4 Things to Know About Third-Party Coding
Businesses run complex software for their endless applications. Managing such software is a necessity, but it can't be easy. There's a solution to that, and that is through third-party coding. It's efficient, saves time, and grants new capabilities to your company.

However, as much as third-party coding offers more benefits to a business, some risks are associated with it. These risks and other information are discussed below.

What's Third-Party Coding

In programming, third-party coding uses reusable software from a seller other than the original vendor or developer. The code could also be distributed freely. Third-party coding is preferred because many developers believe it's highly efficient to improve custom applications' quality.

4 Things to Know About Third-Party Coding

Things to Consider When Implementing Third-Party Code

Great rewards also have significant risks. In third-party coding, it's highly vulnerable. Some of the risks include;

1. Overlooked Rigorous Testing

During code sharing, most of the time, the code isn't tested enough. When it's done, it barely completes the minimum testing needed for compliance.

When this code comes into contact with a business's information, it places the data at high risk of being breached due to the high number of hackers on the Internet. This can be hazardous when critical information falls into the wrong hands. This risk can take months to undo, and the data leaked might never be fully recovered.

2. Third-Party Codes aren't Secure

However much as the seller claims the code is secure, it's not. There's documented script tracking for the code, and at the same time, there's further tracking that's not registered. One could almost term it as illegal tracking.

When undocumented tracking runs through the websites and apps and collects information and delicate information about a business and its customers, data may be used maliciously.

3. The Third-Party Seller Bears the Blame

When a breach occurs from a third-party code, the brand seller is held accountable. This means a seller must always know that customer data is always at risk and should be protected.

It's important to note that, even if a third party is held accountable for breached data, it's still a problem for the business itself, as it could lead to the loss of its customers' trust.

4. Open-Source Code Fragments are Downloadable

There could be different departments using a single third-party code. In such a case, not all users can maintain a secure code-sharing ecosystem. This gives hackers a better chance to breach the system. As such code is complex but openly available on the Internet, the infiltrators may know how to crack vulnerable data.

1. Ways to Mitigate these Risks

The risks as mentioned above are inevitable, and so is its hazardous aftermath. By being prepared for such risk, it saves one much trouble that might come in the future. One can protect their business from such risk in third-party code by;

2. Having a Secure Mindset

Hackers are ever trying to find a loophole in a coding system. With this understanding, a business can take matters of security into its own hands. Each employee, not just the security department, is obliged to protect the business or company.

This way, everyone will always be on the lookout; security is an essential priority for everyone.

3. Documenting All Third-Party Relationships

Business owners should take the initiative to document all third-party relations within their business. They should be aware of the codes being used and be mindful of what data is being tracked and stored by the third party.

One can go further and test this code together with security conversions with most, if not all, of the code vendors regardless of the data they deal with. Creating an inventory should be a priority for any business.

4. Imposing Strict Compliance with Third Parties

Form a solid and secure foundation with third-party vendors by ensuring that both sides abide by the signed contract. This ensures that they're fully vetted together with their codes. This helps prevent any potential threat they may be posed by insecure coding.

When these requirements are fully established, they become an integral part of the company's success. These standards go a long way in helping one mitigate conflicts that arise with third-party tools.

For starters, one can begin by analyzing all the legal regulations for their business. Then proceed to examine how third-party tools interact with their systems and the data gathered.

5. Having Data Encrypted

It would help to protect data internally based on the level of its sensitivity. This means one sets the policies that protect their business data by making data encryption a norm. This adds an extra layer of protection that's identity-based. This layer also lets one see who's trying to access the data from where and when. When data is encrypted, it may be useless to hackers unless they can decrypt it.

Data Privacy

Advantages of Third-Party Coding

Some of the benefits of using third-party codes include;

1. Ready for Use When Needed

Developing software takes a tremendous amount of time. This can take up much precious time that could be used in developing business strategies. With a third-party code, the waiting time is cut short exponentially.

2. Low-Cost Maintenance

The current cost of developing software is high and is expected to go even higher in the future. This is due to more coding features being added regularly. These new features may also take extra time and cost to update. With a third party, this cost won't be on the company since it's not the primary developer of the software.

