Avoid These Important Medical SEO Mistakes for Your Business
Your medical website is where your clients and patients learn about your services. It's where you can promote your expertise and update your clients about the latest in your practice or your industry. You may say that your medical website also promotes your business and practice.
Avoid These Important Medical SEO Mistakes for Your Business
The right SEO strategies can help you optimize your website for search engines. But not all strategies are for medical sites. You must consider the SEO strategy you wish to use and avoid the mistakes discussed in this article.

1. Inadequate SEO Website Audits

As reported by Digital Authority Partners, avoiding crucial SEO mistakes can help rank your medical website higher on SERPs. One of the ways to check for SEO errors is to conduct an SEO audit.

An SEO audit reviews your website’s overall performance and reveals areas of improvement to help you rank better on search engine results pages. An SEO firm can help you perform a site audit while considering your website structure and performance, content, and links.

An on-page audit checks the technical side of your site. Missing out on the smallest details can affect user experience and your ranking. Every site element needs auditing for optimum performance, including layout and speed. The audit report will reveal the technical parts of your site that require an update.

Audits also cover your keywords. An audit checks if you’re targeting the right audience using the best medical keywords. It will review your ranking on organic searches using your keywords and provide recommendations for new search terms.

An SEO site audit reveals many things. As such, overlooking regular and thorough audits could be detrimental to your medical website as you'll miss out on great opportunities to improve your site.

Conduct SEO audits every time you launch a new marketing campaign. Inc.com suggests SEO audits at least two to four times a year. Small businesses must have two annual audits, while large companies need monthly audits.

Here are a few things to consider in an SEO audit.

  • Look for and fix thin content and remove duplicate content.
  • Check your links and identify other link-building opportunities.
  • Update your landing pages and home page as necessary.
  • Update contact information, including new hours of operation, new clinic locations, etc.

Improve site speed by optimizing images, removing plugins, using correct file sizes and types, using a dedicated hosting service, etc.

Using Poor Headings

Your site heading or page title is the first thing your prospects will read as they visit your website. A good heading will lead them in as they become interested in your offering. A well-formatted heading communicates your intentions and establishes trust.

Poorly crafted headings can lead to confusion and lack of trust. Also, misleading titles such as announcing and promising something while the content leads to something different can hamper user engagement.

If you want your medical website to rank higher, use good headings. Here are a few strategies to create a good title.

  • Create page titles with your relevant keywords. Your primary medical keyword or a variation of this keyword must be in your heading.
  • Write a heading for your user by showing them solutions to their problems.
  • Don’t be afraid to use long headlines but be aware of length requirements. Gary Illyes of Google mentioned in a Google Central Live event in 2021 that using longer title tags adds value to SEO. Illyes further clarified that the headline length is “not a small number,” and if it's just one sentence, there could be no manual action.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing from your title to your content.
  • Create specific and unique page titles.

Failure to Manage Google Reviews

Google ranks websites using several factors, including user experience. When ranking websites, search engines rely on their quality content team and bots or spiders to track customer content reviews and testimonials.

Your GMB or Google My Business page is where most of your clients and patients leave a review. Depending on their experience in your clinic or website and with your staff, they may leave positive or negative reviews and business ratings. Optimize your business by claiming your GMB and managing your customer reviews.

Failure to manage reviews can damage your online reputation. Users looking for your businesses or practices like yours also rely on reviews to make a decision. Thus, you must manage all reviews, be it positive or negative reviews.

  • Encourage clients and patients to leave a review on your GMB listing, website, or blog. Consider these review management tips.
  • Thank all clients or customers who left a review.
  • Understand the reason for the customer’s review before you respond.
  • Apologize for a bad experience but never take responsibility if it’s not your fault.
  • Keep professional and remain courteous. For a negative review, ask if you could talk things over.
  • Claim your GMB page so you can get alerts for any review and respond quickly and accordingly.

Having Outdated Content

Google ranks websites according to relevance and authority. Having a relevant site means you have updated and valuable content. Whether your medical website aims to increase traffic to your local business or disseminate information, well-crafted and updated content will improve your rankings.

An audit helps in identifying the relevance and authority of your content. It can direct you to low-performing pages so you can fix, update, or delete them. Regular audits can help keep your web pages updated and search-friendly and thus, achieve authority in your industry.

Here are a few strategies to keep your site updated.

  • Consider your search intent match. Is your web content still relevant to your users’ search intent?
  • Answer questions found on “People Also Ask.” Your web pages should answer these relevant user questions.
  • Add internal links to recent posts and external links to current medical research to support your content.
  • Include the current year in your heading or title.
  • Optimize your medical website for mobile users. Improve your content to cater to people looking for relevant medical information on the go.

Final Words

Avoid these SEO mistakes at all costs. Always consider your clients and your patients when optimizing your website. They need a relevant, helpful, and reliable website to help them with their medical concerns. Consider expert SEO help to place your site back on track and avoid costly mistakes.


Why Should You Hire Scala Developers from Ukraine?
If you’re wondering why you need to hire Scala developers from Ukraine, then we have all the answers for you in this article to follow through. A contemporary multi-paradigm programming language called Scala was created to describe common programming patterns in a clear, beautiful, and type-safe manner. Martin Odersky developed Scala, and in 2003, he published the first version.

Why Should You Hire Scala Developers

The attributes of functional and object-oriented languages are seamlessly combined in Scala. The fundamentals of Scala are presented in this lesson in an approachable and transparent manner. To hire scala programmers from Ukraine might be a task, but it won’t go in vain.

Why Should You Hire Scala Developers?

If you hire a team of Scala developers, you will see that Scala is made to expand along with the needs of the user, from creating simple scripts to creating enormous data processing systems. Data processing, distributed computing, and web development all employ Scala. Many businesses use it to power their data engineering infrastructure.

