8 Most Important Things Java Programmers Should Know in 2019

List of 8 most important needs for every Java Programmers should know in 2019. As we all know that the Java programmers make most of the software, it is essential for them to know about the latest changes that are happing in the field. This increases the ability of any programmer to work more efficiently in case of designing software. The top ranking software designing companies always hire the best programmers who can work with all the latest updates of Java.

In 2019, you can get exposure to several new Java tools to learn. By learning these, working in Java will be a child’s play. There are some overall aspects too where you can put stress while making yourself efficient for working as a java programmer in the year going on.

As per the current statistics of the Java programmers, there are 9 Billion developers around the world according to the reports by Oracle. However, Wikipedia says that there are more than 10 Million Java programmers in the world.

Approximately 18% of the applicants present in the Moster.com can work with Java. The other most important fact about the Java programming is that near about 16% of the job openings in the engineering and programming sector are always in search of the new programmer.

8 Most Important Things Java Programmers Should Know in 2019

In such a scenario, you can understand why it is vital to know about the latest updates of the Java programming. Some of the leading aspects of knowledge for the Java programmers for 2019 are given below:

List of 8 Most Important Things Java Programmers.

  1. Knowledge of JVM internals, 
  2. Knowledge of JVM Languages,
  3. Knowledge about the Spring Framework,
  4. Improvement of design pattern,
  5. Need a professional knowledge of Libraries and Java APIs,
  6. Expertise on the Unit Testing Skills,
  7. Extensive knowledge of the tools,
  8. Knowledge of Java 8

Knowledge of Java 8

One of the unique features about Java 8 is that it uses the Lambda Expressions. At present, most of the Java Developers are not able to write codes properly using Java 8. As a result, the collection of bulk data cannot be done correctly. Moreover, Java 8 is used for Stream API and other default methods.

Java Logo with Text for Developers

One of the most significant benefits that you can enjoy while knowing Java 8 is that you can take the lead from the majority of programmers who have decent experience but discomfort in writing the codes in Java 8. To know more about Java 8, you can go through the Java programmer blogs as they can be of great use.

Extensive Knowledge of the Tools

There are specific latest tools about which, every programmer must know in 2019. Some of these tools are GIT, Jenkins, and Dockers. Some other Java development tools are Groovy, Selenium, JIRA, LinuxGradle, Maven, and Spock.

Java Tools most important for Java Programmers

All these are the tools which can help you to be technologically advanced while working with Java. The skill set of the employee can be at a distinct position if he knows to work with the majority of the java tools. There are different works and numerous applications of all the tools mentioned above.  You must however not mix up with one another while learning about these tools. It might lead to a severe problem for you to learn and acquire

Knowledge About the Tools.

Additional Helpful Resources:

Expertise on the Unit Testing Skills

In 2019, a Java programmer should have outstanding Unit testing Skills. These skills can be only enhanced by the knowledge of the tools mentioned in the point earlier. By having the unit testing skills, you will always be able to go for integration testing, automation testing, and unit testing.

By doing all the works mentioned above, you can call yourself an outstanding java experienced developer. If you are starting up with java in 2019, try jUnit or jUnit 5. You must know that both Junit and JUnit 5 are quite easy to learn and powerful.

Need a Professional Knowledge of Libraries and Java APIs

As we know that Java is a very high-level programming language, it is evident for it to have many libraries. A good java programmer of 2019 should know about the various libraries of and the Java APIs. There are over a thousand java libraries that exist now.

However, a good java programmer should always gather knowledge about the well-decorated libraries. Some of them are Java Standard Library, Guava, Google-Gson, Mockito, etc. Some APIs that the programmers must know is Android, MicroEJ.

Improvement of Design Pattern

The presence of versatile design patterns is why Java is so popular. By knowing the design patterns, you can easily detect the problem and solve it accordingly with the help of the particular model. Moreover, a designer, you need to know it because it helps you to use the pre-existing interface and make it usable for future use.

Knowledge About the Spring Framework

Proper knowledge about the Spring Framework helps you make the applications from the objects that existed earlier. The advantages of knowing the Spring Framework can be, secure execution of the method in Java, creating a local approach in Java. As a developer, you can also handle the Rest APIs if you know the Spring Framework.

Spring Framework for Java Programmers

Knowledge of JVM Internals

JVM is broadly known as the Java Virtual Machine. It is a vital element of the Java Runtime Element. By understanding the JVM internals, you can quickly complete doing the complicated programs while writing the programs. In 2019, you can learn the JVM internals to get the execution of the bytecodes. Moreover, you can also avoid the common mistakes related to stack restrictions that the programmers make.

Knowledge of JVM Languages

There are many Java languages that you can learn in 2019 to be the best Java programmer. There are different languages like Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, etc. In the case of learning the words, you can easily chalk out the advantages and disadvantages of a program. Thus, you will be able to make better programs in Java. As a result, it will be easier to create efficient software.