3. Code Complexity Cost

Each new update requires a new code. If a single system has several updates, the number of new codes added makes it even more complex than it already is. Such a system could take up time to fully understand how it works. With third-party codes, this complexity is simplified, thus, saving time.

4. Takeaway

Third-party coding is advantageous to any business. Not only does it save time, but it also improves the company's capabilities and efficiency. However, this is vulnerable and may pose risks to the company. But with proper planning, your business can better protect itself from such threats.


3 Industries That Use Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to invade more industries as companies discover numerous applications to leverage its power, speed, and efficiency. With the insight that a lot of business tasks are repetitive and can, thus, be done by AI and the additional insight that AI amplifies the basic functions of the human mind, more industries are realizing the positive and beneficial disruption that AI can bring about.

Industries That Use Artificial Intelligence

The latest data collated on artificial intelligence stats indicates that an increasing number of large corporations in a widening variety of industries are now using AI in their workflows and operations. In eCommerce, more companies are now using chatbots in their customer service. In tourism, more travel agencies are using AI in their booking and reservations systems. In manufacturing, multinationals are using AI in supply chain management.

Industries That Employ Artificial Intelligence

AI is sweeping so many industries by storm and forcing erstwhile highly conservative professions and economic sectors to embrace automation and digitization. As AI develops more applications and innovations, more and more industries will find it difficult, if not expensive, not to employ AI in their workflows and operations.

Here are three industries that are now using AI:

1. Automation In Manufacturing

One of the earliest applications of AI was through automation in manufacturing. Factories were the first ones to adopt automation. Since the basic principle of assembly line manufacturing was the division of tasks into simplified and repetitive tasks, it was very suitable early on to experiment with automation in manufacturing.

The foundation principle of AI is that software applications can be trained to make decisions on current data sets based on how decisions were made on previous data sets. For instance, assembly line robotic arms can be programmed to insert or attach the same parts or components if the same automobile design is being assembled. When the robotic arm detects the input of the same design, it will perform the same tasks as before.

A more advanced application of AI in manufacturing and factories is the development and use of machine learning and artificial neural networks. These technological innovations are now being used to support predictive maintenance and critical industrial equipment. It works in predicting malfunctions by comparing the current use of assets and equipment with causes and frequencies of asset malfunction in the past.

2. Data Analytics In Healthcare

Another use of AI, which is gaining more popularity and traction, is in healthcare and medical diagnosis. Being heavily intensive on the use of quantitative analysis, especially in medical diagnosis, laboratory testing, and reliance on patient medical history, the healthcare industry is also a suitable field for the widespread application of AI.

In doctor consultation, for instance, more people are becoming comfortable conducting their consultation with their doctors through digital apps using smartphones and other devices. Even doctors and physicians are realizing the advantages of AI because they can now conveniently extract the patient’s medical records and get the basic analytics that they need to make their diagnosis.

In surgery, more hospitals and surgeons are realizing that a lot of the human errors and imprecision in surgery can be minimized by the use of lasers and robotic arms. With pre-programmed surgery routines and procedures, robotic arms and laser equipment have proven to be capable of achieving more precision and accuracy in performing surgery on humans. This has resulted in less pain for patients, less blood loss, and less risk to humans.

3. Predictive Logistics And Chatbots In Ecommerce

Another industry, which has hugely benefitted from automation and AI, is eCommerce. With their heavy reliance on logistics forecasting, supply chain management, and product delivery and distribution systems, eCommerce giants are realizing that AI can do so much more for them in improving their accuracy, precision, speed, and efficiency in responding to buyer inquiries and delivering items to disparate locations in the least amount of time.

AI has vastly improved their logistics forecasting in terms of anticipating which items should be bought during which shopping months and seasons, managing their timely inventory, correlating purchases with stocks, and placing timely requests with their freight forwarding partners for the fulfilment of orders.