Read: How to Hire a Drupal Developer- Step by Step Guide  

Scala's flexibility in defining abstractions is its greatest asset. The Scala Integrated Development Environment, which links to the Eclipse Java tool, is a critical element of the Scala language. The Scala IDE may investigate Eclipse functionalities. Scala is built to make it compatible with the.NET Framework and the Java Runtime Environment.

Why Hire Developers from Ukraine?

To hire scala developers, nowadays, many businesses take offshore development into account for various factors, including cost, quality, or experience. Possible clients evaluate, get input from, and assess the potential service providers with whom they are considering future collaboration to find Scala programmers for hire. Ukraine has recently been ranked highly, and clients choose to work with Ukrainian developers for various reasons. Let's go through each one in more depth:

  1. Market Capacity: Ukrainian developers are frequently hired for their IT market capacity. The Ukrainian IT industry has a talent pool of close to 200,000 IT professionals, and the sector's capacity is expanding as more capital is invested there.
  2. More manageable Prices: Most Ukrainian IT organizations offer their services at competitive prices. Ukrainian IT firms charge between $25 and $50 per hour. All Ukrainian software development firms accept payment in dollars and euros. It makes outsourcing to Ukraine efficient.
  3. Hiring Is Easy: You save a tonne of time on personnel when outsourcing your software development to other nations. A significant benefit of outsourcing to Ukraine is the ease of hiring scala engineers because you won't need to spend time or money on seeking, recruiting, or hiring. In other words, you abdicate responsibilities and risks connected with hiring when you outsource software development to other nations.
  4. Good Attitude: Even when hiring remote scala developers, most Ukrainian IT firms work hard to establish a pleasant work environment and a wealth of possibilities for employees to advance their abilities. Therefore, employee motivation to perform well and produce more remarkable outcomes is increased when they work in a comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Avid Learners: Ukraine is unlike other software outsourcing places where a sizable portion of the programming skill pool lacks a relevant university background. Even though several reputable vocational institutions provide IT training programs, the typical Ukrainian software developer has a BA or, much more frequently, an MA degree in a technical subject relevant from one of the country's many technical universities. These technological disciplines might encompass artificial intelligence systems, system engineering, software engineering, and other related subjects.
  6. Medley of Knowledge: When seeking a trustworthy partner for outsourcing, you want to rely on your possible partner's knowledge. Ukrainian IT professionals are renowned for their high levels of expertise in the field. HackerRank, a marketplace for recruiting engineers, evaluated developers in 2018, with Ukrainian developers coming in at number 11.

In Conclusion

Consider employing Ukrainian Scala engineers if you want to receive a high-quality software product for a fair price. Some undeniable benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine include market size, affordable prices, quick hiring, a diversity of specialities, and employees' attitudes. Technology giants like Apple, Google, and Samsung are expanding their R&D operations in Ukraine. Product IT firms also benefit more from local IT talent thanks to businesses and their skilled recruitment staff. They understand that Ukrainian IT professionals have the hard and soft abilities to work on a global team.

How Can You Do a Reverse Phone Lookup for Free in the US?
One of the most infuriating things in today’s technological era is getting repeated calls from unknown phone numbers, at that stage, you cannot even tell who is at the other end of the call, it might be a scammer, a friend or a business associate. So in order to satisfy your curiosity and also for safety reasons and precautions it is important that you do a reverse phone number lookup. To do a reverse number lookup is quite easy, continue reading this article to learn more about the topic.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

A lot of people do not know what a reverse phone lookup means. In the olden days, before the invention of the internet, phone books and directories were being used, today the story has changed in a very significant way. Just as the name implies, a reverse phone lookup is a service which allows you to search for a person with just a phone number. This service comes in handy when you receive calls from unknown numbers, or maybe you received a lot of calls during the day and did not save up some of the new contacts and it will be inappropriate to call back all the phone numbers to ask for their various names. In this modern era, you can do a reverse number lookup from your mobile phone or android device.

How Can You Do a Reverse Phone Lookup for Free in the US

You might be asking “what type of information can I get from a reverse phone search? You can find a lot of information from this search, the information might include; email addresses, full names, names of previous owners of the number, or her educational history, employment data, marital status, social media profile and location data.

To do a reverse phone lookup is easy and takes only a few minutes of your time, you can also make this reverse phone search from anywhere in the world. Below are steps to follow in doing a reverse phone lookup.

  • Login to the reverse phone lookup website.
  • Locate the search box.
  • After locating the search box, input the phone number on which you want to perform the reverse search on and then proceed to click the search button.
  • Wait for the search to complete, after it is completed the search results will come up, and you can now browse through the data. The search result will also help you identify whether the number is a landline or a personal phone number, it will also tell show you the location from which the call was made, the name of the person who owns the phone number, and the home address. If you are lucky you might even get the person’s home or business address.

Why Do You Need to Use a Phone Number Search Service?

  • There are lots of reasons why people use reverse phone lookup services, the most common of them is to find out the identity of a caller. As stated earlier finding a caller’s identity is one of the many reasons why people do a phone number search on reverse phone lookup websites.
  • Find phone Number: You might want to reconnect with an old friend but you only have his or her old phone number, doing a reverse phone lookup can provide you with his or her alternative number or a new phone number.

Some key features of a good reverse phone lookup website include; speed and power, a comprehensive list of people data, accuracy and reliability, advanced filtering and update, good security and customer support services. A good reverse phone lookup website should be fast; it should also contain a comprehensive list of data so that searching for information will be easy for users. It should also have advanced filtering features so that data can be streamlined to provide results that are precise and relevant.


