C Program to Print The Calendar of a Month of 31 Days

write a program to print the calendar of a month of 31 days. the program must take a day of the week as input. this will be the day on which the 1 day of the month will start. the program must print the rest of the month based on the input. In this problem, we are taking a number of days and start date as input start day is given below.

Enter 0 for Monday:
Enter 1 for Tuesday:
Enter 2 for Wednesday:
Enter 3 for Thursday:
Enter 4 for Friday:
Enter 5 for Saturday:
Enter 6 for Sunday:

One Month Calendar Program in C Programming Language.

C Program to Print The Calendar of a Month

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C Program to Print The Calendar of a Month


void main() {
  /* C Program to Print Calendar of a Month
  int i, j, k, day, dt = 1;

  printf("C Program to Print a Calendar With Start With Input Day\n\n");

  printf("Enter Total Numbers of Days in a Month:");
  scanf("%d", & day);

  printf("\n\nEnter 0 for Monday:");
  printf("\nEnter 1 for Tuesday:");
  printf("\nEnter 2 for Wednesday:");
  printf("\nEnter 3 for Thursday:");
  printf("\nEnter 4 for Friday:");
  printf("\nEnter 5 for Saturday:");
  printf("\nEnter 6 for Sunday:");
  printf("\n\nChoose Between 0 to 5:");
  scanf("%d", & k);

  printf("\nMon \tTue \tWed \tThu \tFri \tSat \tSun \n\n");
  printf(" _________________________________________________\n\n");

  for (j = k; j > 0; j--) {

  while (dt <= day) {
    if (k != 0) {
      if (k % 7 == 0)

    printf("%d\t", dt);

The Output of Calendar Program in C

The Output of Calendar Program in C
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