Source code and metadata are put outside of the org, which will offer high agility, and the developers can also easily use the Salesforce apps to build in a more globalized team environment. Along with org, version control, too, can be made the source.
  • The most functional command-line interface of Salesforce DX can eradicate all sorts of complexities in working with the Salesforce org in development, testing, delivery, maintenance, and also ongoing integration.
  • The developers can also leverage scratch org to custom configure automated development environments, and this org types could further simplify the app construction in a much desirable manner.
  • As did by Flosum.com, the developers can also use various IDEs and editors with the externalized sources for development and testing.

Testing with Salesforce DX

As we had seen above, the developers can simply switch on to the DX platform without changing their developmental practices and tool. This makes adoption of Salesforce DX much easier for individual developers as well as development teams of all sorts. Next, we will try to explore various aspects of Salesforce testing also to help out the application testers out there to migrate effectively on to Salesforce DX. To start with, the tester should know the basic terminology in order to get familiarized with Salesforce administration. Let’s explore it further.

Salesforce Testing Terminology


In customer relationship management, an 'opportunity' is represented by a prospective lead which should be kept a track on.


A prospective customer or user is expressing expressed interest in the opportunity put forward. In an ideal business marketing scenario, it may be an incoming call or a mail query.


An account is a client or an enterprise customer a customer acquisition professional or salesperson deals with by covering all its subsidiaries, stakeholders, partners, and vendors.


Contact is the individual representing an account, probably a single point of contact.


Task or event represents all activities based on a particular account, covering the contact, opportunities, etc.

Testing on Salesforce also needs the usage of some complex quality assurance methodologies. The majority of Salesforce apps come with customizable features. When you come across any quality issues, the testers may have to explore the customized codes than simply relying on the in-built features. Salesforce is built on APEX language, which also offers built-in cases for unit testing and integration testing, etc., with which the developers can also test codes. On Salesforce development, the developers tend to achieve about 75% of the code coverage using the built-in unit testing. So, a tester should aim nothing less than 100% of the code coverage in their testing cycle.

Also Read:

Testing of Salesforce applications could be the same as general web application testing itself. However, you may go a step further in the case of Salesforce with a fair understanding of the customizable built-in features. With this, you can prioritize the test cases during the testing process. For testing Salesforce apps, you can also create a dummy environment with Sandbox until it could be run live. Once on deploying the code in Sandbox and then maturing it to be ready to release, you can directly put it into living by avoiding any delay.
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Top 8 WordPress Vulnerabilities to Watch Out for in 2020

We are going to discuss the Top WordPress Vulnerabilities to Watch Out, which we need to check-in 2020. WordPress is a beautiful Content Management System(CMS) powering more than 34% of the web. But its popularity also makes it vulnerable to a host of security risks. In fact, vulnerabilities in WordPress grew by an astonishing rate of 30% in 2018.

Top 8 WordPress Vulnerabilities

In this post, we will discuss the top WordPress vulnerabilities in 2020 that you should be aware of and take adequate preventive measures to protect your website.

List of Top Wordpress Vulnerability- Table of Content

  1. Cryptomining Malware
  2. Organized DDoS Attacks
  3. Weak Passwords
  4. Plugin Backdoor
  5. Installed Themes
  6. Hosting Platforms
  7. Push Notification Scams
  8. Not Keeping Your Site Updated
  9. What Are The Tell-tale Signs That Your Wordpress Site Is Hacked?
  10. Signs That Your Wordpress Site Is Hacked?
    1. Sudden traffic drop
    2. The appearance of spam links
    3. Unwanted popups
    4. An unusually slow or unresponsive site
    5. You cannot log in to your site
    6. Unusual findings in site scan
  11. Concluding the WordPress Vulnerability Discussion

I will also list the most obvious signs to watch out for in the event your site gets hacked.

#1: Cryptomining Malware- WordPress Vulnerability

Cryptomining is a rising threat to computers worldwide where the malware uses the computer’s resources for mining cryptocurrency without the knowledge or permission of the user.

