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SEO(Search engine optimization) is important for the success of a website and for achieving its objectives. In case you are running a website using WordPress as a content management system, you have the option of plugins. This free Best SEO Plugin For WordPress helps to increase traffic on your website. WordPress provides services with a big plugin store, where the users can find all types of plugins for adding features and functionalities to the website. Along with it, some plugins are used for managing technical aspects of websites such as – SEO, marketing, and so on.

WordPress Plugins– An Introduction

In WordPress plugins are working like a tool by which a website owner can focus on improvements and effectiveness. Selection and use of the best SEO plugins will assist you in improving the website’s user experience. For all these things, no one is required to use specific or technical knowledge. In the plugin store, you can see more than 55000 WordPress plugins. We are going to provide the free 9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress.

9 Free Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

All plugins are developed to assist users as much as possible. Here, you will get both types of options, such as – paid and free. Some paid plugins are offering a free version by applying some restrictions as well. Upcoming paragraphs will help you in getting introduced to some major options of search engine optimization WordPress plugins.

9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Below is the list of 9 free Best SEO Plugin For WordPress, that every blogger or site owner must use to get tons of traffic.

  1. Rank Math
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. SEOPress
  4. Redirection
  5. WP Rocket
  6. WP Smush
  7. Broken Link Checker
  8. WP Review Pro
  9. AMP For WP

Rank Math: No. 1 Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

For online success, everyone has to optimize their website perfectly by taking care of technicalities. Rank Math is an SEO plugin by which you are capable of optimizing your WordPress website perfectly for both social media platforms and search engines. It will help you in building a perfect SEO strategy and get lots of benefits. Rank Math is the Free and Best SEO Plugin For WordPress.

Rank Math Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

  1. To install and set up the Rank Math wizard, no one needs to spend lots of time or put effort. Its installation assists you in managing and setting up your webmaster profile, social, and some other search engine optimization settings.
  2. You can easily understand the usage of the tool, and it becomes possible due to its user-friendly interface.
  3. Rank Math is completely free for All.
  4. With Google Search Console integration, you can save lots of time.

These are some facts related to rank math.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. It is serving the WordPress community with more than 5 million active installations and progressing regularly. It provides services as a full SEO package where the users can easily tackle multiple tasks by using this one tool only. The Most Popular Best SEO Plugin For WordPress is a Yoast SEO for Everyone.

Yoast SEO

  1. It can be used for generating an XML sitemap file and easily synchronising it with Google Webmaster.
  2. Meta title and description optimization can become easier for completing on-page related tasks.
  3. The process of generating open graph data for social media platforms becomes easier.

Along with it, you can also get offers related to the premium Yoast services. The Premium version of the tool will help you in accessing lots of features. The biggest benefit of the premium Yoast plugin, is the users are capable of targeting more than one keyword on a post or page for on-page optimization.


When it comes to picking a powerful, simple, and fast WordPress SEO plugin, SEOPress appears as a great option. It is associated with lots of features and the users have complete control over it. They can enable and disable the features as per their requirements. When it's come to popularity Best SEO Plugin For WordPress SEO Press comes in third place.


  1. It has Google’s suggestion tool for getting keyword suggestions as per the content available on the website.
  2. Easy to apply redirection (301, 302, and 307) and manage related activities.
  3. Easy to track traffic and other Google Analytics events on the WordPress dashboard
  4. Inspect the website’s performance by using the Google Page Speed tool

With all these things, by getting its premium version, you can unlock more interesting features for better performance and results such as – video XML sitemaps, Google News, Google Schema, and much more.

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While working on search engine optimization of a website, you have to deal with lots of things such as – page redirections. For such a purpose, redirection is a popular WordPress plugin where the users are capable of implementing 301 redirections and tracking 404 errors (page not found) easily. A redirection SEO Plugin For WordPress is a must for all.


It will help figure out multiple technical issues that may take place on the website with the best possible solutions.

  1. Automated feature for implementing the redirects and keeping it working conditionally perfectly
  2. It is easy to monitor 404 pages and redirect error pages to the active ones
  3. Work with conditional redirects based on different criteria

All these features will help you manage redirects easily and work accordingly.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a plugin that can be used for the caching process. While using it for your WordPress website, you have to spend some money, it is a premium WordPress plugin. The plugin is available with lots of advanced features that can make your website fully functional and work on performance improvements.