Artificial Intelligence

In customer service and relationship management or Performance management, eCommerce giants are realizing that they’re practically sitting on a minefield of data about buyer purchases and preferences. They are, in fact, sitting on top of the most abundant dataset of economic choices made by consumers—their online purchases, including their buying preferences, specific addresses, modes of payment, as well as their complaints and issues.

This vast ocean of data can’t be fully harnessed by humans even with the use of the most sophisticated human-operated software. With this insight, eCommerce giants are now leveraging the advantages and benefits of automation and AI even in customer service through the use of chatbots.

Chatbots can process a larger amount of data at a fraction of the time required by humans. They can simultaneously compare customer data on purchases, payments, and delivery issues, all at the same time, without having to rely on any human interference. This gives them the capability to respond to customers on a more intimate, data-driven, and focused level.

AI For Your Industry

There was a time when business executives thought AI was just a fancy word for an excessive obsession with technological advancement that would never be applied in the practical business setting. But, recent years have seen more and more industries being swept by the AI revolution. With the power of AI to bring precision, speed, efficiency, and savings to the table, you can expect more industries to use AI.


Top 7 Benefits of Agile Development in 2021
Developers are being asked to develop iteratively, better, and more rapidly. But changing technology and altering a new requirement needs a detailed development method that’ll allow developers to produce and release rapidly.

If you’re a developer who needs a quick release schedule or short bursts of productivity, agile development is one of the best approaches that you can take. Agile development can support short repetitions of development. Thus, you can continuously adjust in-flight requirements and solutions to the fast-changing and growing needs and demands of the business.

Benefits of Agile Development

In today’s post, you’ll learn more about the benefits of agile development to help you decide whether you should adopt this approach. But before that, let’s first define agile development.

What Is Agile Development?

Agile development allows a team to work more efficiently and quickly. This happens by coming up with clearer goals and an incremental approach to working. With this approach, your team has the option to pick between various frameworks in agile project management.

Furthermore, agile development depends on several values that are designed to improve communication among developers and customers. With this, customers can know the state of the project. As a result, revisions or issues can be addressed earlier.

Moreover, it doesn’t mandate certain practices, but some standard practices have come to the surface as an outcome of the agile model’s values. Paired programming is one of the most common examples. Here, two developers are working together as they code a project. It means, while one programmer does the coding, the other check the codes being written.

Agile Development

Another agile practice is the day-to-day standup meeting. Every team will provide status reports to their project managers. After that, new goals will be established for the present day. The last practice is working in the sprint. Instead of setting long goals, the majority of agile models promote doing work in shorter bursts. Various offices are usually using a 2-week sprint model, in which developers attempt to manage as many problems in a short span.

What Are the Benefits of Agile Development?

Since there are still more hints about software development or agile development, implementing agile development in your processes will surely benefit your team. To further convince you, the following are some of the advantages you may reap when you use agile development on your next projects:

1. Improve Customer Engagement

As mentioned, clients are involved in agile development. The team will refer to the clients to prioritize what’s going into the following sprint and to assess work products during a review session.

The good thing is that this continuous interaction or engagement lessens the confusion between what clients want and what the developers will provide.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

Another benefit of agile development is that it offers several opportunities for both team and stakeholder management. By considering the clients in each step of the process or project, there’s a higher degree of teamwork between the project team and the client. This, in turn, will open more opportunities for teams to understand the vision of the client.

Remember, delivering a good output before the deadline will boost the trust of the stakeholders in the capability of the team to offer quality working software. Further, it’ll inspire the stakeholder to become more engaged in the project.

3. Foreseeable Schedule and Costs

Since every sprint is a static duration, costs are foreseeable and restricted to the workload done by the team in the scheduled timeline. Together with the estimates given to the clients before every sprint, clients may better understand the estimated cost of every feature. This will improve decision-making when it comes to the priority features and the need for further repetitions.

4. Transparent

An agile development, as mentioned, will offer distinct opportunities to be involved throughout the project–from the priority features and repetition planning to review sessions and recurrent software builds consisting of new features.

But this will also require a client to comprehend that they’re perceiving a work in progress in return for the additional advantage of transparency.

