Create an html page named as " SimpleTags.html ". with following tags details

Problem:- Create an HTML page named as " Simpletags.html " Add the following tags detail. or HTML simple tags example with source code or How to Create a Simple Web Page With HTML. 


1. Set the title of the page as " Simple HTML Tags " 
2.  Within the body perform the following.

a)Moving text = “Simple HTML Tags” 
b) Different heading tags (h1 to h6) 
c) Paragraph 
d) Horizontal line e
e) Line Break 
f) Block Quote(single quote ‘,double “) 
g) Pre tag 
h) Different Logical Style ( <b>, <sub>, <sup>….) 
i) Different Physical style ( <strike>, <del>, …) 
j) Listing tags (types with, & each type provide different “type” attribute) 
h)Align tag

How to Solve:- So basically we have to create a web page and save the page with " Simpletags.html ", in this way our first condition is full fill Now comes to the second condition here we can see that there are many sub-conditions so basically we need to sort out all condition and Basic Condition in a Single web page Name " Simpletags.html ".

Explanation:- The first step is to open a Notepad / Notepad++ / Sublime text editor and create a document and save with the extension .HTML or .html or .htm and paste the below code into the editor and press ctrl+s for save the file and open the save file with your any browser. If you are facing a problem to open in the browser right-click on the save file and choose open with then select the browser or you can set browser for all HTML type of file.

Tip:- After doing the explanation section try to modify the code with your code this will help you to find the error and modification value what you change.

Recommendation:- Always create a folder for separate web page file for avoiding unnecessary mixing and irritating. Check the GIF Output below of the program.



Copy Start From Here

<title> Simple Html Tags</title>
<body bgcolor="aqua">
<marquee> Simple HTML Tags</marquee>
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Heading Tags</FONT></center>
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Text Elements</FONT> </center>
<p>This is a praragrspg tag.
One of the most important technologies on this list doesn't fully exist yet — HTML 5
— but in 2008, key features started to trickle out.
HTML 5 will eventually replace HTML 4.01, the dominant programming language
currently used to build web pages. But the governing bodies in charge of the web are
still drafting the details, and nobody expects HTML 5 to fully emerge as the new
standard for at least a few more years But HTML 5 is no vaporware. Many of the changes to the way the web operates as
outlined in early versions of the new specification are already being implemented in
the latest browsers, and some of the web's more adventurous site builders are already
incorporating HTML 5's magic into their pages.
HTML 5 will be a great step forward, standardizing things like dragging and dropping
elements on web pages, inline editing of text and images on sites and new ways of
drawing animations. There's also support for audio and video playback without plugins, a boon for usability and a worrisome sign for Adobe's Flash, Microsoft's
Silverlight and Apple's QuickTime. The language will also give a boost to web apps,
as there are new controls for storing web data offline on your local machine.
Want Gmail on your desktop? HTML 5 makes it possible. Alas, the blink tag isn't
invited to the party
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Line break Tags</FONT></center>
This is a long piece of text consisting of three<BR>
sentences and shows you the functions of the<BR>
Line Break tag. This tag is used quite frequently<BR>
to add line breaks in the HTML code. It is also used<BR>
to add blank lines to a document.<BR>
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> BLOCK QUOTE Tags</FONT></center>
<p>This is some text before the quotation.</p>
<blockquote>This is a long blockquote created with the <blockquote>
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> PRE Tags</FONT></center>
<center> <FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Logical style </FONT></center>
This is <b>bold</b> This is bold<br>
This is <big>big font</big> This is big font<br>
This is <i>italic</i> This is italic<br>
Was <s>$50</s>; now $40 Was $50; now $40<br>
This is <small>small</small> This is small<br>
H<sub>2</sub>O H2O<br> May 5<sup>th</sup> 2005 May 5th 2005<br>
<tt>fixed-width font</tt> fixed-width font<br>
This is <u>underlined</u> This is underlined<br>
<center> <FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Physical Style </FONT></center>
This is used for a short <cite>quote</cite>. This is used for a short quote.<br>
<code>y = m * x + b</code> y = m * x + b<br>
<del>Deleted</del> text Deleted text<br>
<dfn>definition</dfn> text definition text<br>
This is <em> emphasized </em>. This is emphasized<br> .
<ins>inserted</ins> text inserted text<br>
<kbd>code</kbd> sample code sample<br>
<samp>code</samp> sample code sample<br>
This is <strong>strong</strong>. This is strong.<br>
<var>program</var> variable program variable<br>
<center><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"> Listing Tags</FONT></center>
<h4>Numbered list:</h4>
<h4>Letters list:</h4>
<ol type="A">
<h4>Lowercase letters list:</h4>
<ol type="a">
<h4>Roman numbers list:</h4>
<ol type="I">
<h4>Lowercase Roman numbers list:</h4>
<ol type="i">
<h4>Disc bullets list:</h4>
<ul type="disc">
<h4>Circle bullets list:</h4>
<ul type="circle">
<h4>Square bullets list:</h4>
<ul type="square">
<h4>A Definition List:</h4>
<dd>Black hot drink</dd>
<dd>White cold drink</dd>

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 Create an html page named as " SimpleTags.html ". with following tags detail

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