Monday, 4 April 2016

Create A HTML Page Of Different Type Of List (Like Create A List Using Number / Bubble/) And Give The Description About Any Topic.

HTML Lists are used to specify lists of information.
All lists may contain one or more list elements.
There are three different types of HTML lists:

Ordered List or Numbered List (ol)
Unordered List or Bulleted List (ul)
Description List or Definition List (dl)

In the ordered HTML lists, all the list items are marked with numbers.
It is known as numbered list also.
The ordered list starts with <ol> tag and the list items start with <li> tag.

In HTML Unordered list, all the list items are marked with bullets.
It is also known as bulleted list also.
The Unordered list starts with <ul> tag and list items start with the <li> tag.

<dl> tag defines the start of the list.
<dt> tag defines a term.
<dd> tag defines the term definition (description).


<title>Type Of List</title>

<body bgcolor="green" >
<font size="18">
 <li>C Language</li>
 <li>C Language</li>
  <dt>C language</dt>
  <dd>-it is a procedural anguage</dd>
  <dd>-it is object orinted programming</dd>
 <dd>-It is  stands for hyper text markup language</dd>
  <dd>-It is a multinational technology corporation.</dd>
</font >


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