How Will Quality Management Software Transform Your Business?

Is your organization looking for enhanced productivity and less wastage?. How about negligible possibilities of rework and least user complaints?

When ‘Quality’ is what your customers first look for, why not fulfill this fundamental demand with a Quality Management System Software that ensures customer expectations and business requirements are met or even exceeded.

Expressed as a standard framework of structured and organized methods, procedures and techniques, a quality management system also is responsible that a business’s schedules and policies are on par with environmental and safety aspects.

Check out how a QMS transforms your Business’s Inside by sharing a sheer association with external and internal walls of your organization.


Flexibility is something everybody wants not only in work but also in their personal life. So why not expect the same from the software and tools which we make use of twelve plus hours a day.

On flexibility grounds, a good QMS reduces the administrative overhead, smoothly integrates with business, systems and its employees, eliminates duplicity and other difficulties hindering the workflow.

Where many systems lock you up into carrying out specific actions or tasks, quality management systems have no such restrictions being business-oriented in nature.

Take a look at the areas where the system provides you with the flexibility:

1. Data capture

A quality software is expected to emulate existing data capture and must ensure that the data collection done routinely is captured effectively from customers, suppliers, partners as well as employees.

2. Reports and Records

A QMS integrates current data sources with the records and reports generating system enabling your company to make decisions based on the insights of data produced.

3. Workflow and Processes

A business’s processes are executed with ease whether they are operational, project-based or strategic. The internal workflows are made extremely simple across all enterprise networks.

4. Business Rules and Compliances

Quality focussed software and tools are so designed to conform to all the business policies and ISO standards in order to remove hurdles being faced at the time of audits.

5. Navigation and Usage

Once installed, the look and feel of a QMS can be witnessed by its operators proving them ease with its navigation and traversing. The sole purpose of providing excellent user-interface and experience is rest assured. 

Easy Integration

Without any traces of doubt, a quality management system is so designed that it works and collaborates with the pre-existing systems, programs or applications irrespective of how they operate.

The integration functions involve:
  • To identify and consolidate the data across the channels
  • Transfer data to and from the system
  • Run in parallel with the previous software and tools for smooth interaction.
The tools being quality-centric rest assure that the integration is seamless and flawless.

Analytics and Report Management

Once applied an Enterprise QMS into a business, it delivers real-time data and records which need a close look to be analyzed. It is a valuable feature that provides some real insights to the employees to act upon.

The running technique behind the type of data produced is the automated frameworks and algorithms of the system that help reduce the defects notified by instant alerts or process shutdown warning.

To draw semantic results, you need to possess robust quality management and decision-making processes.

The data provided is extensive and massive which is dealt by the systems internally providing you outcomes in a structured and well-organized form.

A powerful Quality Management System does the following to drive business success aligning these with your regulatory needs:
  • Quickly analyzes the data and records and present relevant information
  • Readily identify the thresholds and other KPIs.
  • Automatically runs the resource files to generate reports, whether scheduled or not.
  • Instantly notifies on any quality-based process to be prioritized.
  • Easily creates, manage, and distributes the reports and documents.
  • Level ups the vital data records to drive business insight and decision making.

Managing Data Flow

A QMS is built with a primary aim to easily connect processes, data, and developments to provide clear insights. When data flow is the concerning topic traceability has an internal role to play.

If a quality handling system is able to retrieve knowledge about how data and information flow through an inside of a company, and what actions they ultimately lead to, then it will surely be counted among the best one.

Quality management systems ensure that they effectively collaborate the key areas providing a peer-to-peer understanding of the root causes and their effects.

An exemplification: How QMS resolves a Customer Querry?
  • Say, a user lodges a complaint at your customer care system. The first step taken by the system will be to identify what the issue is and then mine that data type after examining.
  • Simultaneously the software internally links it to some actionable attributes like risk assessment, investigation, and initiatives to make.
  • The trail is then monitored and necessary actions are implemented to eliminate the problem as well as the issues related if any.
Such an end-to-end process followed within the inside architecture of a QMS becomes a determinant for early examination and resolution of the upcoming issues.

