Boost Android App Development with Flutter - 5 Reasons

5 reasons to Boost Android App Development with Flutter. Developers are often faced with the tough question from businesses- should they opt for native app development or, go for the cross-platform development?. This question is defining the thought processes of the developers. Earlier, the distinction was clear- you would either go with iOS or Android. However, with audiences participating on both platforms, and the need to cater to everyone in your target, it has become essential for businesses to develop cross-platform apps.

Boost Android App Development with Flutter
Boost Android App Development with Flutter

5 Reasons to Boost Android App Development with Flutter

  • Boosts the Development Cycle with Flutter
  • Increase the Productivity of Developers Using Flutter
  • Removes the Hustle Between Frontend and Backend
  • Animation Made Effectively with Flutter
  • Dart Gains the Best from the Rest
Technologies such as ReactJs have already prepared the base for such development. However, with Flutter that offers advanced features and functionality that introduces your business to the mobile world effectively. As a result, it has become easier for you to think of mobile and cross-platform at the same time.

Why Should Android App Developers Consider Flutter?

One of the main reasons to choose Flutter for Android app development can be attributed to the fact that it is founded on all the Google technologies. In fact, within months of its introduction to the world, businesses such as Alibaba have adopted the framework.

If you are also planning a mobile app, and are wondering why you should choose Flutter, we will give you enough reasons for the same.

Boosts the Development Cycle with Flutter

If you are developing a native Android app, you need to use the Gradle build tool. However, if you have been using this build tool, you would know that it takes up a lot of your time. Each build cycle is real slow and reduces the pace of development.

In the case of Flutter, you do need the Gradle build tool at the start but, eventually, you can start avoiding the use of this tool. In case of an app restart or when the app needs an upgrade, the build tool can is from the process.

The development cycles are few and fast as a result of the removal of the Gradle tool, and eventually, you get access to a faster app. So, whenever you switch off and switch on the app, the loading time is reduced majorly with Flutter framework.

Increase the Productivity of Developers Using Flutter

The second reason why you should opt for Flutter is the productivity it offers to the developers. If you choose native app development, you would have to wait longer to observe the modifications you have made to the app. You also need to understand the impact it has on the structure as well as app cycles. This is the main reason to use Android App Development with Flutter.

However, with Flutter, and the hot restart feature it offers, you can view the changes in seconds. Apart from this, the removal of Gradle from the structure has also reduced the time taken to view the modifications. As a result, you can see the changes as soon as you commit them to the build.

Removes the Hustle Between Frontend and Backend

If you go for native app development, the first barrier that you tend to face is juggling between frontend and backend of the mobile app. The reason being the different languages that command these two aspects of the app. However, with Flutter, which uses the reactive framework, you use a common language to dictate both the frontend and backend. As a result, you restrict the movement and fasten the pace of development. The structure of the framework is also a reason why you should opt for Flutter. Whether you want to deliver real estate solutions or devise a niche app for the sports industry, Flutter will make development faster and easier for you.

Animation Made Effectively with Flutter

When you are delivering real estate solutions or any such solution where animation is needed, native Android development can slow the process down. The animations can also be slow as a result. However, Flutter comes with a tool known as 2Dimension Flare. This tool enables the framework to not only optimize an animation but also accelerate the process and improve UI development for the mobile app.

You can develop animation at a speed of 60FPS. In case you want to modify the animation, then you can do it without bothering the rest of the app. As a result of this framework, you can introduce changes to the UI and animations without spending a lot of your time. The simplicity of the process is worth taking a bow.

Dart Gains the Best from the Rest

One of the primary reasons to switch to Flutter is Dart. Most of the cross-platform frameworks in recent times are dependent on Java for coding. However, Flutter has removed this dependency by introducing an in-house programming language known as Dart. Dart has taken in some of the best features from all the different programming languages, which makes it smoother and better for use. With limited knowledge of Java, developers can use Dart and develop mobile apps. Flutter makes life effortless for the developers.

Summing up

Flutter, with its variety of features and functionality, has set the pace for mobile app development. The framework has not only eased out the development efforts but also defined a smooth process for app development. Plan to outsource the app to a mobile app development company that understands Flutter for a quicker and easier launch.

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