Linebet App Payment Methods in Bangladesh

Linebet gambling and betting platform was introduced at the beginning of the 21st century and still provides highest quality services to its customers. To be exact, it was founded in 2007. Working under the Curacao license Linebet remains itself at the forward positions on the gambling and betting market. Linebet offer an extensive variety of events, casinos, and other joyful activities. Linebet betting line covers more than 182 events and 5,500 matches every day.

Live sports broadcasting system is created with the respect to the latest software technology which provides the highest quality connection and image. ESports are also included into the portfolio of Linebet Over 600 pre-match and 350 live events per week on the innovative betting markets.An extended variety of casino games, over 100 brands of gaming software and 6,000 games to suit all tastes of the slot machines enjoyers.

An opportunity to play live casino at the lowest initial stakes possible. All of this features are available at Linebet right now. The cross-platform system supports all kinds of devices, so you can join the game at any place in the world. Betting and gambling are one of the most popular gambling options. Nowadays, online betting and gambling is developing really fast.

The goal of the platforms is to make it more accessible for the community and to provide a comfortable environment for online betting. One of the paths to success is determining trustworthy payment systems and adding them to the application for the future funding operations. Linebet has done it in the perfect way. Up to 15 payment methods are existing and waiting for you to start raising money with Linebet.

Linebet registration process

Linebet has already thought about its customers and made the easiest possible way of registering an account in the system. It takes only a few simple steps to fully register and establish your account. In order to do so, please follow a brief instruction:

  1. First of all open Linebet app or website on your electronic device. It could be a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device;

  2. Find the register button. It is located on the left top corner of the website, if you are using a browser, and in the middle of the screen if you are registering using your phone. Click this button;

  3. It will require you to insert your valid email. Do so, and confirm it afterwards and set your password;

  4. Once done, you may now enter your account using your email and password. A little advice, write the password and email somewhere, so if you forget the details you will have a chance to restore your account;

  5. Once you have entered your account you are free to customize it. Set a preferable payment method and adjust your profile.

Could you imagine that it would be so easy? You may start observing interesting events and planning your future bets. Also, you may try casinos and slot machines for virtual currency. Just to develop play strategies and get in touch with the local rules. To make a bet you will need to add some real money on account.

Linebet app payment methods

As one of the top players on the gambling and betting market. Linebet provides an extended variety of payment methods that could be utilised in order to send money on account. You may go through available payments methods in the table below and choose the most appropriate one for you:

Payment method

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit

Time for deposit


BDT 100

No limit


Master Card

BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit


Bank Wire Transfer

BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit


Perfect Money

BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit


Jetton Wallet

BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit


Paysafe Card

BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit



BDT 100

No limit


There is a significant number of the payment methods included into Linebet accounting system. You will be able to deposit money on your account almost from any place on the earth, just under one condition - you should have a stable internet connection.

Linebet deposit and withdrawal instruction

Linebet has developed a simplified approach of withdrawal and deposit action in the system. It is as easy as the registration. You can withdraw your money in just a few seconds, and spend it the way you like it. In order to withdraw funds from your account, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Log into your account and access the personal account field;

  2. On the personal account page, you may find the "Withdraw Funds" button, click it;

  3. Feel free to select any desired payment method from the proposed list;

  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw;

  5. Once the information you entered matches with the personal bank account information, money would be transferred directly to you.

Linebet Deposit Instruction

A brief instruction for fund deposit:

  1. Log into your account and access the personal account field;

  2. On the personal account page, you may find the "Deposit Funds" button, click it;

  3. Feel free to select any desired payment method from the proposed list.

  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit;

  5. Once you fill all of the necessary fields, the money would be transferred directly to your Linebet account. We hope you to have a good time playing.

Linebet Support

If you will experience any difficulties depositing or withdrawing funds on your account, feel free to contact the support team. They provide 24 by 7 immediate help to the clients. They could be contacted from different sources, like email, phone, web query. Service team will resolve your problem at your earliest convenience. Do not hesitate to contact them. You may find the table with available contact information below:

General queries:


Security department:


Partnership queries (online):


Customer Feedback:


Payment queries:



+44 20 4577 0803

How to Learn to Program: What Language to Start with, and Where to go
Programming skills open up new opportunities for both self-realization and building a successful career. Acquiring this skill is a complex and painstaking, but at the same time, fascinating process. Programming is carried out in many languages (Delphi, C, C+ and others). Today we’ll talk about how to learn to program.