So, these are some of the most important things to learn in Java in the year going on. By minutely knowing all the above aspects, you can get the secured job. You need always to remember that knowing the updated things might help you to stay at a lead in the field of java programmers.

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Best Android App Development Frameworks Available In the Market

According to appbrain.com stats, Google Play currently has more than 2.6 million apps available for Android phones and tablets. Many of these apps are put there by businesses which need connecting their customers or employees. Some of them are to sell products or services while others are gaming or utility apps which entertain or help users. In fact, we have android apps for almost everything we believe our smartphone is capable of doing.

Businesses know how intensely people depend on these apps. They also know that 85% of all smartphones and more than 60% of all tablets are running on the Android operating system. There is no shortage of opportunities for businesses once they have their presence on Android. Almost every business now wants to use the power of Android apps. No doubt, the Android app development is gaining more momentum because of this trend.

So, fundamentally Android apps let Businesses-
  1. create their brand because Android has huge dominance in the market. 
  2. connect with and engage customer, and acquire new ones
  3. cover the largest mobile customer base, and
  4. provide more responsive customers support.

The Development of the Android App

As mentioned above, Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems over the world. The global acceptance of Android-powered smartphones has transformed Android app development into a huge industry.

List of Android App Development Frameworks

When it comes to developing apps for Android devices, there are a number of approaches practiced with the use of Android Studio by developers. Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) which provides all the features helping developers building Android apps.

Java has been the preferred programming language applied to code an Android app, but now Kotlin too is getting the attention of developers after Google introduced it as the official programming language for Android app development. Developers also use the Android Native Development Kit along with Android Studio.

But for small many businesses, the cost of Android app development may not be affordable. Because they cannot make big investments, they are not able to take advantages of the Android platforms.

List of Android App Development Frameworks

  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Unity
  • Cordova
  • Titanium
  • TheAppBuilder.

Although the cost and time required in building an Android app are still too high, things can be affordable for small businesses if they go with frameworks. These frameworks allow developers to rapidly implement an Android app at low costs. With these frameworks, developers are able to develop apps faster. Here are some best of the frameworks available in the market. 


Xamarin is a hugely popular framework available for Android app development. There are millions of developers using Xamarin across the world. It’s generally chosen by C# enthusiasts. It offers a whole set of C# code base for Android app developers to build native apps. Android developers also use Xamarin for Visual Studio to develop native apps using .Net codebase. The frameworks can also be used to develop IOS apps.

React Native

Most of the experienced developers in the mobile app industry are aware of React Native, the open source version of Facebook’s JavaScript Framework. React Native has been used in the native apps of Fortune 500 companies, like Tesla, Walmart, Instagram, etc. Also, the most interesting thing about this framework is that you would hardly be able to make a difference between apps developed using Java and React Native.


Ionic is a freely available, open source frameworks for Android apps. Soon after its launch, Ionic has become a smash hit in the whole app development community. It’s a cross-platform framework and, it means developers cannot only build Android apps with Ionic but, they can use it to build apps for other platform and web. Also, it comes with useful document features which make thing easier for developers.


The people who built Cordova also provided PhoneGap, basically a distribution with a number of tools and plugins. IT lets web developers build mobile apps by applying their web development skills. The single code base allows building cross-platform apps. It has made Android app development quite simpler.


Developed by Microsoft, Unity is technically a game engine supporting 27 platforms. It’s widely applied to building 2D and 3D games. But now it’s turning up a great asset for cross-platform mobile development too. The IDE of unity is quite similar to Android Studio. Now many developers are combining it with C++ for mobile app development.


The Cordova combines the potential of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s an open source framework that lets developers build multi-platform mobile apps using a single code base. Although Cordova was designed for online apps, it offers great support for offline scenarios too.


Titanium is also a popular framework used for Android app development. It has a dedicated following and is available as an open-source framework. It lets developers build attractive apps with native look & feel, and function. It also provides free API Builder with Hyperloop.


As an online framework, the app builder lets anyone build visually appealing apps without any design knowledge. This can be used to create attractive and interactive apps. Also, apps based on this platform can sync quickly with almost every device users log on.

Wrapping up

Selecting a specific Android app development framework generally depends on the preferences of a developer. The goal behind the creation of an app helps developers understand what platform they should apply to an android app development project.

Author bio: Sofia Coppol is a Digital Marketing Expert in Rapidsoft Technologies which is a leading it consulting company providing full range it services including, IOT App Development, ERP software development, ai app development, and big data app development solutions. Sharing is caring!
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5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Site Must Use WordPress?

