Node JS Vs Angular JS | Top 10 Useful Remarkable Comparison

We are covering full in-depth comparison between Node JS Vs Angular JS with top 10 facts. JavaScript is the most powerful and popular programming language to date. It has evolved from a simple client-side scripting language over the years, and today, JavaScript-based technologies Node.js and AngularJS have secured top positions in the list of web development frameworks. It is fair to mention that both these technologies have gained ground among developers and entrepreneurs alike.

Node JS Vs Angular JS

Interestingly, in the Stack Overflow 2017 survey, both Node JS Vs Angular JS frameworks are seen neck and neck with 47.1% and 44.3% popularity in the category.

Node JS Vs Angular JS Popularity.

Node JS Vs Angular JS Popularity in 2017
Source: Stack Overflow Survey 2017

Both Node.js and AngularJS frameworks remained on the top positions in the year 2018 also with 49.6% and 36.9% respectively. See the popularity difference between Node JS Vs AngularJS in years 2017-2018. 

Node JS Vs Angular Popularity in 2018
Source: Stack Overflow Survey 2018

Node.js is basically a runtime library and environment for developing server-side JS applications, whereas, AngularJS framework is designed to build single-page applications.

Before going through the head to head comparison between AngularJS and Node.js, let’s have a glimpse of key features of both these web development technologies.

Introduction of Node.js

Released in May 2009, Node.js is an open-source framework that can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux. This cross-platform, runtime environment is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. When it comes to developing server-side, data-intensive, and scalable web applications, Node.js is a useful framework. Node.js offers rich libraries consist of various JavaScript modules to simplify web development. We have listed down characteristics of Node JS Vs Angular JS, let start with the Node JS first.

Key Characteristics of Node JS

  1. Non-blocking operations- Node.js developers can perform non-blocking operations to enhance the performance of web apps.
  2. Built-in APIs- Developers can readily make different types of servers like DNS server, HTTP server, and TCP server by using the built-in APIs.
  3. Jasmin for unit testing- Node.js possesses a unit testing known as Jasmine. It enables developers to test the written code with ease.
  4. Improved scalability- Node.js developers can scale the application vertically and horizontally to improve its performance.

Introduction of AngularJS

Initially released in October 2010, this open-source, front-end framework is maintained by Google and a huge community of active developers. Single-page applications and apps with separate functional layers can be built using the AngularJS platform. We know that AngularJS is the Framework of Javascript, so below we can find the more interesting face of Node.JS Vs Angular.JS.

However, the biggest reason behind its second top position in the list of JavaScript frameworks is Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture. AngularJS development enables developers to come up with information-driven web apps. As we discuss the Node JS Vs AngularJS characteristics above so now time to discuss Key Characteristics of AngularJS.

Key Characteristics of AngularJS

  1. MVW Engineering- As mentioned above, Model-View-Whatever engineering makes it possible for the View to manipulate and remodel DOM for data and behaviour update.
  2. POJO Model- Plain-Old-JavaScript-Objects (POJO) model is a self-sufficient model and offers well-organized objects and logic naturally.
  3. Simplicity- AngularJS is an easy-to-use framework for developers as it can decouple the DOM manipulation from the app’s logic.

Now it's time to dive and find the head to head comparison between Node JS Vs AngularJS.

Head to Head Comparison Between Node JS Vs AngularJS

We have categories the comparison between Node JS Vs Angular JS into 5 parts. Let's discuss each section in details and try to find the differences between Node JS Vs AngularJS.

  1. Structure
  2. Installation
  3. Programming Language
  4. Data-binding
  5. Usage


Node.js is designed to handle small-size projects of scalable web applications and web servers. AngularJS is built for developing organized applications or single-page applications for desktop and mobile domains. Also, AngularJS development is aimed at developing dynamic web applications.


Node.js enables developers to write code in JavaScript, but developers have to install the entire Node.js on their system to create an application development environment. AngularJS does not require to install the entire framework. Developers can simply install the AngularJS file like other JavaScript files. I hope now you get Node JS Vs AngularJS to point for installation.

Programming Language

Though both these platforms multiple programming languages, AngularJS is entirely written in JavaScript, whereas Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript. Talking about paradigm support, Node.js supports object-oriented, concurrency-oriented, event-driven, and sub programming paradigms, while AngularJS supports object-oriented and event-driven paradigms. Now our programming language doubt is clear for both Node JS and Angular JS.


Node.js enables developers to generate database queries in JavaScript directly. As a result, developers can create queries in non-relational databases like MongoDB. AngularJS supports two-way data binding. It keeps the data between the Model and Views synchronized automatically in the web application.


Node.js is an ideal framework for developing scalable server-side applications in a short time. AngularJS development can build interactive and client-side web applications. This characteristic of the AngularJS platform has made it popular among JavaScript developers worldwide. Usage Competition between Node JS Vs Angular JS is a discussable topic.

Node JS Vs Angular JS- Quick Table of Comparison

Node JS Vs AngularJS Quick Table Comparison


Key Differences between Node JS and Angular JS

  1. Angular.JS is a complete web application development framework. But, Node.js is a cross-platform run-time environment that has other frameworks as well
  2. Node.JS framework needs to be installed on the developer’s computer, but AngularJS needs an AngularJS file like other JavaScript files to build applications.
  3. Angular JS development is ideal for single-page applications, while Node.js is useful for developing scalable server-side networking applications
  4. Node JS, on the other hand, is ideal for building small-size applications AngularJS development company can handle robust web application projects, and developers can create highly interactive apps.
  5. AngularJS is completely written in JavaScript whereas Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript languages.

Noteworthy Apps

  • Node.js- Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, PayPal, Mozilla, NASA, etc.
  • AngularJS- IBM, Weather, Double Click, Lego, Upwork, etc.

Wrapping Up- Node.JS Vs Angular.JS

AngularJS is a complete JavaScript-based customer-side structure and Node.js is a run-time condition. Therefore, comparing both these frameworks is like comparing oranges with apples. Developers can combine both these platforms to build isomorphic applications. Both these technologies are essential components of MEAN Stack development, and both can work wonders if incorporated properly.

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