First of all, you need to understand for what purposes you need programming. Let us immediately note that the possibility of receiving a high salary is far from the best basis. All modern sites are made using the latest programming developments - for example, the casino site woocasino.com.

There is no romance in this profession. On the contrary, you will have to work a lot and diligently, constantly improving your professional level. If you are far from mathematics and gravitate more towards the humanitarian field, then you will inevitably have to face difficulties and spend many hours solving problems that a professional solves in a few minutes.

There are a lot of routine and monotonous actions in programming. Although the gurus of this work consider their profession to be real creativity, and in many respects, one can agree with them. Although the average person may be bewildered by the remark of a programmer who calls this or that solution in the code beautiful. In this case, we are not talking about aesthetics, but about the rationality and effectiveness of a non-obvious solution to some problem in writing code.

Which Programming Language Should I Start Learning From?

There are several hundred programming languages, but about ten of them are widely used. First, you need to choose the area in which programming will be carried out, and only after that proceed to choose a language suitable for the corresponding tasks.

  1. Beginners should pay attention to the Python language. This universal language has a simplified syntax and is widely used throughout the world.
  2. Java and C are more complex. They provide more freedom and help you better understand programming principles. The C language, along with the Pascal language, is included in university curricula.
  3. More specific languages are PHP, Ruby, and Java, which are widely used in server programs. Java Script is well suited for writing client applications.
  4. Complex projects can be implemented using the C++ language, which is also used in the gaming industry.
  5. Java, Objective-C, and Swift are used for mobile applications.
  6. A real programmer must speak several languages, but he usually does the bulk of his work in only one of them.

What Programming Language Should I Learn to Make Websites?

Frontend Programmer

Such a programmer is responsible for the visual display of the site. His area of responsibility is the correct display of the site on all devices, giving it the look intended by the designer, and the correct display of text and graphics, which should be distinct from one another.

HTML Training

This language is basic in web design. Despite the availability of a huge number of convenient website builders, it is this hypertext language that allows you to write a website literally in a notepad and place the lion’s share of the content in this way.

CSS Training

If the HTML code appears as plain text, then CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) allows you to specify how this code should be displayed on the monitor. The placement of graphic elements, their size, font size, and the placement of other site elements relative to each other depend on it. CSS defines what a page looks like without changing the logical structure of the page itself (HTML is responsible for this). CSS parameters are stored in a separate file with the same extension.

JavaScript Training

This code allows you to place interactive elements on the page. It determines the reaction of buttons on the page when you click on them, the appearance of pop-up windows, the ability of the user to move page elements, etc. Therefore, despite the complexity of the language, an experienced web programmer simply must master it to write a high-quality website. The JavaScript code is written directly into the HTML code.

Backend Programmer

The visual design of a website is certainly important. However, it will not make sense without the correct and stable operation of the site. The backend programmer is responsible for the technical element of the site, and its connection with the server of other sites. He is also responsible for ensuring the site's security and preventing hackers from attacking it. Protection against the currently widespread DDoS attacks is also a function of the backend programmer.

PHP Training

This language is the basis of backend programming. PHP connects the site with the server on which any data is stored. If you need to place an array of files on your site, it is not necessary to specify each of them separately. PHP allows you to place a library of these files on a website using a script directly from the server on which they are stored. PHP is also useful for front-end programmers, making website creation much easier.

SQL Training

SQL stands for "structured query language". If PHP is used to connect the server to the site, then SQL is responsible for operating with data arrays. This language has several subtypes. The most widely used are MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL.

An advanced web programmer is able to carry out the full range of work on creating a website, both backend development and frontend design. But it’s still easier to become a real professional if you concentrate on one of these areas. Then it will be easier and faster to work, and the end result will be much better.


What is Microsoft Viva and Why Do Businesses Need It?