WordPress is supposed to be the hot favorite CMS available in the market today. It is so popular simply because it is very simple and convenient to use. It would be facilitating you to build an elaborate online store using free plug-ins. This is where WordPress has no match and a definite competitive edge as compared to other more complex content management systems. In this context, it is interesting to note that WordPress had initiated its journey as essentially a blogging platform. And gradually it progressed and went on to become an impressive content management system. As WordPress is a robust platform, now it has been regarded as the obvious choice to create E-commerce websites. Here are a few advantages that are offered by WordPress.

Why E-Commerce Site Must Use WordPress?

Table of Content for Why Your E-Commerce Site Must Use WordPress?

  1. Provides an Easy or Simple Interface
  2. Offers Limitless Plug-ins
  3. Boasts of Global Access
  4. Diverse Payment Gateways
  5. Supports Multiple Languages
  6. Conclusion

Provides an Easy or Simple Interface

WordPress is supposed to be a PHP-based platform. It offers an easy interface that would be letting you come up with direct changes in the functionality. And the appearance of your website without coding. Moreover, WordPress offers specifically designed themes. You would have easy access to thousands of paid and free themes to choose from. This hot favorite content management system is also popular as it offers a user-friendly dashboard.

Offers Limitless Plug-ins

WordPress is known for its limitless plug-ins. Remember every plug-in would be adding a brand new functionality to your website. Just like the themes, these plug-ins come both for free and for a fee. Woo Commerce and numerous other plug-ins would be dealing with precise tasks within the e-store environment.

Boasts of Global Access

When your website is built on precisely the hosting server, it would be letting you continue managing it from any and every computer of your choice. This seems to be a much appealing option as compared to creating a presentation on the computer. And then upload the same to the server.

If your business is encountering debt-related issues, you can get the advice of an expert for perfect debt relief solutions. They have highly-skilled and qualified debt relief consultants. Who would offer effective debt relief plans for avoiding debts currently and in the future? The debt counselors would be guiding you and enlightening you. About the multiple advantages of utilizing a debt relief agency for managing your business debt smartly.

Diverse Payment Gateways

WordPress has full support for various payment gateways. The biggest asset of WordPress is its huge plug-in base. There is a plug-in for virtually every application you can think of, just waiting to be used. Many plug-ins are available to integrate payment gateway functionality into your site. Instead of having to code your own solution which would face security issues and random bugs. You can literally plug in a ready-made solution.

Supports Multiple Languages

WordPress is multilingual- It supports major languages from across the world. Thanks to the efforts of their dedicated team working round the clock to add new languages and functionality to their platform. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your products in different nations, there is no need to worry about the language barrier.


WordPress is simply awesome and must be used effectively for website development. When you decide in favor of this amazing platform, you would enjoy all the above-discussed benefits. WordPress is way ahead of all contemporary content management systems that are available for use.

Author Bio:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com: Digital Marketing Company. She has 3 years of experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.
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6 Reason to Choose CakePHP for Web Application Development

Designing or developing a website may appear to be extremely straightforward anyway in the purpose of actuality it's not really. There are a lot of things that require being considered before picking the correct framework. You must be exceptionally reasonable to detect an application which will be amazing and satisfy the majority of your organization needs besides as perform with no blunders. There are various PHP web development frameworks accessible for web engineers. Anyway the principal delicious of all is PHP is CakePHP framework. This language is written in PHP, and it's a likewise open-source framework that bolsters trending web applications. A portion of the main six advantages of Cake Php Development is mention below.

Benefits of CakePHP for Web Application Development

Top 6 Benefits of Cake PHP development

MVC Pattern

Demonstrate View Controller is substantial for the situation for data taking care of, and furthermore the model class that is straightforward for you to embed, change or to peruse data directly from the database. View bolster information rendering on the screen. Controller strategy and reacts to occasions may adjust the information before it moves with the database. MVC is easy to isolate the rationale from the introduction, and this is regularly very supportive for the more significant sort of applications development and furthermore the development of the website.

Open Source

One of the principle reasons, CakePHP, having a vast prominence, is that it's an open source web development platform. There aren't any certify expenses or any recurring charges for utilizing this framework. CakePHP is the first determination for engineers because of the Cake PHP framework bolsters numerous languages. CakePHP, there is no default language. A standout amongst the essential points of interest of utilizing CakePHP is identified with the coding, which gives the PHP designers the freedom to shape an extraordinary website.

Made in the Validation

Concerning coding through Cake PHP, validation half is the most essential to consider, and this can be added a significant supportive feature to see out for. This will make you join multifaceted propelled rules identifying with the validation rules for the one field itself. This is one among the heavenly motivation to jump on the CakePHP framework. Moreover, the nearness of engaging plugins and the segments spares time for designers in writing code.

