11 Simple Yet Useful Tips on Python Programming

There are many changes that happen over a period of time. 10+ Beginner Tips for Learning Python Programming, So, it is important to know them before starting to learn. So, here are some tips to consider when starting to Learn Python Programming Language.

Python Programming Useful Tips

1. Code Consistently

As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, so Django programming should code every day. Uniformity is important while learning a new language. Promising to code every day will help grow muscle memory. Muscle memory plays a very important role in Python programming. Everyday coding will help in having consistency in the work.

2. Take notes

Having notes is always useful. It is helpful in long-term retention. Python Programmers must write notes by hand so that it could be used in the future. This is most beneficial for those who want to become a full-time developer. Many a time in interviews coders are required to write codes. Writing codes will also help in planning the codes beforehand when working with on small projects and programs.

3. Go interactive

The interactive Python tool is the best learning tools for Django program coders. To use the interactive tool, Python must be installed on the computer. Open the terminal and run python or python3 depending on the installation to activate the interactive Python shell.

4. Take breaks

Take breaks while working. Taking breaks is very much essential for an effective study. It helps to grab the information and retain them. It also helps when there is a bug that cannot be fixed. After breaks, there is much power to concentrate on the problem.

5. Become a bug bounty hunter

Don't get frustrated when there is a bug in your program. Rather a methodological approach to find where the problem lies. Go through the codes in the order of execution and check where is a break. Use the Python Debugger to help once you have found a problem.

6. Surround with other learners

Surrounding yourself with other Python Programmers will help in sharing the tips and tricks of programming. It might also help when you face any type of problem in your program and you are unable to solve it, and others might find the solution for you.

7. Teach

Learning can be best when you teach others. It helps in long-term retention. You can teach others by writing blogs about newly learned concepts, whiteboarding with other Python Programmers, recording videos of you teaching the codes and programs. It will solidify your understanding and expose you to the gaps in your understanding.

8. Pair Program

A program that involves two developers working on the same workstation. Both of them switch sides to act as a "driver" and a "navigator". Drivers are the one who writes the codes and Navigators are those who help in solving problems and help in reviewing the codes. They switch sides to get the benefit of both the sides from each of them. It has many benefits, it provides not only writing the codes but also helps in knowing how others think of the problem. Exposing one's self to multiple ideas and ways will help when writing programs on their own.

9. Ask “GOOD” questions

Here GOOD has the following acronym:

G: Giving content, describing the work done by you
O: Outlining the things you have already tried to fix
O: Offer your best guess of the problem. It gives the impression that you have not tried to find what the problem might be but also tells about the way you are thinking of about the problem.
D:  Give Demo about what’s happening in the program including the codes, traceback error message, an explanation of the steps executed that resulted in the error.
These GOOD questions help in saving time. It helps in expressing your thought process. Also, it will help others working with you.

10. Build Anything

Once done with the small exercises, it’s time to build something. It is not important what you build rather important is how you build it. The process of building a program teaches a lot. You can start with a small project like number games, simple calculator app, dice roll stimulator and many more such things. You will learn from the article you read, the problems you solve.

11. Contribute to Open Source

Contributing to open sources will provide with great learning experiences. In Open source, software code models are public and accessible to everyone. Many companies publish open source projects. This will enable you to learn with other developers and learn the best practices for Django programming.

These are a few tips when learning Python program. Have a solid grasp on the basic structure of the Python Program, object-oriented structure, and writing classes and then you are ready to build some exciting Python projects.

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