C Program For Calculate Simple Interest

Problem :- Write A Program For Calculate A Simple Interest .Given Formula Show that to Calculate a Simple Interest .With the following formula you can can calculate a Simple Interest Of Amount Given By User Input 

Formula :-

Simple Interest = ( Amount * Rate * Time ) / 100;

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Solution :-


int main()
   /*Program By Ghanendra Yadav
     Visit http://www.programmingwithbasics.com/
   float amount, rate, time, si;

   printf("\nEnter Principal Amount : ");
   scanf("%f", &amount);

   printf("\nEnter Rate of Interest : ");
   scanf("%f", &rate);

   printf("\nEnter Period of Time   : ");
   scanf("%f", &time);

   si = (amount * rate * time) / 100;
   printf("\nSimple Interest : %f", si);


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C Program For Calculate Simple Interest

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