C Program For Check Greater Among Two Number

Problem :- Write a C Program For Check Greater Among Two Number Using If /Else Statement .

Logic :- Here we need to compare two number and check both number are equal ,greater or less  first take a both number as a input or Compare both Number according to result print the statement like if first number is greater then print " First number is greater "
if second number is greater then print "second number is greater and also add a one more condition if both number are equal " Both Number are Equal "

Try Yourself C Program To Find Greatest Among Three Numbers

Solution :-

int main()
float val1, val2;
printf("Enter The First Number :\n");
scanf("%f", &val1);

printf("Enter The Second Number :\n");

if(val1 >val2)
   printf("First Number is Greater Than Second\n");
else if(val2 > val1)
   printf("Second Number is Greater Than First\n");
   printf("Both Number are Equal");
return 0;


C Program For Check Greater Among Two Number

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