So How Does This Make Wordpress Vulnerable?

Hackers could inject malicious script in your WordPress site, which would allow them to use the computer resources of users visiting your website for mining cryptocurrencies without yours or your user’s knowledge.

Cryptomining Malware

To prevent such type of injection, you should use a useful WordPress security plugin with built-in firewall and also run regular malware scans on your website.

#2: Organized DDoS Attacks- WordPress Vulnerability

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not new, but when they become organized to reach a massive scale, they can wreak havoc on any WordPress site by clogging the entire bandwidth with fake HTTP requests, making the site unreachable to its genuine users.

One of the most common methods used in DDoS attacks is to exploit XML-RPC vulnerabilities. XML-RPC function allows services like trackbacks and pingbacks. DDoS WordPress Vulnerabilities need to Watch Out.

Organized DDoS Attacks

In a DDoS attack, hundreds of infected WordPress sites could be used to send thousands of fake pingbacks and trackbacks to other WordPress sites thereby clogging their bandwidth.

That’s why you should turn off pingbacks and trackbacks on your WordPress website or turn off the XML-RPC functionality altogether.

Using a managed WordPress hosting will also help since these hosting providers use advanced rate limiting and detection hardware to identify fake HTTP requests and block them at the server level without exposing your site to such attacks.

#3: Weak Passwords- WordPress Vulnerability

Your WordPress password is the first line of defence against hacking attempts. If you set a strong password that is not easy to guess by humans or crack by automated programs, you are doing yourself and your business great favour.

Do not under any circumstance set a weak password like ‘admin’ or 123456. You should also avoid easy to guess words in your WordPress passwords like your username or name.

Weak Passwords

You can use free password managers like LastPass or 1Password, that not only suggest strong passwords but also securely store your passwords.

Interesting Fact: 22% of all WordPress sites are hacked due to weak passwords.

#4: Plugin Backdoor- WordPress Vulnerability

Plugins are usually the #1 reason why most people choose WordPress. There are free and premium plugins for almost any use we want.

But you should only install plugins that are regularly updated by the plugin author since hackers are always looking to exploit backdoors in WordPress plugins to gain entry to your site.

Additionally, you should update plugins whenever an update is available. For this, you can enable auto-updates for plugins.

Plugin Backdoor

If you are running more than one WordPress website on the same hosting platform, make sure you update your plugins on all the sites since a vulnerability in one site could allow hackers to gain access to your other sites as well.

Tip: There is a useful list of vulnerable and hacked plugins that you should be wary of installing on your website. Popular but vulnerable plugins include Event Calendar, Ultimate Member, Coming Soon Page, Ninja Forms, and Duplicator Pro.

#5: Installed Themes- WordPress Vulnerability

Did you know that 29% of WordPress sites get hacked due to vulnerability in their installed themes?

It doesn’t matter if the vulnerable theme is your active theme or not.

I usually only keep the active theme on my site and delete the themes I no longer use, including the default WordPress themes, to minimize the chances of hackers gaining access to my site through a theme backdoor.

Installed Themes

Apart from this, you are advised to use those themes that are regularly updated. Many free themes on the WordPress repository are gathering dust for many years or months without being updated. It is best to avoid such themes.

Also, say no to ‘nulled’ themes or plugins that are being freely distributed on black hat sites since most of these free plugins and themes contain malicious code to compromise your WordPress site’s security.

#6: Hosting Platforms- WordPress Vulnerability

Almost 41% of all WordPress vulnerabilities result from the poor hosting environment. We all want to minimize our website running costs, but investing in cheap hosting with weak security credentials is not a great way to lower costs.

Poorly managed hosting providers fail to separate shared hosting accounts, so if one website is compromised, it could adversely affect other websites as well.

Hosting Platforms

That’s why it is crucial to invest in quality managed WordPress hosting provider with a good security track record which offers daily or weekly automated backups of your WordPress site at no additional cost.

