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Welcome to web designing page, here is a huge collection of HTML, HTML + CSS, and HTML + javascript pages with source code. Here we also provide the solution of the lab assignment. Try to modify all the web pages yourself, this will help you to better understand the tags that are used in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Basically, you can learn table creation, frameset and frame in HTML you can also learn about various types of tags like an image, audio, video, anchor, navigation, ordered list, unordered list, checkbox, and radio button.

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Table of Content

1. HTML Examples

2. HTML + CSS Examples

3. HTML Javascript Examples

HTML Examples

1. Create an HTML page named as " SimpleTags.html ". with following tags details
1. Set the title of the page as " Simple HTML Tags "
2. Within the body perform the following.

a)Moving text = “Simple HTML Tags”
b) Different heading tags (h1 to h6)
c) Paragraph
d) Horizontal line e
e) Line Break
f) Block Quote(single quote ‘,double “)
g) Pre tag
h) Different Logical Style ( <b>, <sub>, <sup>….)
i) Different Physical style ( <strike>, <del>, …)
j) Listing tags (types with, & each type provide different “type” attribute)
h)Align tag

2. Create An HTML file link to different HTML page which contains images, tables.

3. Create A Student Registration Form Using Table In HTML

4. Create A Given Table Using Table In HTML

Create A Given Table Using Table In HTML

5. Create an HTML page with different types of frames such as floating frame, navigation frame & mixed frame. i). Create an HTML page named as “mixedframe.html”. Divide the page into two columns of 25% & 75% size. In 25% display the image and divide the 75% into two rows. (50% & 50%). In the first 50% display the video file and other 50% the timetable created ii). Create an HTML page named as “navigationframe.html”. Divide the page into two columns of 25%, 75% size. In 25% size call the hyperlink, and make the page to be get displayed in the other column when the link is clicked. iii). Create an HTML page named as “floatingframes.html”. in this file include a paragraph to explain floating frame, and in floating frame include any HTML file.

6. Create An HTML Page Of Different Type Of List (Like Create A List Using Number / Bubble/) And Give The Description Of Any Topic. or Create An HTML Page Of Different Type Of List (Like Ordered List or Unordered List) or How many types of lists are there in HTML? or What tag is used to list individual items of an ordered list? or How do you create an ordered list in HTML? or What is UL and Li in HTML? or HTML Ordered, Unordered, and Definition Lists.

7. Create an HTML document that has five frames. There must be two rows of frames, the first with three frames and the other with two frames. The frames in the first row must have equal width. The left frame in the second row must be 50 percent of the width of the display. Each of the frames in the top row must display a document that has a form. The left top frame must have two text boxes, each 30 characters wide, labeled Name and Address. The middle top frame must have five radio buttons with color name labels. The right top frame must have four checkboxes, labeled with four kinds of car equipment such as CD player and air conditioning. The two bottom frames must have images of two different cars. The top row of frames must use 20 percent of the height of the display

8. A local university has asked you to create an XHTML document that allows prospective students to provide feedback about their campus visit. Your HTML document should contain a form with text boxes for a name, address, and e-mail. Provide checkboxes that allow prospective students to indicate what they liked most about the campus. The checkboxes should include: students, location, campus, atmosphere, dorm rooms and sports. Also, provide radio buttons that ask the prospective students how they became interested in the university. Options should include friends, television, Internet, and other. In addition, provide a text area for additional comments, a submit button and a reset button.

HTML + CSS Examples

Now come to CSS, the full form of CSS is cascading style sheet and we use CSS in web pages for decorating web pages and 
CSS ( cascading style sheet ) is three types.

1. Inline

2. Internal

3. External

1. Inline CSS

inline CSS is mostly used when you have used less CSS on your web pages like you are designing a table or registration form so no need to write a CSS separate you can use CSS in HTML tags.


<[element or tag name] STYLE="[CSS property]:[property value]">

2. Internal CSS

Internal CSS is used when you are designing a full web page and you are using a same property of CSS again and again so need to write the same CSS in each tag in HTML just write a code once and used the same CSS effects again and again.

3. External CSS

We can say that internal CSS or external CSS is same instead of writing CSS code on the same web page we create a new file with extension. CSS (dot.cs) and write all the CSS and link the CSS by given the link of CSS in our web page. So when HTML interpret our web page automatically fetch the request CSS from CSS file location and perform the desired action. Below are some example or web pages with CSS.

1. Design a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which includes the following:

2. Create the XHTML markup that produces the table shown below. Use em and strong tags as necessary.

3. Create a Box Model using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Styles as shown below.

4. Add an Embedded Style Sheet to The XHTML Document in Fig. 4.5. The Style Sheet Should Contain A Rule That Displays h1 Elements in Blue. All Other Information Given Below

5. Design The Following Static Web Pages Required For An Online Book Store Web Site. Like Flipkart Using Frames In HTML

6. You Will Create Several Files Related To A Recipe Web Site For A Fictional Pie Company Named Granny's Pies. You Need To Turn In The Following Files:

7.Creating A Simple Calculator with jQuery With CSS

HTML + Javascript Examples

Javascript is a script, javascript is completely different from Java language, Java is a language while javascript is Script. Javascript is used to perform a special task like validation of registration form, finding an element of a page and perform some events in HTML or web design

1. Design A Page. The Page Must Be Useful For Colleges For Updating Daily Activities And Students Information

2. Build A Simple Calculator Using HTML Form Elements And JavaScript.

3. Write A JavaScript That Calculates The Squares And Cubes Of The Numbers From 0 To 10 And Outputs XHTML Text That Displays The Resulting Values In An XHTML Table Format, As Follows: Number Square Cube

4. Write A Program That Inputs An Encrypted Four-Digit Integer And Decrypts It To Form The Original Number.

5. Develop a JavaScript program that will determine the gross pay for each of three employees. The company pays “straight time” for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays “time and a half” for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. You are given a list of the employees of the company, the number of hours each employee worked last week and the hourly rate of each employee. Your program should input this information for each employee, determine the employee’s gross pay and output XHTML text that displays the employee's gross pay. Use prompt dialogs to input the data

6. Create An HTML Page Using Forms For Taking Pizza Order Form and Billing ( Online Pizza Order Webpage )

7. Create An Online Registration Form For Job Portal.

8. Create A Hospital Web Page With All The Required Menu And Information And Registration And Login in Form.

9.Create An HTML Page Insert An Image And Button In Page When A Click To A Button Image Should Shift To Right With 10 Px Value

10. Calculates The Distance Between Two Points (x1, y1) And (x2, y2). All Numbers And Return Values Should Be Floating-Point Values

11. Write A Complete JavaScript Program To Calculate And Display The Volume Of The Sphere

12.Create An HTML Page Insert An Image And Button In Page When A Click To A Button Image Should Shifted To Right Until Stop Button Not Press

13.Create An HTML Page With Rollover With A Mouse Events

14.Create An Array Using JAVASCRIPT That Calculates A Sum Average Smallest And Largest Element In Array

15.Create An HTML WebPage Using JAVASCRIPT For Check Given String In Palindrome Or Not

16.Create An HTML Page Using JavaScript For StopWatch

17. Create An HTML Page With JavaScript When We Click The Light Bulb To Turn On/Off The Light.

18.HTML5 Video Player Which Support Multiple Video Resolution SD, HD, FHD, UHD