5. Enhance Quality

Since the project is divided into handy units, the project team will be able to focus on high-quality collaboration, testing, and, most importantly, development. In addition to that, by producing builds frequently and conducting reviews and testing during every iteration, quality will be enhanced by looking for and resolving defects rapidly and determining expectation disparities ahead of time.

6. Boost Productivity

When implementing agile, you’ll be able to properly allocate your resources. This will allow you to start more rapidly and be productive throughout the process.

With workload divided into iterations, there are milestones and deadlines at all times. Due to this, developers are always focused on moving forward. Also, they won’t be sitting sluggishly, waiting for a task during the design and discovery stage.

7. Address Technical Debts

In old product development approaches, like Waterfall, the team who’ll test the project only jumps in when development is done. Without the presence of the cross-functional team setup, the cost of reworks tends to increase as the inconsistency pile up that needs more time to fix.

However, with agile development, cross-functional setups will be fostered, in which continuous communication, collective ownership, and overrun actions are given superiority to finish a task at a maintainable pace. This close collaboration will help reduce technical debts, like the added cost of reworks.


There are plenty of benefits when implementing agile development. But for this approach to successfully work, your team should be adaptable and flexible.

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Agile development works by constantly transforming a short iteration and continuously adjust the solutions and requirements to the changing needs of the business. Also, developers won’t sit idly by since there’s always work that needs to be done. Customers are also involved, which reduces the guessing time of what they want in the output.

Nevertheless, if your upcoming projects require you to deliver efficiently and quickly, you can never go wrong with agile development. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what agile development can offer.


4 Tips For Boosting Your Website Presence
Online presence is now vital to every business because having a website can help you grow it. With a website, you can increase your target reach worldwide rather than staying local. If your target is local, you can also use a website to lead your target audience to your local shop or office. This results in more sales.

Boosting Your Website Presence

However, if your website doesn't have a strong online presence, it'll be a waste of money. Your target audience should know your business exists by boosting your website presence through the following tips:

1. Use Analytics

If you already have a website, track your previous performance, and you could look here on how to interpret your website metrics. Analytics can tell you how you're doing online so you can weigh if your efforts are paying off.

Use Analytics

You can start by tracking your website visitors. This includes tracking how your visitors browse your pages, as well as their age, and device or browser they use to access your site. These aspects will help you in determining the trend about the people visiting your website. You'll know which events affect the dip or spike in your website's traffic. For instance, you might see which device visitors are using to browse your website. Thus, you can focus on making your website mobile-friendly if most users are using their mobile devices.

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

As mentioned, you may want to make your website mobile-friendly because most web searchers use their mobile devices. However, don't forget to make your website compatible with other devices as well. Although most web searchers use their mobile phones, some use their computers or laptops. That being said, you have to make your site responsive, such that it works well on mobile and desktop platforms. As a result, your website changes its arrangement and display based on the device screen's size.

3. Create Quality Content

Now, you've got people reaching your site with whatever device they're using. Make them stay longer on your website by creating valuable content. Even if your site is well-designed, if the user won't find quality content, they may end up leaving your site quickly.

Create Quality Content

Your website's content contributes to building a stronger online presence. You can use blog posts to create branding and personality in your industry. You can do this by creating informative, engaging, and relevant content. It should also reflect your business's values. With such, you can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since you rank high on SERPs, people are more likely to click on your site, thus, increasing traffic and sales.

4. Improve Your SEO

Another way to rank high on SERPs is to improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO). When you have a strong SEO strategy, you can achieve better website performance. This performance is essential to rank higher on SERPs.

Improve Your SEO

When improving your SEO, you should use keywords with a higher search volume. Distribute these keywords throughout your site. For your blog, you can feature these keywords by writing relevant information about them.

Aside from blog posts, your keywords should also appear in the blog titles, meta titles, subheadings, and meta descriptions. By doing this, you can help search crawlers rank your site higher.


Building a website doesn't stop there. You need to make a website presence, too. Do this by following the tips above. Keep in mind that you can use analytics to measure your site’s performance. The results will tell you which areas to improve and how to do it.