This article is a guide on what reverse phone lookup is all about, the good thing about this service is you can access it from anywhere in the world. This article also explains the reasons why people need this service, the various important features a reverse phone lookup website should possess and many other things were also mentioned.


 Liferay Theme Development: A Helpful Tutorial for Professionals and Beginners
As a business owner, it is essential that you provide your customers with the best form of service, including how customers see your website. Particularly for a business where most services are done online, having a unique outlook on your website, especially using Liferay theme development, is a plus.

Themes make up your website design, and they must make your audience want to stay on your website. Hence the importance of this Liferay theme development tutorial that takes you through the steps involved in building up the themes for a responsive site. As a beginner or a website design professional, Liferay DXP theme development makes your job easy and timely with the use of custom theme development in Liferay to enhance the appearance of your website, making it appealing to your audience.

Liferay Theme Development

Choosing a suitable theme or setting out to create a theme for your site can be challenging, especially for beginners, so Liferay provides custom themes to aid your theme development. Also, for professionals looking to develop themes but in less time than usual, Liferay DXP theme development suffices.

Why You Need to Develop a Theme for Your Business

Liferay naturally provides a default theme for your website, and they look great. However, it’s advisable to create a custom theme for your website. You can do this by adjusting to the default theme or creating an entirely different theme (which is the better option). Here is why developing a custom theme is vital for your business.

1. Customization

No matter how similar two businesses might look, every business is unique. If your business is unique, so should your designs. This is why it’s necessary to build a theme that speaks for your business and not rely on default themes, which could be used by anyone and is not business-specific.

2. To Convey Your Message to Your Audience

Your website should be able to pass a message across to your audience concerning what your business offers. Your business’s abilities should be clearly stated in your website’s layout, and choosing a suitable theme for your website design would help you achieve this.

The great idea is to have your audience stay glued to your page long enough to know how your business benefits them; this is why your website has to be aesthetically pleasing and its details easy to understand. You achieve this with the use of themes too.

A Liferay 7 Theme development example is setting up fonts for your website, and some tools needed for theme development are java, Liferay Workspace, Liferay Theme Generator, Yeoman, and Gulp. Now, let’s go through the required steps to develop your Liferay custom theme.

Liferay Theme Development Tutorial: Step-by-Step

Here are the guidelines on how to create a theme in Liferay 7

  1. The first step toward generating a theme is installing a theme generator. Start by installing Node.js, Liferay 7.1 supports the v8.10.0 version, so it is advisable to install this version of NodeJS. Node Package Manager(npm) is also installed. To install the Generator, use the npm i-g generator-Liferay-theme command.
  2. Install Yeoman using the npm i-g yo command.
  3. To create your theme, browse the other “themes” directory using the yo Liferay-theme command and answer the questions by choosing a theme name, theme ID, and theme version, and state whether or not you would want the font awesome in your theme.
  4. You would also be asked to “select your deployment strategy,” “enter the path to your app server directory,” and “enter the URL to your production or development site.” To begin theme development after creating your theme, under the gitignore file, make sure that all the local files under the “Liferay-theme.json” file are filled incorrectly.
  5. Install gulp with npm
  6. Deploy your new theme with a gulp. Use the gulp build command followed by gulp deploy.
  7. You will receive a message confirming that your theme has been deployed successfully.


A theme determines your website’s style. Therefore, creating a theme for your website is crucial as it determines how your audience views your product(s) or service(s) and what purchases they make. This Liferay theme development tutorial guides you on steps to take to create just the best theme for your business website. As a beginner or professional, Liferay theme development helps you attract visitors to your website.


Useful Math Website for Students- AssignMaths.com for the Best Homework Results
Homework could be tough when you are overwhelmed with the tasks. It’s a common problem for students to be stuck with the assignments and doesn't know how to schedule them. But it should not be complicated anymore. There are different ways you can relieve the tension and make it easier. Help from AssignMaths.com is one of the best homework websites to make the whole studying process easier for you.

Useful Math Website for Students AssignMaths.com for the Best Homework Results

Are you tired of doing all the HW tasks on your own? Do they take a lot of time? You need to find a helper to make it a smooth process for you. Home tasks need time, and it’s not an instant process. Or is it? If you ask a professional online service to help you with the math assignment, you can make it a seamless process. Let’s see what benefits you draw from the cooperation with the math homework help website.

Why Ordering Math Help Online Is a Good Idea — An Answer for Students

You may wonder why you need someone to have your tasks done? Many students face a time when they are overloaded with assignments. There are a couple of way-outs in this situation. You can try to manage the tasks independently, but sacrifice time, effort, and your health. The second option is just to abandon the assignment and let them alone. But it will negatively reflect on your performance. And we do not recommend trying this method.

There’s another alternative that won’t affect your health and academic success. It will only promote your positive condition and good points for the tasks. Here we talk about online math homework help from a professional website. Why should you try? These are the reasons to persuade you to place the order.

  • The first reason is your time. Do you have a lot of extra hours to work on math tasks? We don’t think so. The load in college or university is immense, and you may not have free time to cope with the tasks at a decent level. For this reason, it’s a good decision to ask a math homework helper for some assistance with the tasks.
  • Your grades are the second reason to try and order math help online. You not only save time. You pay for the good points you get in the end. Math isn’t the easiest subject, and many students aren’t good at it. Why should you tire yourself with the complicated math homework, if you can order the paper from a professional service?
  • Quality guarantees are another persuasive reason to ask for help with math homework. You can have a pretty nice understanding of the processes and tasks, but there could be no guarantees you know how to finish the paper. This is why ordering help on the website with great feedback from the users could be rather a nice idea.

Are you still in doubt about whether you need to order a paper or not? It should not be a problem anymore. You can try and see the results without making a huge effort.

