Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development- Which is Better in 2024

Let's find out the best language between Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development. We are explaining which one is better for Android development between Kotlin Vs Java. At present, one of the most used mobile operating systems is Android. Founded in California in 2003, the operating system has evolved and upgraded to a very big extent. A Linux-based OS, it is capable of supporting various apps on smartphones. Android app development services now more than ever are growing. Since the operating system is open-source, it could be used for free.

Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development

Kotlin Vs Java Android, At present, there are millions of apps developed in Android, which help in managing day-to-day activities, and thus Android apps and Android app development have gained vast popularity. The popularity of Android mobile applications has boosted the demand for app developers. More and more developers now are going into Android mobile app development for profitability as well as to keep a competitive edge.

Kotlin Vs Java for Android

Let's dive to know which is better Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development. When it comes to developing apps for the Android operating system, Java is the preferred language. However, as more and more frameworks and languages are being developed, the emergence of Kotlin has become popular. Using Kotlin in the Android community is growing at a rapid pace, especially since it was introduced by Google as the preferred language in 2017.

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Thus, which language to choose for Android app development?

As of this writing, the Kotlin mobile application development community is growing. In 2017, it was recognized by Google as the second official app development language for Android.

Kotlin an Understanding

The programming language is statistically typed, primarily employed for JVM or Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript. Some people even describe Kotlin as a general-purpose language, which introduces features that help support the interoperability of Java. Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development, we will understand Kotlin and later talk about Kotlin Vs Java Android.

The primary purpose of the development of the project was to intensify productivity. The ultimate goal is to boost the coding experience to make it look useful and practical. Enabling mixed-langue projects is one of the noteworthy focuses of Kotlin.

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It tries introducing improved syntax, together with precise abstractions and expressions. Utilizing Kotlin with Java makes it possible to minimize boilerplate code excess, therefore providing a win-win scenario for providers of Android mobile app development.

Where Kotlin Stands Today for Android Development

Since it was introduced in 2017, the language has witnessed vast growth as it tries to ensure accessibility across all platforms. Multi-platform programming nevertheless provided prestige to a noteworthy innovative outlook, like code sharing between platforms. With the release of Kotlin 1.3, improvements take the multi-platform convenience concept to another level. As we can see Kotlin was introduced in 2017, Now we have a little bit Idea about Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development.

Android developers today could utilize a single IDE or integrated development environment for developing Kotlin on all platforms. The most current release offers more scalability of a mobile app. This is possible with code reuse that ensures time and effort savings, which could be used in dealing with tasks that are more challenging.

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The LLMV compiler technology is used by Kotlin to integrate language sources to stand-alone binaries for various OS and for CPU architecture as well, including Windows, and iOS among others.

Kotlin Vs Java Comparison

Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development- Detailed Comparison

In choosing which programming to choose in developing Android apps, the following are the parameters to compare the two. We are going to compare Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development using the below 6 parameters.

1. Compilation Period

Java: Compilation is relatively fast.

Kotlin: Shows a slower speed of compilation compared to Java, in most instances.

2. Null Safety

Java: Doesn’t support Null safety since this was integrated into updates made recently.

Kotlin: Has an in-built null safety. Mistakes in development are greatly due to NullPointException. Null is mainly relied on by Android, however, it could destroy an app easily. Kotlin solves this easily through inherent null safety.

3. Speed of Development

Java: The speed is faster.

Kotlin: Fast-speed development.

I think now you have an Idea of Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development.

4. Lambda Expressions Support

Java: The language does not support lambda expressions.

Kotlin: It supports Lambda expressions. They could be passed as methods arguments, return them, or do any other thing in the same way you would with a normal object.

5. Community Support

Java: Has a bigger community circle than Kotlin because it’s a wide programming language.

Kotlin: Since it’s a small and new community, the learning resources are limited.

The Advantages of Kotlin

  1. Conciseness: Helps in reducing the boilerplate code amount in a project drastically.
  2. Easy learning curve: Learning Kotlin is easy for developers of Java. Switching from Java to Kotlin does not require much overhead cost and adaptation to it doesn’t cost a thing.
  3. Interoperability: The language is interoperable with Java, meaning that you get to leverage all the existing libraries of Java, the Java Virtual Machine, and the frameworks.
  4. Provides improved run-time performance. During run-time, the performance is high.

The Advantages of Java

  1. Kotlin definitely has a steep learning curve. The highly concise syntax, although a big advantage, does need some learning upfront.
  2. Limited learning resources since the Kotlin community is still new, so finding answers to problems could be a bit hard. Nonetheless, with its rising popularity, the community and resources will grow in time.
  3. More gradual compilation speed in most cases compared to Java, although it beats the latter in several instances.
  4. Some Android Studio features have the tendency to run slower.

Is Kotlin Really Better Than Java or Will Kotlin Replace Java?

Kotlin does have features, but so does Java. Both bind together to give improvised versions. Both actually go hand in hand and work well for developing Android apps. This is a mostly asked question between Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development.

There are a couple of things to remember when deciding if Kotlin is right for Android development. The first thing to consider is to ensure that the product team is prepared to make the switch. Introducing a new language, doing a rewrite and project optimization could introduce a learning curve. Making sure that the team is ready to adapt to any hindrances in the learning process is extremely critical.

Changing languages could cause the deletion, creation and merging of specific classes and artefacts. Thus, the architecture of the product could be damaged. Ensuring that mobile architecture is expandable and can handle product evolution is paramount.

In Conclusion

Now I think you have a better idea about which is better Kotlin Vs Java for Android Development. At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you feel comfortable with. Being a true-blood developer of Android needs to have a working language of Java. If you have that already, then Kotlin is the language of the future, thus getting better at it is a time well spent.

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