{Updated} 5 Best PDF Compressor Online Free in 2024

List of 5 Best PDF Compressors Online free. Documents are a necessary element of giant organizations small startups, education departments, hospitals, and everywhere around the globe. PDF or we can say portable document format provided by Adobe in 1990, and it is the most common file format that almost every person prefers. The purpose of a PDF file is to save or access your documents in nearly all operating systems or hardware devices. 

You do not need many applications to create PDF files, all you need is a PDF reader provided by Adobe. Secondly, you do not need to worry about the layout of your document, wherever you will open it, it will be the same. PDF files can hold texts, images, videos, fonts, and more. Nowadays, web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla are capable of viewing PDF files and you don’t need a specific app to view them.

PDF files are meant for viewing documents, not editing and it is an advantage that it will preserve your document format. This way you are ensured the document you are sharing will be received as you have sent it to someone. Find the list below of the 5 Best PDF Compressor Online free for everyone.

Best PDF Compressor Online Free

PDF has made it easy to share documents back and forth, but sometimes the PDF file size is an issue, so to tackle that situation, you have to compress the PDF file. By compressing the PDF file the size of the file is reduced and can be transferred across any platform(i.e. social apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, email or through external devices) with ease.

PDF file compressing doesn’t affect the format of the documents but the quality is a measure to keep in check while reducing the size of documents. The PDF file remains the same except the size of the file is reduced. For compressing the PDF file, here are the PDF file compressors or tools that compress PDF files. There are a variety of tools that aim to reduce the size of PDF files but not all of them guarantee the quality should not be compromised. You should choose the very tools that reduce the PDF file size as well doesn’t affect the quality of the content of documents.

5 Best PDF Compressors Online

We have listed the 5 Best PDF Compressor Online that will help you to reduce the size of the PDF file without losing the quality of your file. All you need is an internet connection to use these tools.
  1. 2Pdf.com
  2. Adobe PDF Compressor
  3. Pdf2Go
  4. iLovePdf
  5. Pdf Compressor

1. 2Pdf.com

2pdf.com is a simple but delegate tool to reduce the size of your PDF file.

2PDF(Best PDF Compressor Online free) is fast and saves a lot of time in reducing the size of your PDF file. 2PDF not only allows you to compress the PDF file but also many other features like converting your Word files or any other format documents into PDF, you can also merge your PDF files. 2PDF is still introducing a variety of new features to fulfil all the requirements of users, regarding document handling and editing. 


2PDF provides a very user-friendly tool and you just have to select the option of “compress PDF” and upload your file to reduce the size of the PDF file without losing the quality of your file. After uploading the PDF file it takes a few moments and provides you with a downloadable PDF file with a compressed file.

2PDF is a free tool and you can get the best features without losing a penny.

2. Adobe PDF Compressor

A PDF file is introduced by Adobe PDF Compressor and it provides one of the best tools to compress PDF files. Adobe reduces the size of the PDF file with high-quality optimization of your document as your PDF file depicts. The Adobe PDF compressor is an online tool and is available on almost every browser. It's not an easy task to manage the documents, and that is the reason sometimes we need Document management software to easily manage our documents.

You just have to select or drag and drop the PDF file in the drop zone whose size you want to reduce. As the PDF file is uploaded acrobat will automatically start compressing the size of your file. According to the size of your PDF file, you will get your resized downloadable PDF file of the same quality in a few seconds.

Adobe PDF Compressor

Adobe Best PDF Compressor Online free, allows you to reduce the size of PDFs up to 5000MB. Adobe is a safe and secure tool as it deletes your PDF files of yours. It also allows a feature to check the size of a compressed PDF file.

3. Pdf2Go

PDF2Go is also an amazing online tool that can compress the size of a PDF file and provides good solutions to merge PDF, split PDF and edit PDF options. You don’t need to download any software, all you have to do is open the PDF2Go on your browser and select the compress PDF option to reduce the size of your PDF file.


Best PDF Compressor Online free: PDF2Go gives two basic options, on how you want to compress your PDF file. First is medium compression which is default and won’t compromise your PDF file quality but reduces the file to a medium level. Secondly, the strong compression will reduce the size to small but the quality will be medium(72 DPI).

PDF2Go is safe, and secure and will delete your PDF file within 24 hours.

4. iLovePdf

ILovePDF is a famous(PDF Compressor Online) online website that provides all the tools that you need to work with PDFs at your fingertips. All the tools are free of cost and easy to use. We are going to talk about how it reduces the size of a PDF file. You can access the tool from any device and compress your desired PDF file without any fear of losing data.


It also allows the user to get the PDF file from the drive or Dropbox.

5. Pdf Compressor

PDF compressor is a simple, easy and fast tool that will reduce the size of your PDF file saving you a great amount of time. The PDF file can be compressed in a few steps. It also allows the user to add 20 PDF files at a single time and it will reduce the size without compromising on the quality of your files.

Pdf Compressor

Best PDF Compressor Online free also gives you a service where you can share the compressed PDF file to social media or through emails. PDF compressors do not change the dpi of the PDF file.

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After the analysis and reviewing all the Best PDF compressors online, we have concluded that 2PDFcom is the best and loved by almost all of its users. 2PDF is 100% accurate in converting and reducing the size of PDF files. You just have to open 2PDF.com and start using it without signing in.
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