3 Common Email Security Threats You Must Know About
Did you know that the volume of business and customer emails sent as well as received daily totalled more than 257.7 billion by yearend 2021? It means that emails play a significant role in the professional as well as personal spheres of our lives, thus making it a lucrative opportunity for cyber hackers to steal confidential information. Emails are essential for businesses and therefore, business leaders should stay aware of the common security issues.

According to an article published on Forbes.com, phishing usually happens via email and cyber hackers may access data to help them see sensitive or confidential information like credential details and credit card info. In this article, we will therefore walk you through some of the common email security threads for your knowledge:

Top 3 Common Email Security Threats

  • DDoS Attacks
  • Scripted Attacks
  • SQL Injection 

1. DDoS Attacks

When it comes to the distributed denial of service (DDoS), it is a kind of attack to make any online service unobtainable by overpowering with traffic from endless sources. It is a threat that could occur in various places in the Open Systems Interconnection model that is a conceptual structure and defines how PCs interact with each other by disintegrating network communication into abstraction layers.

DDoS Attacks

The common DDoS attacks are at the application layer and the network application lawyer.

2. Scripted Attacks

The common scripted email attack is the automated script that tries to hack into your email account by methodically typing all probable arrangement of keyboard characters until the right one is discovered.

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Did you know that even websites with a lockout policy, which locks a particular account after a person exceeds the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts are not safe from scripted attacks? If you have, any queries related to email security issues, visit platforms like Trustifi or something similar.

Though it is good to have a lockout policy, scripted attacks may consider the policy by letting or Cyber Haftpflicht cyber hackers describe the amount of effort to try before discontinuing and passing time for the lockout timer to end. Let us explain this point with the help of an example.

Scripted Attacks

For instance, when the lockout limit is three attempts and resetting the lockout timer is fixed at 30 minutes, a hacker may think of up to four passwords each 31 minutes to sidestep the protections in place.

3. SQL Injection

As far as SQL injection is concerned, it is quite a common threat to your email security when some application asks for user input, like a username or log in details. An unscrupulous hacker can place a SQL statement instead, which next runs on that application’s database.

SQL Injection


You know how essential is emails are to your business and therefore, you need to implement stringent and watchful security measures to protect sensitive data. You need some application firewall that lets custom rules to identify malicious or suspicious users and leverages its wide network to evaluate the behaviour to get rid of complicated attacks on your email system. Once you have proper measures to protect your email data, there is nothing like it. Protect your email against scripted, DDoS, as well as SQL injections to keep all data safe.


{Updated} 5 Best PDF Compressor Online Free in 2021
List of 5 Best PDF Compressor Online free. Documents are a necessary element of giant organizations to small startups, education departments, hospitals, and everywhere around the globe. PDF or we can say portable document format provided by Adobe in 1990, and it is the most common file format that almost every person prefers. The purpose of a PDF file is to save or access your documents in nearly all operating systems or hardware devices. You do not need many applications to create PDF files, all you need is a PDF reader provided by adobe. Secondly, you do not need to worry about the layout of your document, wherever you will open it, it will be the same.

PDF files can hold texts, images, videos, fonts, and more. Nowadays, web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla are capable of viewing PDF files and you don’t need a specific app to view them.PDF files are meant for viewing documents, not editing and it is an advantage that it will preserve your document format. This way you are ensured the document you are sharing will be received as you have sent it to someone. Find the list below of 5 Best PDF Compressor Online free for everyone.

Best PDF Compressor Online Free

PDF has made it easy to share documents back and forth, but sometimes the size of a PDF file is an issue, so to tackle that situation, you have to compress the PDF file. By compressing the PDF file the size of the file is reduced and can be transferred across any platform(i.e social apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, email or through external devices) with ease.

PDF file compressing doesn’t affect the format of the documents but the quality is a measure to keep in check while reducing the size of documents. The PDF file remains the same except the size of the file is reduced. For compressing the PDF file, here comes the PDF file compressors or tools to compress the PDF files. There are a variety of tools that aim to reduce the size of PDF files but not all of them guarantee the quality should not be compromised. You should choose the very tools that reduce the size of the PDF file as well doesn’t affect the quality of the content of documents.