Benefits of Order a Paper From the Online Math Homework Service

You now know what help to expect from the service. But why do you need it? What benefits can the cooperation with the online homework service give you? There are a couple of features that you should consider. They are truly helpful and will help you forget about the stress around the home tasks.

1. Help From the Certified Experts

It’s rather an important feature. When you look for a service, expertise is a key component. It’s necessary to have your math assignment help done at the best level. How does the service prove the expertise of the helpers?

  • Each expert undergoes a rigid hiring process. the company checks the qualification of the possible tutor and checks the diploma. practical skills and necessary theoretical knowledge are also verified at this stage.
  • You will receive help from the person who graduated from the prestigious college.
  • Each member of the staff can receive additional training sessions to improve their qualification and bring better results to the customers.
  • You can order help from the exact expert. On the website, there are samples of work to showcase the real skills of the tutor. You don’t need to choose a particular tutor unless you are sure of their professionalism.

Will I receive help with my tasks from the experts? You should have no worries about the professionalism and the best qualification of the tutors. They undergo the necessary testing sessions for the company to make sure they fit the criteria.

2. The Choice Is Yours

Let’s proceed a bit with the expert topic. The whole team of tutors is well-trained to bring you the best results with your tasks. But you can still choose the best of them. There’s a selection of different types of experts.

  • You can choose the best available experts. They don’t cost much. If you have a regular task and aren’t pressed for time, it’s the best option for you. You will pay less, stress not that much over the assignment, and receive a decent result in the end.
  • There are also advanced experts. You can add 25% of the price and receive even more qualified help. It works when you have tasks with a particular deadline, or if these tasks are of higher complexity.
  • Are you ready to work with the best experts on the website? If you pay 40%+ any tutor is available for you. You can play with the deadlines and send the most difficult tasks to the platform. The expert tutor can handle them on time.

Who can help me with the tasks? You shouldn't be worried about the assignments because there are 3 different types of writers ready to help you.

3. Flexibility

It relates not only to the choice of tutors. You are free to play with the price. How is it possible? If you don’t like the final price, you have a couple of options. On the website, there are different discount options for regular customers. You can track the platform and look for the promo codes. Or you can take another way. The price depends on various factors. Usually, these are the deadlines, the choice of the expert, and the type of the task. You can’t do anything with the task, but you can alternate the timing and change the tutor. It will help you save more on orders.

Final Words

Ordering paper from the online platform is a beneficial thing. You don’t spend time on the tasks, forget about the stressful nights before the deadline and make it with your schedule. All you need is to pay for the tasks and wait. It’s not a big price for your calmness and the perfect results in the end. The process is also seamless. You open the website, create an account, choose the writer and assign the tasks. the managers process your order, and you need to wait until everything is done. That’s the whole process that doesn’t take either much time or effort.


How to Create a Chatbot That Satisfies the Most Tricky Requests
The world is moving towards modernized solutions, allowing users to get the most elevating experience. That same is the case with chatbots. The chatbots industry is revolutionizing businesses because of the services like customer support, data mining, and whatnot. So, the question is: how to make a chatbot app?

See, the chatbot industry is expected to reach $10.08 billion by 2026 (Global News Wire report). Since these solutions are helping in cost savings, industries like eCommerce, retail, and banking are trying to implement these in their system.

How to Create a Chatbot That Satisfies the Most Tricky Requests

If you are planning to integrate a smart solution and want to learn how to create a chatbot, consider navigating to mentioned link that covers the stakes involved in making a chatbot assistant. Topflight Apps talks about the full cycle of the process of building chatbots in their blog at this link.

Why Chatbots Are Getting Attention

Nowadays, chatbots can be found on every platform. There are multiple reasons why these technological advance AIs are getting attention. Here are a few takeaways from chatbots.

1. Chatbots Make it Easy

Chatbots are customized according to the business type. For instance, a restaurant chatbot will provide you with options related to their services only. Since these bots have limited options, it helps customers decide what they actually want.

2. AI Bots Can Reiterate

Sectors like banking require a repetition of mundane tasks such as customer data mining. Imagine, the bank has hired a person at $20,000/ year, and his only job is to gather information from customers. How about I tell you that a $20 chatbot can do this task more efficiently and accurately.

3. Bots at Offices

Suppose, you have an assistant who will pull out the files for you, calculate the daily wages, and keeps you updated about your attendance. No, I am not talking about Linda from the Admin team. With an advanced chatbot, your wish will be his/her command.

Reasons to Make a Chatbot

COVID-19 has shown the real value of chatbots. These bots are ready to assist customers even if there are no front desk officers available. That is not the only reason why you should make your own chatbot.

1. Chatbots Provide 24/7 Accessibility

Back in the day, people had to wait outside your shop to get the queries just because you weren't open. That was old-school. Now, chatbots can make services available for your customers all day around. The bot will handle all questions, guide customers, and make their buying experience heaven. You know the best part - you don't have to be physically present.

2. Gather Customer Data

Recently, many businesses are building chatbots powered by AI. That is because these bots can gather information based on previous user inputs. You can use this data to improve the customer search and provide visitors with products they really want.

3. Handle/Process Inside Information

Lastly, you can optimize the internal information of your business. For instance, your chatbot can renew your website hosting subscription or can track your inventory and place an order based if you have low inventory.

How to Make a Chatbot App for Your Business?

Chatbots play an important part in a business, and you have an idea about it. If you want to make an AI chatbot that is purpose-driven, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: The Purpose of a Chatbot

What is the purpose of the chatbot? Who will it help? What are you doing to help your customers? The answer to these types of questions will help in selecting the right bot. The bot can be of two types- AI-based or rule-based.

Step 2: Select a Platform

The next step is selecting a platform where your chatbot will be deployed. With the information gathered from the first step, you will need to follow the prospect and select whether you will add a chatbot to your website, mobile app, or Facebook messenger.

