Top New 5 Programming Skills Worth Learning in 2024 [Updated]

List of 5 Programming Skills Worth Learning in 2024. Programming is one of the most needed skills in today’s time. The world has become technologically advanced and there’s no place where there is no usage of computers. As a result, the world has become digital and most businesses have taken their way to becoming digitally literate. The need of the hour for every business is to be available on the digital platform in order to get more customers.

Programming has brought results that have become a need for businesses and people in their everyday lives. Software developers have given people access to web applications, games and mobile applications developed through different programming languages. Therefore, businesses require people to be efficient in programming skills.

Top New 5 Programming Skills Worth Learning

Overall, there are numerous programming languages that one should learn, but the question is which programming skills are worth learning? So, here is the answer.

Top 5 Programming Skills Must Learn in 2024

The top 5 programming skills which are worth learning for you. The list is according to the popularity of the language.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C++ or CPP
  4. JavaScript
  5. Go Language

1. Python Programming

Python is a programming language created by Guido Van Rossum in the 1990s. It is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and also the most widely used. This is a language that you should think of learning in the first place.

Python includes structured, object-oriented and functional programming. It is dynamically used in different areas of software development. The language uses dynamic typing for memory management and was designed to be highly extensible. The top programming skills which are worth learning for you.

Python Programming

Unlike other programming languages, it uses English words which makes it easily readable. The language is highly used in Data analytics, data science, artificial learning and web development.

In order to learn this language thoroughly, you will need to attend a training course. Therefore, try to get into a proper training course but you can also search Google for tutorials to give you an idea of how it works. The job opportunities are also very high for this programming skill.

2. Java Programming

Java is also one of the most popular languages. It came into function in 1995 and was developed by James Gosling. It is an object-oriented language that gives structure to programs. It allows application developers to write once, and run anywhere. It is owned by Oracle and is widely used for mobile applications, desktop and web applications, database connections and many more.

Java Programming

Java Programming Skills: The Java programming language is used on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and many more. The language follows the OOP paradigm and it also allows the reuse of codes which helps in saving development costs. It allows Java applications to run on any Java Virtual Machine regardless of computer architecture. You must also check the key difference between Java vs JavaScript.

Java is used in more than 3 billion devices and provides base pay of $93,570 per year to developers of Java. The latest versions of this language are Java 14 and Java 11.

As a reason for all of these features, Java has become one of the top languages to be learnt. Training sessions and classes are the best way to learn this language. It will be beneficial for you in case you join an instructor-led Java training course.

3. C++ Programming Skills

C++ is a programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is an extension of the C programming language which came in 1972. C++ is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It is used in operating systems, file systems and many more.

C++ Programming Skills

It facilitates low memory manipulation and has object-oriented, generic and functional features. C++ is one of the languages worth learning for your job prospects. C++ offers too many features which makes it a lot more complicated than other languages.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to learn this programming language. But, if you want to master the language, you need to be prepared and should register yourself for classes. C++ is ranked 4th in the TIOBE programming languages ranking. So, it’s very important for you to have an idea about it if you are looking for a career as a programmer.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language designed by Brendan Eich in the 1990s. Earlier in the days, the language was criticized a lot but as time passed it has evolved and has become one of the most used languages in the world.


JavaScript is the most essential part of web applications. It is widely used in the functioning of browsers and supports event-driven, functional and imperative programming styles. It is highly used by web developers in the website’s client-side page behaviour. They are also used in servers via Node.js.

Learn JavaScript, take notes and practice in order to have deep learning. It is one of the most essential programming languages employers look for. So, it becomes important to have knowledge of this language.

5. Go Language

Go Programming Skills: Golang is a compiled programming language designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson at Google. The initial release of the programming language was in 2012. Go is a language with memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing and CSP-style concurrency. It is also one of the top-used languages. It targets multiple mobile devices, operating systems and web assembly.

Go Language

The language is easy to learn and has high-performance networking and multiprocessing. It is a simple language and has efficient readability and usability. Go has been ranked 10th for the most demanding language by Indeed. It is also one of the highest-paid languages in the Stack Overflow developer survey 2019.

Go language is highly used in system programming, serverless computing, Cloud-native development and business applications.


Programming languages are not easy to learn as they consist of a lot of different keywords and syntax for instructing computers. These above programming languages will make you much more efficient as a programmer ultimately making you a skilled employee. In order to learn these languages, you will need to commit hours of practice in order to excel. But once you learn, you will have the realization that these are worth learning.

You need a lot of dedication and concentration to have a deep understanding of these languages as there are millions of programmers competing against you. So, buckle up and learn these top 5 programming skills which will make you an efficient programmer.

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