5 Best PDF Compressor Online

We have listed the 5 Best PDF Compressor Online free that will help you to reduce the size of the PDF file without losing the quality of your file. All you need an internet connection to use these tools.
  1. 2Pdf.com
  2. Adobe PDF Compressor
  3. Pdf2Go
  4. iLovePdf
  5. Pdf Compressor

1. 2Pdf.com

2pdf.com is a simple but delegate tool to reduce the size of your PDF file.

2PDF(Best PDF Compressor Online free) is fast and saves a lot of time in reducing the size of your PDF file. 2PDF not just allows you to compress the PDF file but many other features like converting your word files or any other format documents into PDF, you can also merge your PDF files. 2PDF is still introducing a variety of new features to fulfil all the requirements of users, regarding the documents handling and editing. 


2PDF provides a very user-friendly tool and you just have to select the option of “compress PDF” and upload your file to reduce the size of the PDF file without losing the quality of your file. After uploading the PDF file it takes a few moments and provides you with a downloadable PDF file with a compressed file.

2PDF is a free tool and you can get the best features without losing a penny.

2. Adobe PDF Compressor

As a PDF file is introduced by Adobe and it provides one of the best tools to compress the PDF files. Adobe reduces the size of the PDF file with high-quality optimization of your document as your PDF file depicts. The adobe PDF compressor is an online tool and is available on almost every browser. It's not an easy task to manage the documents, that is the reason sometimes we need the Document management software for easily managing our documents.

You just have to select or drag and drop the PDF file in the drop zone whose size you want to reduce. As the PDF file is uploaded the acrobat will automatically start compressing the size of your file. In a few seconds according to the size of your PDF file, you will get your resized downloadable PDF file and of the same quality.

Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe Best PDF Compressor Online free, allows you to reduce the size of PDFs up to 5000MB. Adobe is a safe and secure tool as it deletes the PDF files of yours. It also allows a feature to check the size of a compressed PDF file.

3. Pdf2Go

PDF2Go is also an amazing online tool that can compress the size of a PDF file and provides good solutions to merge PDF, split PDF and edit PDF options. You don’t need to download any software, all you have to do is open the PDF2Go on your browser and select the compress PDF option to reduce the size of your PDF file.


Best PDF Compressor Online free: PDF2Go gives two basic options, how you want to compress your PDF file. First is medium compression that is default and won’t compromise on your PDF file quality but reduces the file to a medium level. Secondly, the strong compression will reduce the size to small but the quality will be medium(72 DPI).

PDF2Go is safe, secure and will delete your PDF file within 24 hours.

4. iLovePdf

ILovePDF is a famous(PDF Compressor Online) online website that provides all the tools that you need to work with PDFs at your fingertips. All the tools are free of cost and easy to use. We are going to talk about how it reduces the size of a PDF file. You can access the tool from any device and compress your desired PDF file without any fear of losing data.


It also allows the user to get the PDF file from the drive or dropbox.

5. Pdf Compressor

PDF compressor is a simple, easy and fast tool that will reduce the size of your PDF file saving you a great amount of time. The PDF file can be compressed in a few steps. It also allows the user to add 20 PDF files at a single time and it will reduce the size without compromising on the quality of your files.

Pdf Compressor

Best PDF Compressor Online free also gives you a service where you can share the compressed PDF file to social media or through emails. PDF compressors do not change the dpi of the PDF file.

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After the analysis and reviewing all the Best PDF Compressor Online, we have concluded that 2PDFcom is best and loved by almost all of its users. 2PDF is 100% accurate in converting and reducing the size of PDF files. You just have to open 2PDF.com and start using it without signing in.


3 OCR Tools for Text Recognition | Best OCR Software Free
3 Best OCR Software Free: People are busy with their tablets or laptops now; everything is becoming paperless but is it true? There are so many documents around you that are important and that are required to be saved. Earlier, for saving any document filing was the best technique, now things are changing, instead of filing physically the concept of e-filing has come up. For that what is required is getting digital data for any paper document, be it an invoice or written text.