Step 3: Select the Technology

Selecting the right technology stack for your chatbot will redefine your business. You can go for user-friendly frameworks like Genism, Spacy, or Textblob. Or, if you are a fan of coding, you can use Python.

Step 4: Design Conversation

Selecting the right replies plays an important part in building chatbots powered by AI. If you are using DIY chatbot stacks, that can be done using the drag/drop feature. However, with AI chatbots, consider going for AI bot developers.

Step 5: Train and Test the Bot

With any bot software, you have to make sure that it is conversing the right way with humans. And for that, it is important to first train the bot and then test it by releasing the beta version. See how the bot is responding to the messages. Check what type of questions are being asked by humans. And then train the bot according to those questions.

Step 6: Deploy!!!

Deploying the bot doesn't take that time. Since you have already released the beta version, you can easily upgrade the bot with the real version. However, make sure that the bot is connected to internal workflows and is fully integrated into the system.

Final Verdict

Who doesn't want to automate their business using a chatbot? This software solution provides unlimited customer support, streamlines the tasks, and keeps track of everything.

Many people avoid these bots because of complex tasks and the cost to build a chatbot application. Building chatbots has become easier and more cost-effective because of the free tools. This guide covers all details related to how to make a chatbot app. If you are still looking for a conversation about these bots, do give us a ping.
Top 10 Best Python Ides and Code Editors to Know in 2022
Nowadays most developers, data analysts, and even beginners are using python to learn. Python is a simple and easy language to learn and explore. The people who are about to start their career in programming then it is quite simple for anyone to get started with this Python language. In fact, Python is used to develop both frontend and backend as well. Backend which is developed using python would be great as compared to others.

Top 10 Best Python Ides and Code Editors to Know

If you are interested in Python, you can join Python Training and improve your knowledge of it. By using python, mathematical computations will be finished in a short span compared to other programming languages. Python programs can be executed using python IDEs and some other code editors. Let’s look into the top 10 IDEs and Code Editors used by Python below:

Top 10 Best Python Ides and Code Editors

  1. PyCharm (IDE)
  2. Wing (IDE)
  3. Jupyter Notebook (IDE)
  4. Python Idle (IDE)
  5. Spyder (IDE)
  6. Pydev (IDE)
  7. Atom (CE)
  8. Visual Studio Code (CE)
  9. Sublime Text (CE)
  10. Vim (CE)

1. PyCharm (IDE)

PyCharm is an IDE which has integrated inbuilt tools present in it which is mostly used by the many developers for Python development and web development, and also used for data analytics and data science. It is generally used for the execution of programming languages especially python, java and PyCharm introduced by the Czech company JetBrains. It mostly focuses on the resources that are used for the programming side which is used to complete the complex tasks in a short period.


In fact, PyCharm is a free open source which is available to all people even for new beginners who can use it. Also, PyCharm professional is available that has many advanced benefits as compared to this normal PyCharm but for the freshers, PyCharm is a boon with no cost.

2. Wing (IDE)

The wing is the Python IDE which is used by beginners also to make sure that the beginners get an experience like the professionals. The wing is mostly called an intelligent editor because it is used to increase the execution speed of the provided program or code. Also, the errors will be detected simply by providing automatic editing for the codes. It can be used as an emulator for Visual Studio Code, XCode, Eclipse, and many more. The debugging feature present in the Wing is very good compared to others. The codes written in this IDE are more customizable and also extensible.

Wing (IDE)

It is mostly used for web development, gaming, data science, etc. Even many reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel, and many more companies are using this Wing IDE for writing and executing python codes.

3. Jupyter Notebook (IDE)

Jupyter Notebook IDE is used to solve the computational problems that are given. It is used to create and share the documents that are computed in it. Jupyter Notebook supports more than 40 programming languages like R, Scala, Python, and many more.

Jupyter Notebook (IDE)

It is used to present the information that is being given by the user. In fact, it can be used by anyone in any operating system and works without the internet when the code execution is done. It is generally used to code and visualize the code and the output in an attractive manner.

4. Python Idle (IDE)

Python Idle is one of the IDEs used for the execution of python codes. It also acts as a code editor sometimes which is used for the code writing and code execution in it. Various benefits are present in the Idle like identifying the errors present automatically which increases the speed of execution of the program written by the user.

Even the complex programs in the python can also be executed in this Idle for testing and the error identification in a simple manner. In fact, Idle is very simple to use compared to other IDEs.

5. Spyder (IDE)

Spyder is one of the IDEs used for the execution of Python programs. It is open-source which is used for the python code execution and is available for everyone free of cost. It is also used by data scientists, developers, and even beginners too. It can also be used for many different kinds of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and many more.

Spyder (IDE)

It is generally used to solve scientific computations by using a python programming language. It has several features that users will fall in love with. Compared to some other IDEs, Spyder is somewhat faster among them.

6. Pydev (IDE)

Pydev is an IDE which is developed using the Eclipse software. It is an IDE used for python programming, especially for the debugging of the codes, analysis of the code, etc. It also proved that it provides better support to the users to solve their issues present in the environment. Pydev is also used for the development of Django, automatic completion of code, hints also provided, debugging, and many more features are available in it.

Pydev (IDE)

Generally, it is used to create the backend of an application or a website by using the python programming language. Pydev is free but when you use visual studio code as a code editor then it charges $40 after the completion of 1 month's free trial.

7. Atom (CE)

Atom is also one of the IDEs which is open-source and also available free for all users. It is a code editor which is used in many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and many more. This Atom is made by Github which is used to solve web-based problems. The size of the Atom varies from 85MB to 180MB. It is generally used for the highly customized codes to solve and explore them. It is specially made only for beginners to make the upgrade and become very good developers.

