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Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting the About me page. It’s a pleasure to share something about me with you. Programming With Basics- A Solution Blog is most helpful for CS & IT field students and also beneficial for those who are interested to learn a programming language or web designing. PWB is a problem-solving blog. We solve all types of programming and web design-related with complete explanations and output of the problem.

Ghanendra Yadav | Founder

Ghanendra Yadav is the Founder of programmingwithbasics.com. Currently, living in Bangalore, India. Ghanendra Yadav has completed Post Graduation MCA (Master of Computer Applications) in Computer Science from the National Institute of Technology Warangal. Ghanendra Yadav is an SEO Expert(Search Engine Optimization) | Web Developer | Professional Blogger | Programmer, | Freelancer. Currently, he is living in Bangalore, India.

Ghanendra Yadav

Co-Founder | Pramod

Hi! I am Pramod Kumar, Co-Founder of this blog. I am from Gwalior Madhya Pradesh (India). A part-time blogger, Freelancer, and programming lover. Apart from blogging, Java Developer, and Web Developer. His highest qualification is an MCA(Master of Computer Applications) degree in Computer Science Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal India.

Pramod Kumar

Our Aim

We aim to provide well-researched and updated content. We will ensure that the best quality of information is provided that matches the best of standards. Along with that, we are a commitment to continuous improvement to provide the best information & maintain visitors service.

When I Start Blogging?

I started blogging in Jan 2014. Our aim of blogging is to provide knowledge and self-experience for everyone, every beginner, and every student, at Programming With Basics. We aim to provide the optimal solution to every problem. We also offered an on-request problem solution.

Useful for Students?

This blog is helpful for every student. Those who want to learn to program especially CS(Computer Science) & IT(Information Technology) students like B.sc(CS), B.sc(IT), BCA(Bachelor's of Computer Applications), MCA(Master of Computer Applications), B.tech(CS & IT), BE(CS & IT), ME(CS & IT), M.tech(CS & IT), others student as well if they are planning to learn to program either web designing).

About programmingwithbasics.com

On the programmingwithbasics.com blog, you can find a solution to programming-related problems in three programming languages (C, C++, Java) or you can learn. You can also find a solution to the data structure and many other problems. Ex Geeksforgeeks Solutions, Hackerrank Solution. An interesting thing about that you can find all solutions in three languages (C, C++, Java). You can go through web designing ( HTML, CSS, Javascript), and most importantly, you can download many projects in C, C++, and Java.

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