Tip: How to Use Keywords in Content Writing for Better SEO

In this article, we are going to discuss How to Use Keywords in Content Writing for Better SEO. The choice of keywords and their placement in the content makes a significant impact on search engines. It increases the chances of the search engines finding or choosing it when it filters content against specific keywords. Therefore, it is incredibly important to know the art of placing the keywords in the right places throughout the content by knowing its correct use.

How to Use Keywords in Content Writing for Better SEO

Digital experts who practice SEO are the right persons from whom you can learn the techniques of using keywords appropriately.

Types of Keywords

When you are ready with some keywords for using in the content, before knowing to Use Keywords in Content Writing, the first question that crosses your mind is the number of keywords you should use. Next comes the question about how the keywords are related to one another and whether they will help push forward the message in the content. To begin with, classify chosen keywords into three categories – primary keywords, secondary keywords, and additional keywords.

Types of Keywords
  1. The primary keyword determines the topic of the article that should reflect in the title and other keywords. Hence you must have only one primary keyword.
  2. A few secondary keywords complement the primary keyword with slight variations. You can spread the secondary keywords throughout the article.
  3. Additional keywords are related keywords having the same meaning but phrased or spelt differently. These are variations of the primary keyword that expands the net for attraction viewers.

Usually, you should use 1 to 3 secondary keywords and 1 to 4 additional keywords besides the primary keyword, but the numbers depend on the length of content.

How to Use Keywords in Content Writing

  1. Using Keywords in the Content
  2. Place Keywords in the Meta Description
  3. Keywords in the SEO Title Tag
  4. Keywords in the Article Title
  5. Positioning Keywords in the Article
  6. Keywords in Headers
  7. Use Keywords in URL
  8. Keywords in Alt Tag.

Using Keywords in the Content

When it comes to keyword placement instead of trying to be creative, stick to the best practices. Understand the rules that govern keyword placement to ensure that your efforts do not go waste. There are many other places to position keywords strategically from the title tag to the Meta description to the anchor texts.

Place Keywords in the Meta Description

Meta descriptions provide a summary of the content, and placing keywords in the Meta description helps search engines filter the content better and pick it over others. Putting one or two of your essential keywords in the Meta description that appears under the URL and page name in the search result and attaching it to a part of your page that the search engines serve is one of the best practices in keyword placement.

Place Keywords in the Meta Description

How to Use Keywords in Content Writing in the Meta Description. Having a WordPress SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO plugin helps place the keyword in the Meta description, or you can use some other tool that is right for the purpose, but then you must learn more on how to hire a Digital Expert, which will make all the difference in the outcome.

Keywords in the SEO Title Tag

First, be clear about the SEO title tag that is different from your article title. Also known as meta title tag because of its similarity to Meta description, the SEO title portrays the name of the page visible to users on the search engine results page when they search for a keyword phrase. How to Use Keywords in Content Writing in the SEO Title Tag.

When someone clicks on the SEO title in the SERP, it will take them to the respective page. Since the SEO title tag (50-60 characters) is shorter than the Meta description (160 characters), you can include only your primary keyword and the company name, which is the best option.

Keywords in the Article Title

Although not necessary, try to place the keyword in the article title, and preferably it should be the primary keyword which is the most powerful among all the keywords used in the content. Since Google matches the Meta description with the title header to figure out what your content is about.

it makes perfect sense to place a keyword in the article title if you can do it naturally. It isn't easy to use the keyword usually, then use some of its variation that helps to drive home the point of the article while touching upon some of the main words from your keyword phrase. Now you know How to Use Keywords in Content Writing in Article Title.

Positioning Keywords in the Article

Having done with placing the keyword at various places beyond the article body, it is now time to think about the best position for the keywords in the article body. According to SEO experts, you must place the keyword somewhere within the first 200 words of the article because Google pays maximum attention to this part of the article.

They think that since this portion of the article introduces viewers to the topic of the article and carries hints about what we will discuss in the remaining article, it acquires a lot of importance. Since readers decide about continuing with the article based on the introduction, there is reason to believe that it could be a ranking factor.

Just like the introduction of the article, the conclusion is no less important. Use your primary keyword in the concluding paragraphs of the article, preferably within the last 200 words. If possible, include a secondary keyword too, and you can consist of is CTA or Call to action if the content is a blog post.

Keywords in Headers

Headers are must-haves from a visual perspective as it helps to break up the text into smaller sections that increases readability. Since the HTML tags used in headers are relevant from the SEO perspective, ranking signals using keywords in the headings adds more emphasis to the keyword and its meaning. How to Use Keywords in Headers for Content Writing. It helps search engines to understand the relevance of the keyword to the content.

Use Keywords in URL

Inserting the primary keyword in the URL of the main page of the article is vital to maintain consistency in describing the article to readers and search engines. When you insert the keyword in the article title, it must also be in the URL at the time of publishing.

Use keywords in the anchor text to emphasize the keyword by hinting that there are some other places to find more information about the keyword. For better keyword usage, place it in the alt tags of images too. Track the keyword performance over a few months to see what is working and what changes might be necessary. 

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Don't forget to add a Keyword in Image ALT Tag, I hope you like my article on How to Use Keywords in Content Writing for Better performance.
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