8. Visual Studio Code (CE)

Visual Studio Code is the code editor which is used to build and debug new web and cloud-based applications. It is also used for many operating systems such as windows, mac, Linux, etc. It can use simple debugging of the given code more effectively compared to others.

Visual Studio Code (CE)

It is also a free open source available for every user and the programs written here can be executed anywhere. It is used to make the code understandably written by you using its debugging feature. It is used for many programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and many more.

9. Sublime Text (CE)

Sublime Text is one of the text editors used for the execution of not only python but also other programming languages for free in the starting which is available to everyone. After the completion of your trial, you have to buy a license which is required for it to be further used.

Sublime Text

This is mostly used by the developers for developing their codes using it and checking the errors using debugging.

10. Vim (CE)

Vim is also an open-source which is available for free for everyone and based on the screen of the user. It became popular with the Unix code execution and is available for different versions of windows, mac, Linux, etc. It is quite similar to the VI editor but different from each other. Most developers are using this text editor these days to develop the codes for their applications.


In this blog, we have seen the Top 10 best IDEs and Text Editors used for Python. With the help of these, we can easily execute the codes written by us and simply debug them. Most of these are available for free and are open sources available for everyone.
How Long Does It Take To Develop a flutter Mobile App
In 2017, when Google came up with its cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) called Flutter, it brought a fresh new alternative to the dominant and most popular Flutter framework. Though for developers it took just a few months to realise that it is not just a new alternative but a better alternative in many regards.

Just like React Native, it promises the same high-speed development as React Native because of the reusability of the core codebase. But it makes things further easier by doing away with the JavaScript bridge for connecting the native UI layer. On the other hand, in Flutter the UI elements for all platforms come as customisable widgets ensuring modular and faster development. On top of that, the out of the box testing and backend support pushed the speed of Flutter development even further.

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How Long Does It Take To Develop a flutter Mobile App

With so many advantages offered by a single framework, Flutter became the natural choice for startups to develop and release apps faster. But if you want to hire flutter developer for your next app project, you need to know the potential of the framework further and know certain tricks to utilise Flutter for your project even better. The question is, how to increase the development speed of a Flutter app? What are the time-tested measures to boost the speed of Flutter app development? Let’s explain them one by one.

1. Use Codemagic, a robust CI/CD tool

For faster development using Flutter, you should use a dedicated CI/CD tool. Continuous integration (CI) allows incorporating the developer-build parts on a continuous basis in the repository of shared code. Every time a code is integrated it needs to pass through verification by the automated build. This ensures that the development process remains strictly on track.

Continuous delivery is another concept referring to the delivery of integrated code on a continuous basis. This delivery of the integrated code can refer to new feature development, bug fixes or other code changes. Thanks to Continuous Delivery (CD) the entire release process can be streamlined for smooth publishing as well as testing.

Flutter app developers can use a robust and widely acclaimed CI/CD tool called Codemagic. According to Mathew Helen of Imperoit, “Codemagic has already become the de-facto preference for streamlining coding process in Flutter app projects.” Thanks to this tool developers can just set up their project one time and thereafter streamline the development process through continuous integration and delivery for both iOS, Android, web and desktop. Codemagic also helps in running automated tests and you can easily make everyone informed about the results in real-time.

2. Make use of the Flutter Doctor command

Another time tested way to speed up the process of Flutter development is to use a command called Flutter Doctor. The command is particularly used to make sure that the environment is working well. After opening the terminal by using Alt+F12 in Android Studio, you can use the Flutter Doctor command. To make sure that it works well, you need to rely on at least a single IDE running on a connected emulator or device.

Particularly, for Android Emulator, one needs to create a virtual mobile device. This can be taken care of either by an app developer or an AVD manager. This can be better done by accessing a toolbar. The toolbar is easily accessed by just pressing Ctrl Alt+F12 followed by the name of the action type in the respective field.

The developers should rely on the default setting that is displayed on the device screen. Just from the default setting on the screen tap on the “Shift+F10'’ command and thereafter tap on the run button. When carrying out the same testing process on iOS Emulator, you can get it done by tapping on the dropdown menu. In the case of using the iOS emulator, the pop-up from the Xcode installer will request you to install all the components that are still missing from your app project.

But there can be increased complications when you carry out the same testing on a real iOS device. This is when developers from Xcode need to open the iOS module. After opening the Xcode, the developers need to go to the settings and find the signing and capabilities. Once signing-in is complete and a provisional profile is created, you are ready to carry out the tasks.

The Flutter Doctor command in the case of cross-platform app projects can speed up the development process to a great extent.

3. Utilising Widgets by using a Stateful widget

We all know that in Flutter, every UI element is represented by widgets for their respective platforms. Flutter through its rich repository of widgets allows the creation of every user interface element for iOS and Android. Now, most of these widgets can only be customised when you have a stateful widget at your disposal.

While the Stateless widgets are changeable, the stateful ones are unchangeable. On the other hand, the scaffold widget offers a framework to provide standard screen components. Now maintaining the proper hierarchy of these components can be really complicated and time-consuming.

This is where the Flutter widgets help you to save a considerable amount of time and effort in an app project. But to make use of the widgets for faster development, you need to first create a Stateful widget that can accommodate other Stateless widgets to incorporate changes as required by the app project.

Wrapping Up

Flutter is itself a fast-paced development framework for app projects. Now you can further push the development speed by embracing the above-mentioned measures. These measures and methodologies have already been tested and tried across innumerable app projects all over the world. Hence by using them you are actually following the footsteps of the successful Flutter developers.
A Guide to Increasing Your Student's Performance in Tech
Engaging with your tech students can be challenging. The students face distractions which reduce their attention span. Thus, as an educator, you should prioritize a high level of engagement. The more you engage your learners, the more they concentrate, and the more they improve their performances.

