React Native- A Popular Framework for Building Native Apps

From a generation where mobile phones were just a necessity to the generation where mobile phones have become the constant extra organ for the individuals, we see the consistent growth in technology and its necessity for the human beings. In this article, we are talking about the Highlights or Loopholes, and benefits of React Native.

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Technology is now considered as a resource for business enhancements and when it comes to the context of Android and iOS mobile app development, the bewilderedness strikes the developers on what should they offer their customers, either a superlative user interface with the exceptional user experience or the apps that hold compatibility with the multiple platforms and are quick to develop.

In the first place, the apps that can be developed faster offering outstanding interface have the major priority and this is when the React Native comes in the picture!

What is React Native?

React Native is a prominent framework backed by Facebook and can be the developer’s treat in order to develop real and exciting mobile applications with JavaScript backend, and hence the applications developed through React Native supports both the Android and iOS platforms.

React Native Logo with Name

This framework builds a hierarchy of the UI components in order to build the JS code. It also has a set of components for both iOS and Android platforms to helps the developers build a mobile app with a native look and feel.

And yeah, React Native is among the popular frameworks that promise you the quick, easy and outstanding mobile application development without you having to invest a lot of your effort and time.

Just code once, and the platform has you ready with the app available for both iOS and Android platforms. Smarter than you thought, right?

React Native for IOS and Android

And since the same code is used for building both the iOS and Android apps also the web applications, you just need hands-on knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS.

Let’s dig in for more...

Well, as a developer you can’t stick to a framework unless you have all your mobile app development requirements checked and convincing reasons for why it’s the best. Here is a list of few reasons you can consider.

  • It helps you render the user interface for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It is comparatively quick, simple and efficient.
  • It is UI focused that makes the applications load quickly and gives you the smoother run.
  • Since it is an open source framework, it can hold the compatibility with various other platforms like Windows, or tvOS any time in the near future.
  • The React Native components have counterpart rights, so you do have the chance to reuse the components to build both Android and iOS applications.
  • If you are a hard-core JS developer then React Native can be a great pick for you to build Native Apps, without you having to learn the Android specific java or iOS’s swift.
  • You are available with the options of either incorporating the React Native components into the code of the already existing code or reuse the Cordova-based code using the plugin.

Moreover, the React Native fills the gap and helps you cater both the platforms at one go and that’s what has earned it the popularity in recent years and got the heads of giant companies like Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Walmart, Baidu Mobile Tesla, Airbnb, etc., turned towards it.

Highlights of React Native that turned many heads!

  1. The first and foremost reason that React Native lures in the developers with is that minimal coding is all it requires. 
  2. The cross-platform usage could be another major reason why developers got their eyeballs shifted towards this amazing platform. 
  3. More complicated the app is the more lags it experiences, but the React Native breaks the ice! The apps in this framework are compiled into natively written code that enables it to work swiftly on both the operating systems and function the same with no lags.
  4. Faster development, ability to reuse the components, and ease to be maintained besides timesaving, make the developers today prefer to use React native to develop the astonishing mobile applications. 

The loopholes!

Though you React Native sounds to be a flawless affair, it has got some glitches which are yet to be addressed. Some of the custom modules are missing that might lead to consuming more time in building your own module and though it has got the set of pre-packaged elements, you will need a professional developer to watch the technical glitches and bugs.

Wrapping up!

But at the end of the day, despite having all these loopholes, the React Native passes all the hurdles and tests to become the ultimate choice for almost every mobile application developer. Developing through react Native not only finds the developer agility to ease the development process but also lowers the cost and workload while increasing the efficiency.

What makes using it more exciting is that you don’t have to concentrate individually on building Android and iOS apps. Just one code and that goes for Android and iOS mobile app development as well as for the Web app development. So, on the whole, this framework can be defined as a reliable one to develop exciting apps!

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