The question is how is that possible? It is possible with OCR or the concept of Optical Character recognition. OCR is a technique that helps in converting static images or paper documents into PDFs. With this technology, it is possible to digitize any written document without the pain of typing them again.

Best OCR Software Free

The basic step of OCR starts with scanning the document with the help of a scanner and then saving it in either PDF or JPEG format. After that this saved file can be processed with OCR software and is transformed into a searchable PDF or an editable word file.

This article highlights how to use the software to convert PDF to text or rather convert image to text. Here are the steps.

Best OCR Software Free

Below is the list of the top 3 OCR(Optical Character Recognition) Free Software.

  1. Online converter
  2. Microsoft One Note
  3. Google Keep OCR app

1. Online Converter

When it comes to converting you have two options in hand. You can either use an online converter or you may choose from any desktop application for OCR conversion. If you are looking for an online OCR then this is a good place where you can try.

OCR Software Free

Step 1: Go to onlineconvertfree.com

First, you need to visit the site onlineconvertfree.com.

This site is the best resource for various conversions, be it image to text or any other format.

Step 2: Click on OCR

At the top banner, you will find an option OCR. You have to click on that to visit that page.

Here you can start the process of text recognition.

Step 3 Upload file

From your computer, Google Drive or any other location where it is saved, you have to select File which you want to OCR.

Upload it to the page or drag and drop it. You can upload the file by clicking on “Choose File.”

Step 4: Select language and output format

Your document may have a different language. You have to select those languages that are present in the document. Apart from that you also have to choose the desired output format. Like whether you want it in .doc or any other text format.

This online converter supports more than 10 text formats. Apart from that, there are other 200 more formats that can be chosen for converting the uploaded document.

Step 5 Convert file and Download

Once done you have to click on the ‘recognize’ button.

After it is done you have to download the recognized text file.

OCR has completed its task.

2. Microsoft One Note

If you are looking for some desktop application then you can try Microsoft One Note. It is mainly a note keeper that can also be used as an OCR. It also allows Optical Character Recognition; however, though the method is simple and easy it has a limitation. It does not recognize the table or columns. Below mentioned are the steps for using it for OCR.

Step 1

Choose the image for conversion and insert it in OneNote.

Step 2

Select the image and Right-click on it. You have to select the option “Copy Text from Picture.”

After it is selected wait for OneNote to do its work.

Step 3

The software will recognize a text from the image. This text will be copied to a clipboard that can be pasted to any word processing software. Now you have the liberty to save it in any format you want and even edit it. Also, check Passage planning software.

3. Google Keep OCR app

Google Keep is well known for taking and storing notes apart from its OCR functionality. It is an Android app that is quite common in use among those who like OneNote or EverNote. It is a Google product and works in the same network as other product of Google. The best thing about this app is that it is free and you do not have to face any ad.

The steps for recognizing text from an image with the help of Google Keep are

Step 1

You can use it first to scan the image that you want to convert to text.

Step 2

Grab the text from the scanned image. For this, you have to use the three dots that lie on the right-hand panel of the screen.

Step 3

Click and the text will be captured. After the text is being captured you can add any text to the note or even edit it. It can easily be transferred to Google Docs.


Employee Monitoring Software | Minspy
Numerous employee monitoring applications are in the market that helps managements and organizations keep an eye on their workers' activities. These apps help you find out whether or not your workers are doing their work with honesty, or are they taking advantage of your leniency.

To find out all about their whereabouts, you need a trusted application that helps you do the spying work for you. In case you are also looking for one, then this article is for you. Have a look at the below information and find out what you need to know about such apps and how it can help you.

Significance of Employee Monitoring Apps

There are many advantages when it comes to keeping an eye on the workers. With the help of a trusted application, you can find out everything your workers are doing, which involves their cell phones. Sometimes, some employees take a day or two off from work because they are not feeling well or have something urgent to deal with. Using a monitoring tool, you can get to know where your worker is at or if they are lying or telling the truth.