In this digital era, taking advantage of technology will enable your students to get the most out of your lessons. It allows the tech learners to gain a deeper understanding of everything that interests them. This guide contains ways you increase your student performance in tech.

A Guide to Increasing Your Student's Performance in Tech

1. Consider Online Lectures

Some students find it tiresome to commute from home to school each morning. That’s why most of them miss essential lessons. While online lectures require one to attend live classes, students can incorporate the coursework into their schedules and learn at their own pace. Besides, some students don’t feel comfortable asking their educators to repeat a topic in their last lecture to get deeper details. But with online learning, your students can revisit the previous materials for a deeper understanding. This allows them to understand the lessons in detail.

If you want your tech students to have a global perspective, conducting online lectures should be your priority. Your students will interact with other learners through the internet and develop ways to collaborate and share ideas. This can broaden the students’ minds, thus, increasing their performance.

2. Encourage Virtual Field Trips

Field trips make learning more fun and increase the learning experience. However, field trips have a lot of downfalls. For instance, you can face trip cancellation at short notice. Luckily, digital options can give your students learning benefits without hassle or frustration. With virtual field trips, your tech students will have the opportunity of accessing places they wouldn’t have been able to reach before. From the comfort of their home, they can view sightseeing destinations from all over the world.

If you want your students to have a broad understanding of your lessons, planning a fun and informative trip is a good idea. It will allow your learners to explore organizations of their interests and interview experts in a specific field.

3. Gamify Your Lessons

Incorporating games into your lessons can make learning more fun and interactive. So, how does this help to improve the students’ performance? Gamifying your classes convert a dull lesson into an exciting experience. It encourages competition among the students and makes the learners feel pride after gamified challenges. Hence, a good way to engage your tech students with your content is by using games in your lectures. If the students become excited about your lessons, they will likely remember the information.

If you want to make learning more fun, leveraging gaming mechanics should be your option. For instance, you can create a Python maze to enhance the students’ thinking and make them engage more with your lessons.

4. Submit Video-Based Lessons

Video-based teaching is one of the approaches that can increase your students' performances. It has an engaging nature that grabs the students’ attention. Videos give learners additional concepts, and they can relate them in their everyday interactions. Besides, your tech students can access your video lectures anytime. They don’t have to attend the classroom to get the learning materials. Instead, they will use their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to learn. All you need is to format the videos to support all the devices.

But is a video easy to share and deliver? You can easily deliver video-based lectures through a learning management system (LMS) or the web. This will give your students unlimited access to learning materials.

Wrap up

Learning is the best legacy. It gives the students an idea of how to solve issues in real life. That’s why parents take their children to school, expecting good performances. But sometimes, the expectations are not met because the students perform poorly. One of the things that contribute to poor performance is the lack of proper ways to engage your tech students. As a teacher, you need to look for the best ways to motivate your students and make sure they understand and remember every topic you teach. If you focus on technology and implement the above approaches, you will improve your students' performance.


 How to Stack Trace a Running Process in Java
So, in Java, a stack trace indicates where exceptions occurred, so you can say that it is used to find the lines of code where exceptions occur. As with a stack of papers on your desk, a stack trace works by first-in, last-out. After adding papers to the pile, you remove them in reverse order. This includes details about a process or operation that your code executed. In other words, the Java stack trace is a series of frames that begin with the current method and end with the program's inception.

Stacks, also called runtimes or call stacks, are collections of frames created by programs while they run and are stored in stack data structures. In the case of an exception, the Java virtual machine (JVM) generates an automatic stack trace. As a result, this article will provide you with instructions on how you can use a Java stack trace of a running process.

How to Stack Trace a Running Process in Java: Table of contents

  • What is Java programming?
  • What is Stack trace?
  • How to read a Java Stack Trace in Java?
  • What is stack tracing in the Java programming language?
  • How does the stack trace a running process in java?
  • Stack trace element class in java language
  • Conclusion

What is Java Programming?

Java programming language is a high-level language that is based on class and object-oriented. Additionally, it presents support for the primitive data types, such as int, char, float, and double. Accordingly, the java programming language is not considered a pure object-oriented language. Java programming language has special features that developers can write their own code and run it on any software or site which means that compliant java code can easily run on any or all platforms that are used to support java with no need for recompilations. Let us see what stack trace is and how to run the process in java step by step.

What is Stack Trace?

In the Java programming language, a stack trace is an array form of stack frames. The stack trace is also known as the stack backtrace or backTrace. A stack trace is nothing but the location of the exceptions. In other words, stack backtraces display the movement of how execution is applied during the program. It also traces the location where exceptions were raised. A class collects information about all the methods that are invoked by a program. The default behaviour for Java stack trace is to print the stack trace on the console by default if the program throws unhandled exceptions and we don't care about them. The stack trace is automatically produced when an exception is thrown by the JVM. Every element in the stack trace represents a method call.

What is Stack Trace

Java programming language Throwable to the class provides the printStackTrace() method to print the stack trace on the console.

After the introduction of Java 1.5, the stack trace has been abbreviated into an array of a Java class that is known as StackTraceElement. In stack trace, the array is returned by the get stack trace() technique of the Throwable class.

Each element in java is described by a single stack frame. All stack frames indicate the method invocation excluded for the first frame (at the top). The first frame represents the execution point on which the JVM initiates the stack trace.

An instance of the StackTraceElement class is created when four parameters are provided as arguments. These parameters identify the execution point of a stack trace element.

publicStackTraceElement(,StringmethodName,StringdeclaringClass.int lineNumber,String fileName, )


  • Declaring class: In declaring class, the qualified name of the class that contains the execution point.
  • MethodName: methodName provides the method name that contains the execution point.
  • FileName: fileName apply the file name that contains the execution point.
  • LineNumber: lineNumber forms the line number of the source of the execution point.