Muck Platform

Muck originate from making, Read, Update, Delete these are the most exercises in a large portion of the web applications. It's helpful, because of with one single line of code you can see fundamental read of your application. Muck permits in smooth management of data in the web development process

No Pre-Configurations Required

The one issue designers invariably dislike any innovation is that the whine of its establishments or configurations. Be that as it may, luckily, CakePHP wants zero configurations before engineers will lay their hands on it. The vast majority of the settings and choices are auto-identified. In this way, the engineer needs to design the database settings. Rest of the parameters are preconfigured.

CakePHP's Astounding ORM

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is one of the noteworthy territories of the database, where the vast majority of the web applications need in. Database management is the most troublesome errand for designers while making a web application. That being the situation, the CakePHP framework causes the engineer to make and keep up the database of the website with a very flexible ORM.

It viably associates the tables in the web application with this easy to understand ORM of CakePHP framework. It hunts and sorts out the data in a skillful way, which thus works and upgrade the execution of the web application effortlessly.

CakePHP framework is a valuable and integral asset in web development. With attractive alternatives and security, it's turned into the most loved of all. In any case, for using this framework, one should employ PHP web development organization who can adequately utilize this incredible tool for the majority of your PHP web development ventures. An adaptable PHP web development administrations supplier will see this framework fundamentally so it very well may be utilized to its maximum potential.

About The Author

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Cake Php Developer Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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Linkedin:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/ais-technolabs?trk=company_logo
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Different Uses of a Vertical Grid in Web Designs

Grid-based designs have been widely used in sectors such as graphic design, but they are now used in web design. These designs consist of a series of columns that allow organizing and structuring of contents (text, images, media) in an orderly and uniform manner.

When the word grid is used, we usually think of the asymmetric grid where each small square has the same size. However, there are also other types of grids with each one having a specific use. For example, a grid based on diamonds patterns of design is usually used to give more movement to the elements that are placed in the design. In this article, we will talk about the vertical grid and how its use in your web designs can be beneficial.

Vertical Grid in Web Designs

What is the vertical grid for?

The vertical grids are used mostly in editorial design. Additionally, you can set the line size for your texts and thus have more control over the space used by each text box that you place on the page. In web design, a vertical grid also helps you to align your elements, as well as reach the rhythm in a composition.

The vertical grid will also help you to establish certain rules for your design. This basic structure offers you certain guidelines to follow for the spacing, the location of the elements, the size, and alignment of the texts, etc. In other words, it helps you achieve a higher level of organization and create an adequate rhythm in the composition. This is beneficial for all types of users, but particularly for those who access the site from smartphones as they tend to do more scrolling to get to see the whole page.

As a result, you get a web page with adequate spacing that is easy for the user to understand. Each element gets a space in the mind of the user and by maintaining a constant spacing, you can work in different sections without any disunity among the elements. When you see the design of all the sections, you can see that each of them is part of a whole.

To align text boxes

As we mentioned previously, vertical grids are used more frequently in editorial design where much of the content is text even though it is combined with images.

Apart from considering vertical grids to be able to align paragraphs, it is also important to consider the baseline. This allows you to create rhythm in your composition and limit the paragraphs to a certain extent for each text box. We could make a comparison with the notebooks used by school children. They have horizontal lines that children use to calculate the height of the letters. In web design, these lines also exist. They are applied in an imaginary way to each text box in order to align them correctly.

While the baseline serves to calculate the size of each line of text and the length of the text within its respective box, vertical grids are useful to be able to align paragraphs and create rhythm within your composition. Both elements are of great importance to organize the text of your website, so take them into account in your next projects. Ensure that you contact top web development companies for your web development projects.

For card-based design

The card-based design is a current trend and you can create your own more easily if you use a vertical grid. Thanks to this grid, you can achieve an adequate spacing between each card. This, in turn, helps to delimit the theme of each card for the user. Now, everything depends on you placing the right content on each card to be able to make use of this popular trend on your website.

Additionally, a more accurate vertical grid can help you find the right size for each element and correctly apply the typographic hierarchy on your website.

For the composition organization

The fact of using a grid does not imply that the final design should look like a grid if you do not want it that way. We know that it is a popular trend and a very useful style when working with online portfolios, but you do not need to adopt this style just because you work with a grid. The secret is to use the grid as a guide. The grid is often invisible to the user if properly used. Even though the user perceives the organization and alignment of the elements, thanks to these features, they can read the content fluidly but they do not see the grid clearly.

Then, remember to use the vertical grid to organize the elements of your web page. Your users will be more than grateful if you do so.

In conclusion

Using a vertical grid in the designs of your web pages helps you to align your elements, calculate the spacing and size of text, as well as to create rhythm in your composition which essential for your users to find some order and consistency in the webpage. Also, the rhythm is also used to embellish the composition, as the repetitions of elements can also have a decorative aspect. You have to understand the ways the different elements behave in the grids for an excellent design of your web pages. Ensure that you contact top web development companies for your web development projects.

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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.
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