You can keep an eye on your workers' activities, whether they are online activities or offline. From here, you can learn to spy on text messages with the help of Minspy as it has so much for you to offer. Apart from their social media accounts monitoring, you can check out their present and past locations.

This will help you find out everything that your workers are doing in their free time and office hours. Using a reliable application, you can get to know if your workers are fair in doing their work or just wasting time.

Minspy, The Best Employee Monitoring Software

If you are new in the world of spy apps, maybe you have never heard the name of Minspy, but in case you are in the field for quite some time, you would probably know about this fantastic application. It does all the work remotely without exposing your identity.

Employee Monitoring Software

Worldwide, unlimited users like this application prefer it on others because of the ease of usage that comes with this app cannot be found anywhere else. The simplicity makes it way too appealing, so this is the best deal one can go for especially its tracking cell phone location feature.

Minspy, The Best Employee Monitoring Software

Following are some significant features of Minspy that you should look at:

Remote Processing

Everything will be done via remote processing as you can stay miles and miles away from the spied device and get to know about all the activities related to it. There is nothing in the world with which this app doesn’t help you with. You may take a look at Minspy's homepage to get all the information about this app.

No Jailbreak and Rooting

This application functions without rooting and jailbreaking. These apps function without these features, and this is the best thing that we associate with this app. Rooting and jailbreaking are complex features, and not many people are aware of how they work. With Minspy you can go for a simple solution as it doesn’t require you to do anything tough at your end.


Finding the live location of your worker is easy with the help of this feature. It allows you to follow the device on a map where you mark a few places and whenever the device crosses those marked places you will receive an alert and get to know where the phone is at the current moment.

No Jailbreak and Rooting

Subscription Plans

Minspy has different cost-effective subscription plans for you to pick from. If you visit the website, you will see them, so choose what you think suits you the best. Still, if you don’t want to pay anything, you can always go for a one month free trial of Minspy to understand the functions correctly.

Live Demo

There is a live demo feature of Minspy that lets you understand the way this application works. This also allows you to know how the application is set up and runs different features. Through this feature, you can learn about the functions in detail. 


This feature lets you know every single detail of the spied phone. This will allow you whatsoever the spied phone user typed, sent and received through their phone. Every single detail will be monitored, and users will get to know about it without any trouble. This is all because of the in-built system of the app that helps you with everything.



The application functions with all kinds of OS, either iOS or Android. To monitor an iOS device, you can add the iCloud account details of the device and leave the rest of the app's work. There is nothing else at your end to deal with. The app will do the rest of the work on its own.

For an Android phone, you need to install the app on the target phone and run it in the background. The app is small in size, and that’s why it doesn’t drain the phone's battery, plus it takes very little space in the phone, so you are safe in using Minspy.

The application runs in the background after installation, so there is no need to be worried about being caught for spying. If you notice, you will see that the app’s icon is removed from the screen right after installation, so you are 100% safe using this fantastic application.

Customer Support Team

The customer support team of Minspy is very helpful as they guide you till the very end in case of any trouble. They work 24/7, so you can contact them whenever you need to. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Safety and Reliability

Minspy is safe and reliable to utilize. You don’t have to be worried about being caught spying on anyone as the application makes sure that your privacy remains intact in all kinds of circumstances. You can make the app work according to your ease and preference.

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Mostly other apps save data the time you draw it and use it against you in the long-run. With Minspy you can leave this worry behind and do what you like to without any issue. It doesn’t save any information and uses it against you in any way.

Monitoring Social Media Accounts

With the help of Minspy, you can keep an eye on social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many others. There is nothing that this application doesn’t reveal to you as everything is clear in front of you when you use Minspy.


Go for Minspy if you want the best quality results for all kinds of iOS. we can assure you that you will not find anything better than Minspy when it comes to monitoring someone’s phone secretly.

The app is safe for all kinds of uses and does all the work on its own. In case you're looking for a secure solution, then nothing can beat the perks of Minspy. Visit the official website of Minspy and pick your favourite subscription plan. We hope you would love using it.