In order to improve both yourself and your staff, an organization is always searching for the greatest tools, procedures, and apps available. After all, these days, employee experience and development are crucial in the job sector! And this is a really good idea in theory. One problem is that putting it in place might occasionally be difficult. The employees in charge of carrying out the change are frequently overworked or lack the necessary skills to handle the change management and training aspects of the job. Document management may result in clutter and disarray since resources are accessible from many devices, by various users, and at different locations.

Microsoft Viva enters. Everything you require to develop your workforce is available in Microsoft Teams. Accessible from anywhere at any time, this employee experience platform combines communications, learning, knowledge, resources, and insights. This article briefly overviews Microsoft Viva and its four modules.

What is Microsoft Viva and its Benefits? 

In order to improve both yourself and your staff, an organization is always searching for the greatest tools, procedures, and apps available. After all, these days, employee experience and development are crucial in the job sector! And this is a really good idea in theory. One problem is that putting it in place might occasionally be difficult. The employees in charge of carrying out the change are frequently overworked or lack the necessary skills to handle the change management and training aspects of the job.

Document management may result in clutter and disarray since resources are accessible from many devices, by various users, and at different locations. Here, Microsoft Viva plays a key role. Everything you require to develop your workforce is available in Microsoft Teams. Accessible from anywhere at any time, this employee experience platform combines communications, learning, knowledge, resources, and insights.

What is Microsoft Viva? - an employee experience platform intended to assist companies in overcoming these challenges and adjusting to a work-from-home environment. Although it's mostly intended for internal communications and HR, any management style can use it for a variety of other purposes. Because Viva primarily interfaces with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, you may use your current programs, requiring little to no training.

Viva Insights 

Viva Insights is the first Microsoft Viva module that we shall examine. It aims to empower people and companies to succeed by providing data-driven, privacy-protected insights and suggestions that enhance well-being and productivity. You can obtain fresh insights using Viva Insights, which expands upon the powers of Personal Analytics, Manager insights, and Leader Analytics. As a people leader, you can, for instance, find out how many of your staff members work above their assigned hours and how many hours they spend in meetings.

As it interfaces with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, you may use your current programs, needing Viva Consulting service to make the process smoother. You can learn more about your staff members' days and assist them in striking a better work-life balance. Employee self-care is essential to their success at work; this is all about balancing output and well-being. 

Viva Connections

The loss of connection is one of the hardest things to deal with when working remotely. Working in a social environment is not only rewarding, but it also boosts output. Having a place to exchange ideas and opinions freely is essential in the workplace. Viva Connections builds a community where people may join together and help one another.

Everybody gets access to a personalized destination within Viva Connections, where they can find conversations, pertinent news, and the resources they need to be successful. It offers staff members a platform to voice their thoughts and contribute fresh ideas. Members of Viva Connections through Viva consultancy can design a personalized employee dashboard to facilitate quick access to corporate information and foster relationships through communities.

Viva Topics

Viva Topics is the following Microsoft Viva module available. A platform for knowledge discovery called Viva Topics makes it easier to expand on ideas, locate answers more quickly, and maintain team connections. You can immediately see subject cards in all Microsoft 365 apps using Viva Topics, which allows you to find relevant knowledge for your work. Viva Topics leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover knowledge within the apps that people use on a daily basis, all while maintaining built-in security and compliance safeguards.

Knowledge and experience from your company are connected, managed, and safeguarded by Microsoft Viva Topics, which also distributes them throughout Microsoft 365. Because information is more readily available, learning may occur more quickly, and innovation can flourish. People may do more when they collaborate and exchange knowledge. Viva Topics is an outlet that can assist you in sharing your expertise when you're in a remote setting. Use AI to transform content into knowledge, create topic pages and topic cards, and facilitate the discovery of fresh research.

Viva Learning

Viva Learning is Microsoft Viva's final component. A learning portal called Viva Learning compiles educational materials from a range of sources, including Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, and well-known outside suppliers like Skillsoft and Coursea. Through the sharing, recommendation, and learning capabilities of content libraries, Microsoft Teams enables both individuals and groups to integrate learning into their daily routines.

