Create Javascript Program to Make a Light Bulb Turn on and Off

Create A HTML Page With JavaScript When We Click The Light Bulb To Turn On/Off The Light.
When We Click A Button JavaScript Change The Image So We Think Bulb Is On Again Click The It Again Change The Image So Bulb Look Like It Is off This Is A Trick Behind Bulb On/off

For This Program You Have To Download Both Image Bulb On And Bulb Off

Here Is A Code


<!DOCTYPE html>
<body align="center" bgcolor="#686899">
<h1>JavaScript Can Change Images</h1>

<img id="myImage" onclick="changeImage()" src="pic_bulboff.gif" width="100" height="180">

<h2>Click the light bulb to turn on/off the light.</h2>

function changeImage() {
var image = document.getElementById('myImage');
if (image.src.match("bulbon")) {
image.src = "pic_bulboff.gif";
} else {
image.src = "pic_bulbon.gif";

</body >

light bulb off javascript

light bulb on javascript


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  2. Replies
    1. It's 100% Working, Can you please tell me before run this program you download both images Bulb On and Bulb Off. if you Not Please Download first and keep in same folder then Run the Script again.

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