The image below summarizes the four most common reasons why WordPress websites get hacked.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

#7: Push Notification Scams- WordPress Vulnerability

Hackers are always inventing new ways to infect your WordPress site for their vested interests. One of the latest trends is injecting malicious JavaScript code that obfuscates as HTML through plugins and theme backdoor.

Such scripts usually are of the following type: <script type=text/javascript src=……..</script>

This code loads external scripts that redirect users to push notification scam sites that obtain your permission to send notifications by deceit.

Push Notification Scams

The best way to protect yourself from such attacks is to use clean plugins and themes and update them at the earliest whenever a vulnerability is discovered.

#8: Not Keeping Your Site Updated- WordPress Vulnerability

Did you know that only 22% of the sites are running on the latest version of WordPress while almost 40% of websites are still using 4.x version of WordPress?

This is a scary statistic given the fact that WordPress regularly releases security updates between two major versions.

WordPress is an open-source CMS, and its code is freely available for all, including hackers, to tinker with. These hackers are in the business of discovering vulnerabilities in the WordPress code.

Not Keeping Your Site Updated

So, it is your responsibility to keep your site running on the latest version of WordPress. By default, all WordPress sites have core updates enabled for minor releases of WordPress like 5.2.x.

However, for the major updates like 5.x, you still need to update your website on your own from within the WordPress dashboard.

Whenever a major update is available, you should update your WordPress site at the earliest since websites running legacy WordPress versions are easy targets for hackers.

What Are The Tell-tale Signs That Your Wordpress Site Is Hacked?

If you take care of your WordPress website security, there is almost nil chance of your site getting hacked. But in the unfortunate event that your site does get hacked, how will you know about it to take corrective action immediately?.

Signs That Your Wordpress Site Is Hacked?

  • Sudden traffic drop
  • The appearance of spam links
  • Unwanted popups
  • An unusually slow or unresponsive site
  • You cannot log in to your site
  • Unusual findings in site scan

The following are the most common indications of a compromised WordPress website:

  • Sudden traffic drop: If your website experiences a sudden drop in traffic, it could be that malware is detected on your site, and Google is displaying a warning in the search results that dropped your click through rates and hence the drop in traffic.
  • The appearance of spam links: Hackers usually place spam links to 3rd party sites on their targets. If you discover such links or unusual redirections that have not been set up by you, you should take immediate corrective measures.
  • Unwanted popups: Are you or your users seeing unwanted popups displaying adware of redirecting to spam websites? This is an indication of malware affecting your website.
  • An Unusually slow or unresponsive site: If a DDoS attack has hit your site, it will either stop loading altogether or become very slow. You should investigate such happenings post-haste.
  • You cannot log in to your site: If you see a message like ‘username does not exist’ when you try to login to your WordPress site, it suggests that a hacker has gained access to your site.
  • Unusual findings in site scan: As I advised earlier that you should regularly run malware scans on your WordPress website. If any of these scans report some unexpected results like some malicious looking code, you should investigate further without delay.

Concluding the WordPress Vulnerability Discussion

We have seen the 8 top vulnerabilities that threaten WordPress websites in 2020 and how you should deal with these newfound threats.

We further discussed six signs of a hacked WordPress website to take corrective measures.

Perhaps, the best way to stay clear of WordPress vulnerabilities is to implement a pro-active approach to WordPress security where you regularly follow the best security practices to prevent any security mishappening with your WordPress website.

Did you find this information on the top WordPress vulnerabilities useful? Let me know in the comments below, along with any other vulnerability that you are aware of or have experienced on your WordPress website.

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Trishan Mehta writes on WordPress and SEO. He is a keen follower of the latest trends in WordPress optimization and security and regularly publishes on these topics on PassionWP.
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How to Assess the Risk While Planning and Expansion in Online Business

How to assess the risk and manage the risk in online business. Every business, online or offline may need an expansion for ensuring proper growth and an increase in the recurring revenue. If you are an owner of an online business especially, you will need to assess the risk factors involved in it before you invest your hard-earned money. Limited time and costly effort in it. You will first need to make sure that none of these is futile or costly.