WP Rocket

  1. You can use it for compressing CSS, JS, and HTML files.
  2. Helpful in providing a better experience to the returning visitors
  3. Capable of working with all types of content delivery networks like Cloudflare and MaxCDN
  4. Work on improving the loading time of web pages by managing facts regarding image loading

By improving the website’s loading speed, you are capable of making lots of things better. It simply increases user experience and chances of conversions.

WP Smush

Image optimization is the most important task for running a website perfectly and avoiding all types of issues. Sometimes, images are becoming a big reason for a heavy website and stress on the servers. WP Smush helps in optimizing an image by compressing and resizing it. Increase traffic and SEO score with WP Smush Best SEO Plugin For WordPress.

WP Smush

  1. It provides a feature by which you can bring changes in bulk and optimize up to 50 images in one go
  2. During the compressing process, it can help resize as well

The most important factor is that by using such a WordPress plugin, you can keep the image’s quality perfect. During the image optimization process, it is not going to affect its quality and associated factors.

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Broken Link Checker

A website can encounter many issues such as – broken links, absence of images, missing redirections, and so on. Everyone has to work on these issues properly and figure out the best possible solution. By choosing the option of the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin, you can shorten the process and save lots of time with ease.

Broken Link Checker

  1. It can detect broken links easily from all types of comments, posts, and pages
  2. You can control the plugin functioning and take all possible actions via the WordPress website dashboard
  3. Apply restrictions for avoiding to avoid broken links being detected by search engines

The use of this particular plugin helps you detect and remove all the broken links without affecting the content. In case you are finished with the task of scanning and removing, then it is good to keep the plugin off. Next time when you are going to choose the option of scanning all you can activate it again.

WP Review Pro

The best SEO Plugin For WordPress for review is WP Review Pro Plugin. Reviews are playing a big role when it comes to online success. It also works as a source by which you can get introduced to the customers’ point of view regarding your services or stuff. Having reviews on the website also works as a big source for building trust among new customers. Here, WP Review Pro becomes a useful and highly beneficial tool.

WP Review Pro

It helps in creating reviews and getting the website ranked quickly. Mainly it can help create reviews for different types of books, games, movies, products, and so on. It provides services with a collection of 14 types of rich snippets.

  1. It offers different types of rating criteria in front of the users such as – thumbs up, points, percentages, start, and circles.
  2. It provides a feature for leaving a comment and rating the existing comments
  3. By using it you can display reviews from different sources such as Facebook, Google Places, and Yelp.
  4. It contains a fully-featured comparison table to compare different products easily and quickly.

It becomes more convenient with the feature of custom widgets and a notification bar. It allows you to display reviews in different places on the website as you want.


For impressing the audience and achieve the online business goals, you have to keep the website user and mobile-friendly. With mobile-friendliness, you need to check out the loading speed of the website on mobile devices as well. By installing AMP for WP plugin, you can provide a better experience to mobile users. AMP for WP(WordPress) is the last plugin in our Best SEO Plugin For WordPress that every site owner must use.

AMP For WP SEO Plugins for WordPress

It generally increases the loading speed of the website and presents data effectively on mobile devices. It will benefit your business by decreasing the bounce rate and providing lots of related benefits such as – higher conversions.

  1. Automated AMP integration with website.
  2. Easy to canonical tags for a better introduction to Google.
  3. High loading speed as compared to standard pages.
  4. Browse AMP pages internally.

All these things will deliver good signals to Google by which the chances of getting higher rankings become better than before.

It also allows you to load the jQuery library from a local resource. This practice allows you to reduce and improve two important web vitals metrics, the Total Blocking Time and First Contentful Paint, thus reducing the rendering blocking by the browser due to resources external to your server.

Bonus WP Review

WP Review is one of the best Mythemeshop review plugins that should be installed on every website. It is a WordPress plugin used to review products and services. It comes with 19 types of rich snippets; this plugin allows users to review books, movies, games, or anything else. An admin of the website can also change the template with colour to make it a little more attractive. It has multiple rating systems through which users can rate your product in star, percentage, thumbs up, or circle form. It is a must-have review plugin for every website owner.

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I am using Rank Math and Yoast for my 2 websites and Trust me guys, I got a better result with Rank Math. The best thing about Rank Math is "It is free with all Level features". That's all about 9 Free Best SEO plugins for WordPress

These are some major plugins that can help you focus on SEO-related factors and get success in an online business. If you hire a good SEO agency, then you will get quality services for optimizing the website and keeping it SEO-friendly.

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