Over To You

Hope the mentioned details of a good and effective quality management system would have given you a clear understanding of why and how your business can progressively attain your listed targets by dispensing quality tagged products and services.

By looking at the advantages, one can not afford to miss reaping all these from one single source necessary for accelerating a business’s gains.
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ZS Associates Hiring Business Operations Associate

Understand client business issues, operating business rules, data, and processes;
Incorporate process changes in response to evolving business needs;
Operate business processes for clients on a periodic basis. This includes synthesizing data, performing quality checks and creating error free deliverables;
Interact with internal or client teams to resolve any issues with process inputs;
Respond to ad hoc requests from the clients relating to the deliverables;
Identify and implement business process enhancements.


ZS welcomes candidates for the Business Operations Associate position from any engineering discipline. The common denominator in an individual's success is a strong academic record, a stated interest in working with business operations, and evidence of strong process orientation with the following skills:
Innate quality orientation with an eye for detail;
Excellent task management and organizational skills;
Problem solving skills and an ability to think through solutions in a structured environment;
Very strong verbal and written communication skills;
Ability to work in a team environment. Global exposure or experience of having worked in global cross office teams is preferred;
Self-motivated with a willingness to take initiatives with a strong work ethic;
Strong business acumen.

Location: Pune

Click Here To Apply
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Wipro Hiring Administartor

Experience: Freshers

Job Code: 725773

Job Description:

Voice based candidate would be given preferable
Candidate should be good in Communication
Telephonic, Email & Chat based User Support for German and English language
Excellent Communication (Verbal & Written) and Customer Service Skills
Logging Incident tickets as required
Having worked with Global Customers
Technical Skills: Knowledge of basic computer Hardware and MS Office Applications
Applications like outlook, need to have knowledge on WIN 7 & WIN 10
Need to have basic knowledge on internet issues and Active directory

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ZS Associates Hiring Decision Analytics Associate

Develop advanced statistical models that relate marketing or sales activities to financial results
Simulate the impact of a client's future marketing or sales activities on their future real-world results
Leverage optimization techniques to guide clients and ZS teams to the best decisions
Design custom analysis tools in applications such as Visual Basic, MS Excel, MS Access, SAS and ZS proprietary software
Synthesize and communicate results to clients and ZS teams
Collaborate with client and ZS teams to implement solutions
Gain immediate responsibility for project deliverables
Take initiative to advance your analytic and problem solving skills and train others at ZS


ZS welcomes candidates for the DAA position from any engineering discipline. The common denominator in an individual's success is a strong academic record, a stated interest in working with business operations, and evidence of superior analytic skills.
Bachelor's degree in any engineering discipline, MIS, operations management, or other relevant degree
Demonstrated record of academic success

Additionally, we seek individuals with the following personal skills:
Strong work ethic and personal initiative
Structured problem solving skills
Focus on quality and detail orientation
Excellent organizational and task management skills
Strong communication and business acumen
Ability to work across global cross-office teams
Client service orientation
High motivation, good work ethic, maturity, and personal initiative

Location: Delhi

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Attivo Networks Hiring Software Engineer

Job description:

Software engineer will be responsible for research, design and development of security/networking software for Attivo’s BotSink solutions.

The person will get an opportunity to research in new domains, innovate and help build a world class product in a startup environment.

Primary focus would be to develop robust, reliable and maintainable security and networking software on Linux Operating systems that run on Hardware Appliances and Desktop. Has to ensure adherence to the software development process including proper code review and unit testing of all developed modules.

B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech - 2018 Batch (CS/IT)
Good pH score
Good academics

Good C/C++ and/or Python Programming skills
Expertise in Linux Operating System Internals.
Good understanding of L2/L3 Protocols, Routing Protocols, socket programming and general networking concepts.
Should have excellent debugging, troubleshooting, analytical and problem solving skills.
Good written and verbal communication skills
Strong team player with a willingness to proactively interact with the team and achieve results in a dynamic, fast growing environment.

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