Assess the Risk in Online Business

What do Peoples Think About Risk Management?

Most people think that future expansion of any business is the last thing that comes to the mind of the business owner. Ideally, this should be planned well ahead of time to make sure it is worth it and highly productive.

It will be an unwise decision to think that the initial launch of your online business will be and should be the absolute final version of it. This is because as time passes by your business will surely grow provided you take everything into consideration to ensure it.

The Strategy is Important to Assess the Risk

A strategic plan will ensure a strategic approach which will ensure optimization of risk in Online Business, of your resources and maximizing the returns by targeting the precise market and audience. Therefore, if you want to expand your business make sure that you take the risks and costs involved into account. This is the same thing that you do when you to make sure that you choose the most feasible option from while looking for a way to deal with your debts.

Assessing Business Risks

However, you should not go crazy while making the risk assessment as there will be some and there will also be useful ways to overcome these risks as well. Instead, to make sure that you do not scare away your staff and do get the audience that you target. You must act according to the interest of your client. You can do it best when you use an ASO or App Store Optimization service.

  1. A risk assessment will act just like extra padding of your online business budget and its expansion. The core of all risk assessment is ideally the initial costs involved in making and expansion. This cost should be well within the feasible limits. So that you can recoup it with the expected sales and anticipated revenue and profit from it.
  2. You must also have a clear idea about the special circumstances that you may have to face so that you can come up with a proper plan for your future business expansion. Anywhere and during any stage of your project within. There will be many such situations and without a proper plan you will not be able to prevent anything from going wrong or the extra time, cost and labour spent from affecting the bottom line of your online business expansion.

Risk assessment and a proper plan will surely help you to avoid something that you really want to and reach to your clients in a much better way.

Assess the Risk in Business not an Easy

However, assessing the risk is not an easy matter. To make this precise and perfect, you must remember one thing. This risk assessment must be a part of your initial plan and budget estimate. You should never consider it to be a simple sales mark-up.

This is because business expansion is also a part of your project costs as a whole. There are a few specific ways to make sure that you assess the risk of business expansion in the best possible way.

To start with, you must identify all the risk items that you think may come up and affect your business expansion plans. These risks can come in various forms that include and are certainly not limited to:

Things to Remember in Online Business

  • The experience of your staff and team
  • The technological requirement and stability
  • The feasibility aspect of the market and customers you are targeting
  • The resources that may break or prove to be inadequate in the expansion process in the short or in the long run
  • The distance and accessibility factors for better management and overall control of your client as well as your new staff
  • The dependency level on apps, tools and other software
  • The database needed and
  • The geo-location aspect.

Apart from these, there are also a few other general unknowns to consider as well. These unknowns can also be varied but it is highly important that you have proper knowledge of these.

However, it is true that you can plan exactly for the future as it is uncertain according to its usual characteristics. The best way to go ahead, therefore, is by setting aside some money on a regular basis. So that you can compensate for these risks and unknown certainty easily and effectively.

Considering Scope and Resource Drain

Another important aspect of future business expansion risk assessment is to once you have identified all of the potential risks involved in the scope of the expansion and balance it with the cost and most importantly with the potential resource drain. This is the best way to assess the risk in online business.
  • In this case, you must assign a specific value from your budget whether there are any changes or not. This will enable you to cover the cost of such probable resource drain.
  • It is also required that you make proper provision for probable mistakes, mismanagements, forgetting things, falling ill or having any personal issues that may affect work. These risks are very common and as it will occur as a part of the course in your existing business it may occur in your future business as well.

Therefore, take all these changes into account and for eliminating the effects of these on your business you must at least allot 5% of your overall budget. If you are going to deploy a team. You know well, have worked before and provides results on time you may lower this provision to less than 5%.

Bottom Line

Therefore, a proper risk assessment will ensure better budgeting for your future business expansion. Ideally, a 30% provision to cover all types of risks and cost of resource drain is a better idea. This will help you to make a better trade-off having enough funds to pay for your problems.

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