Complete Guide on JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development

Complete List of the JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development. Back in the days when a mobile app or a website had the least liberty of interaction with other apps and was made of very simple static text site.

The only scope at that time was a few animations available on the screen with HTML and CSS. In this period of time, the developers had a very narrow scope of development and personalization.

JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development

But with the advancement of technology, now different powerful frameworks are available which has transformed the way of development to the next level.

List of JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development- Table of Content

  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js
  • React.js
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js

JavaScript(JS) is one of the most popular programming languages among the developer community over the years. The major reason for the popularity of JavaScript is that enable developers to create attractive and customizable real-time Web Pages.

The beneficial features of the JavaScript make it be more powerful in the development of web applications. JavaScript offers a wide variety of frameworks, especially for the front end development.

Go through this article to have detailed information about the front end development frameworks that are available in the market.

What Are JavaScript Frameworks?

JavaScript frameworks consist of a collection of code libraries i.e. pre-written JS code that helps the developers to use them while handling the routine tasks at the development phase.

The JS frameworks are playing a paramount role in designing websites or web applications for its amazing features like ease of use, multi-platform, flexibility and adaptability and so on.

Best Front-end Development JavaScript Frameworks

There is a plethora of JS frameworks are available for developing the front end of a web application. So, you can opt-out the best frontend framework that suits your expectation.

Angular.js- JavaScript Framework

Angular.js is one of the effective open-source frameworks that offer an excellent solution for developers with many options. This framework was developed by Google that releases the new version of it every 6 months.

Angular.js comes with fruitful benefits such as simple code development, testing with convenience, two-way data binding, etc. to support businesses. AngularJS is a famous JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development.


  • Provides reusable components
  • More popular among the business market for its features
  • Many third-party libraries are available


  • Requires more optimization
  • Steep learning curve
  • Need advanced skills

Vue.js- JavaScript Framework

Vue.js is one among the JavaScript framework developed by Evan You in the year of 2013. This vue.js has acquired much importance in the web development with for its simplicity, performance, easy to learn option and still more. The developers make use of Vue.js as they can be easily integrated within an application.


  • Best documentation option
  • Suitable for newbie of JavaScript frameworks
  • One among the top three JS frameworks
  • Integrates easily with HTML elements


  • Has less market than React and Angular.js
  • Less availability of resources

React.js- JavaScript Framework

The react.js framework was launched and made open source by Facebook in the year of 2013. The benefits of this JS framework have attracted the developers to create more web applications that include dynamic handling of data. Even there is no complete functional library the developers can do the functionalities in alliance with Redux.


  • Simple component models
  • Unidirectional data flow
  • It is suitable for cross-platform web development
  • It has effective features like flexibility, efficiency, and speed


  • The steep learning curve for developing larger applications
  • It may be incompatible with libraries and code that changes DOM

Ember.js- JavaScript Framework

Ember.js is an open-source framework that functions based on the MVVM pattern (Model-View-ViewModel). This client-side framework can be used to develop single-page web applications as well as other web applications. The developers can also use this Ember.js to have the best solution for data management flow in applications.


  • Suitable for building complex web applications
  • It offers full-featured functionality
  • Provides better performance and documentation
  • The scalability feature helps to build both mobile and desktop applications
  • Comes with an own debugging tool called Ember Inspector


  • It is a large size framework
  • Has a steep learning curve

Backbone.js- JavaScript Framework

Backbone.js was established by Jeremy Ashkenas in the year of 2010. This lightweight library works in accordance with the MVP model (Model-View-Presenter). It is considered as one of the essential JS frameworks for its special structures for front end applications with MVC pattern. Backbone.js helps you to separate the business logic from the user interface. This kind of libraries is used to design single page applications and combines various parts of web applications.


  • Easy to create the front end applications
  • Helps to build versatile applications
  • It offers code structures to the developers
  • Can able to sync with the back-end


  • Less popularity than React.js and Angular.js
  • It is based on the imperative programming method

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are all about the JavaScript frameworks used in the front end development of web applications. Each framework or libraries are popular for their unique features and benefits such that you have to select the right one for you. Opt-Out Right JS Frameworks To Have Creative Web Development!

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