They show the NullPointerException if the parameters declaring class and methodName are null.

Let's recognize the stack trace.

The first line denotes is:

recognize the stack trace

The other line(s) denotes is:

stack trace

Java Stack Trace Example is:

public class StackTraceExample   


public static void main (String args[])   




static void demo()   




static void demo1()   




static void demo2()   




static void demo3()   



Let's run the above program and see how the stack trace is.

how the stack trace

At the beginning of the stack trace, we see the execution point of the stack, and from the second line to the last line, we see the stack frames that make up the complete stack trace. The stack trace shows that the method executed first became the last stack frame of the stack trace, and the method executed last became the first stack frame of the stack trace. As a result, each element represents a stack frame of the stack trace.

How to Read a Java Stack Trace in java?

Let’s anatomize that stack trace. The first line gives us the information about the Exception:

How to Read a Java Stack Trace in java

This is a perfect start. Line 2 shows which code was running and when that happened.

how to read stack trace

We can narrow down the problem that way, but what part of the code is called the bad method? As you can see, the answer is next to the question, which is also read the same way. But how can we arrive at that point! Let's look at the line that follows. So on and so forth until you reach the last line, which is the main method of the application. You can trace the exact path from the beginning of your code, right up to the Exception, by reading the stack trace from bottom to top.

What is stack tracing in the Java programming language?

To create a Java file, you need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) application on your Linux operating system; otherwise, you won't be able to run any Java program when you type:

$ Sudo apt install default-JDK.

After been installed this prerequisite application, you need to make or form a Java file, and one of the effortless ways of doing this is by using any text editor by typing:

$ nano JavaStackTrace.java.

nano JavaStackTrace.java.

Creating the Java file is the first step, following which a code is written and saved in it as shown below:

nano JavaStackTrace.java

Now after saving a java file, the next step should be to compile and run it.

$ javac JavaStackTrace.java

$ java JavaStackTrace.

javac JavaStackTrace.java

When writing the code, we have written demofun3() as the last function; however, it has been executed after the second line as this is the point of trace generation that will be responsible for executing dump stack(), which will display the output. After demofun2() and demofun(), the remaining functions will execute in reverse order, and the main() function is displayed at the bottom since it's responsible for starting the program as well as calling other functions.

According to this definition, the stack execution point starts from the first line, and the stack frame starts from the second line to the last line of the stack trace. As a result, each stack trace piece represents a stack frame, as the method that is executed first becomes the stack trace's last stack frame, and the method that is executed last becomes the stack trace's in the first stack frame.

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How does the stack trace a running process in java?

JStack is a great tool for troubleshooting runtime issues, especially if your application is acting up, consuming more CPU or memory than you expected. Let's examine how it's implemented in Java:

public class ForceDump 


public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception




      while(true) {




catch (NullPointerException Demo)





The next step is to create a java file using a text editor, as we did by using a nano text editor, as seen below.

$ nano ForceDump.java

nano ForceDump.java

Now by compiling, it uses:

$javac ForceDump.java

Then execute it:


$java ForceDump

java ForceDump

This program will start a background process; to find the process id (PID), open another terminal window, and use the command:

$ps aux|grep ForceDump

Then you can find additional information regarding threads that are running in a process using the following command.

$ jstack <PID>

The process id will be 4457 as shown in the image:

The process id will be 4457 as shown in the image


Stack Trace Element Class in java language:

A single stack frame is represented by the java language StackTraceElement class element. The frames on the stack other than the one at the top represent method invocations. An execution trace is generated at the point where the top frame of the stack appears.

Class declaration:

The class declaration component specifies the name of the class as well as other attributes, such as the class's superclass and whether the class is a public, a final, or an abstract class. An appropriate class declaration must at least contain the class keyword and the name of the class.


public final class StackTraceElement

   extends Object

      implements Serializable


Class constructors:

The stack trace element (String declaring class, String methodName, String fileName, int lineNumber) represents an element in the stack.

This makes a stack trace element Characterise the specified execution point.

Class methods:

1 boolean equals (Object obj) in class:

The return value of this method is true if the specified object is another StackTraceElement instance representing the same execution point.

2 String getClassName() in class:

Stack trace element elements are used to represent the execution point in a class. This method returns the class that contains the execution point, as a fully qualified name.

3 String getFileName() in class:

The method returns the name of the source file containing the stack trace element that represents this execution point.

4 int getLineNumber() in class:

The line number of the source line containing the execution point represented by this stack trace element is returned.

5 String getMethodName() in class:

An element of a stack trace represents a point in execution. This method returns the name of the method that contains that point.

6 int hashCode() in class:

An element's hash code is returned by this method.

7 boolean isNativeMethod() in class:

The method returns true if the method containing the execution point represented by this stack trace element is native in java.

8 String toString()

The method returns a string representation of this stack trace element in java.

Method inherited:

class inherits methods are the following :

  • hashCode() Method
  • getClass() Method
  • finalize() Method
  • equals() Method
  • clone() Method
  • toString() Method


Stack traces are a collection of stack frames that show a specific point in time during a program's execution. The traces provide information about the methods and functions that your application called. Hence, the Java stack trace is a set of frames that begin with the current method and end with the start of the program. In this article, We have shown you how to implement the stack tracing process in Java programming.

Author Bio

Sai Priya Ravuri is a Digital Marketer, and a passionate writer, who is working with MindMajix, a top global online training provider. She also holds in-depth knowledge of IT and demanding technologies such as Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Salesforce, Cybersecurity, Software Testing, QA, Data analytics, Project Management and ERP tools, etc.