Additionally, you can view course details, access courses immediately, and bookmark courses for later use. It allows staff members to interact with a range of Microsoft 365 resources. Learning is a lifelong process whether you work in an office or at home. Therefore, striving to increase your staff members' expertise continuously is critical. Viva Learning promotes a growth-oriented culture that enables individuals to realize their full potential. Following are a few advantages of Viva Learning:

  • a comprehensive approach to learning from several sources

  • makes education accessible

  • integrates learning into routine tasks and emphasizes the digital worker experience

  • gives workers the freedom to take charge of their education

  • With Viva Learning, you can track and propose learning materials, acquire and share skills, and access your learning resources in one location.

Every module in the Microsoft Viva Suite has been carefully designed to address the typical problems that organizations and people have when working remotely. Together, they function flawlessly as a whole, as does the remainder of your M365 license.


Unlocking Success: The Benefits of Exploring Best Practices in API Testing
In the ever-changing world of software development, guaranteeing application dependability and functioning is critical. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are becoming increasingly important in providing smooth communication between different software components as the digital world becomes more linked. Thorough testing is required to ensure the reliability of these APIs. Today, we'll dig into the complex area of API testing, shedding light on the numerous benefits that arise from adopting and applying best practices in this vital sector.

Enhanced Software Reliability through API Testing

API testing is a process that checks the accuracy and efficiency of APIs at their core. Unlike traditional user interface testing, API testing examines the interactions between various software modules to determine the underlying business logic of an application. It is an important part of the software development life cycle since it serves as a significant quality assurance metric. The importance of API testing stems from its capacity to discover problems early in the development process, opening the path for more streamlined and effective software delivery.

One of the key advantages of researching API testing best practices is increased program reliability, as APIs bridge different components of a software application and any flaw in their behaviour that might cause problems across the system. Extensive testing ensures that APIs work as intended, reducing the probability of unexpected errors or failures. Developers may establish a more stable and dependable software environment by recognizing and resolving issues early in the development cycle.

Fortifying Security: A Core Advantage of API Testing

Furthermore, API testing adds greatly to an application's overall security. Protecting sensitive data is critical in today's digital world, where cyber risks loom large. APIs frequently deal with sensitive data, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches. By following best practices in API testing, developers may find and resolve vulnerabilities, improving the application's security posture. This proactive strategy is critical in preventing data breaches and maintaining the confidentiality and security of user data.

Optimizing Efficiency: The Driving Force Behind API Testing

Another significant benefit of a solid API testing framework is increased efficiency. As software programs get increasingly complex, with multiple interconnected components, it is critical to ensure that APIs run quickly. Developers may optimize the performance of APIs by following best practices in API testing, resulting in quicker response times and increased overall system efficiency. This optimization improves not just the end-user experience but also the application's scalability, allowing it to manage larger workloads with ease.

Accelerating Development with CI/CD and API Testing

API testing is critical in expediting the software development life cycle in the area of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Developers can reduce the time between code changes and deployment by automating API tests and incorporating them into the CI/CD process. This simplified method not only speeds up development but also improves development teams' agility, allowing them to adjust swiftly to shifting needs and market demands.

Fostering Collaboration: API Testing as a Team Effort

Collaboration is essential for effective software development, and API testing facilitates collaboration between diverse teams within an organization. By defining explicit and standardized API contracts, development teams may work in parallel while ensuring that the APIs they rely on comply with set criteria. This decreases team dependencies, removes bottlenecks, and fosters a more efficient and collaborative development process. Best practices in API testing, therefore, contribute not only to the technical elements of software development but also to the general synergy within an organization.

Proactive Optimization: Gaining Insights through Comprehensive API Testing

Furthermore, extensive API testing gives significant insights into an application's performance and behaviour under various scenarios. Developers may examine how APIs respond to various stresses by simulating various circumstances, such as heavy traffic loads or network interruptions. This foresight enables proactive optimization and guarantees that apps function consistently in real-world environments. The ability to predict and fix performance issues before they affect end users demonstrates the proactive nature of API testing.

Prioritizing API Testing for Success

Unlocking success in software development is dependent on the careful investigation and use of best practices in API testing. A sophisticated API testing framework has several advantages, ranging from improving software dependability and security to optimizing performance and promoting cooperation. As the digital ecosystem evolves, organizations trying to offer high-quality, secure, and efficient software solutions must embrace and refine API testing practices. Teams can unleash the full potential of their apps and confidently traverse the complexity of the digital world by prioritizing API testing early in the development life cycle.