Create a Webpage Using List Tags of HTML | Ordered & Unordered

Create An HTML Page Of Different Type Of Lists (Like Create A List Using Numbers / Bubbles/) And Give The Description About Any Topic. Create a web page for the following features: • create an unordered list • create an ordered list o use various bullet styles • create nested lists o use the font tag in conjunction with lists • create definition lists o use graphics as bullets. Implement different types of list tags on the college department homepage.

Create a Webpage Using List Tags of HTML

There is no logic we just have to use the different types of the list on our web page. list are especially cause it makes our web page more attractive and eye-catching. Before going for direct use of the list I recommended reading the explanation section for a better understanding of the list(Ordered or unordered).

In this problem, we have to use all lists, before using the list we have to know about the ordered list and unordered list. Below is the list description.

  • Ordered List or Numbered List (ol)
  • Unordered List or Bulleted List (ul)
  • Description List or Definition List (dl)

In the ordered HTML lists, all the list items are marked with numbers. It is known as the numbered list also. The ordered list starts with <ol> tag and the list items start with <li> tag.

In HTML Unordered list, all the list items are marked with bullets. It is also known as a bulleted list also. The Unordered list starts with the <ul> tag and list items start with the <li> tag.

  • <dl> tag defines the start of the list.
  • <dt> tag defines a term.
  • <dd> tag defines the term definition (description).

Tip: Always create a folder for separate web page files for avoiding unnecessary mixing and irritation. Check the Output below of the program. If you are having any problems highly recommend following the given web page.

Recommendation:- Before going for this assignment follow the given assignment so you can understand all Tags very well.

If you have a Better design than this page and you want to publish your post with all Credit Then you are welcome to read This.

Create a Webpage Using List Tags of HTML


	<title>Type Of List</title>

<body bgcolor="green">
	<font size="18">
			<li>C Language</li>
			<li>C Language</li>
			<dt>C language</dt>
			<dd>-it is a procedural anguage</dd>
			<dd>-it is object-oriented programming</dd>
			<dd>-It stands for hypertext markup language</dd>
			<dd>-It is a multinational technology corporation.</dd>


The Output of  Webpage Using List Tags of HTML

The Output of  Webpage Using List Tags of HTML


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