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We are listing the Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. This is a popularity index of Programming Languages Ranking. If the TIOBE index is anything to go by, there are over 265 programming languages for developers to choose from. Of course, not all of them are equally popular. Normally, most developers use 10-12 languages; moreover, their preferences tend to change from year to year.

We tried to find out the most popular programming languages in the year 2022, using official information from PYPL and TIOBE rankings. Keep on reading to learn more about the latest trends in the field of programming.

How Is the Popularity of Programming Languages Ranking Calculated?

Nowadays the biggest question is that How the Popularity of Programming Languages Ranking Calculated?. To compile the ranking of top programming languages, popular indexes use the same methods. They calculate how many times a particular language has been mentioned by users.

However, if we compare the algorithms of TIOBE and PYPL, we’ll see that their approaches are slightly different. While TIOBE calculates the total number of search inquiries in 25 popular search systems, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, Wikipedia, etc., PYPL checks the frequency of seeking programming language tutorials in Google.

Logically enough, they get different results. We’ll review the rankings of both indexes and try to compile the most accurate comprehensive rating. Get the TIOBE and PYPL Ranking of Programming Languages 2022 list.

TIOBE Index- Programming Languages Ranking

The number-one programming language, according to TIOBE, is Java. which has been keeping its leading position since last year. It is followed by C, which is slowly moving upwards, with an increase of 2.4% per year. The third and fourth positions have gone to Python and C#, with a yearly increase of 1.41% and 2.07% respectively. Java comes in first place in the TIOBE Ranking of Programming Languages index

Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2020

PYPL Index Programming Language Ranking

The top-1 programming language, according to PYPL, is Python, with a yearly growth of 4.3%. It is followed by Java and JavaScript. Last but not least in the top-10 ranking is Kotlin, which seems one of the promising options, thanks to its yearly growth of 0.5%.

PYPL Index of Ranking of Programming Languages

Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022

We’ve compared two different approaches to Ranking Programming Languages. For our review, we’ve selected the PYPL ranking as the basis, as it relies on the frequency of googling for tutorials. The information is derived from Google Trends.

Our ranking includes only programming languages, no frameworks, such as Angular vs React. For every language, we’ve singled out some core features that make it stand out.

#10. Kotlin

This language is primarily used for Android apps development. A consistent increase of Android users in the world is the main reason for its popularity. Kotlin has 10 places in the Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. Its key features include:

  • Interoperability with Java, which allows using Android libraries for the apps written in Kotlin.
  • Incremental compilation support.
  • Can be used by backend and frontend developers.

#9 Swift

Swift is a popular open-source language with a simple syntax(That is the main reason it comes in the top 10 positions of Ranking of Programming Languages 2022) that is widely used for developing iOS applications. Developers love it for several reasons:

  • Interoperability with Objective-C.
  • Easy to use, due to its simple syntax.
  • It is an open-source language.

#8 Objective-C

This is a predecessor of the Swift programming language. Until 2014, it was the only language for iOS apps development. Later, it has been replaced by Swift. However, developers still use Objective-C, as it has some benefits:

  • Use of static libraries.
  • Interoperability with Swift.
  • Compatibility with Apple for iOS, macOS, iPadOS.
  • Compilation of runtime code.

#7 R

As well as Python, the R language is meant for analyzing large data massifs. IT is widely used by data analysts and statisticians in projects where extracting and displaying statistic data are required (banking, healthcare, government, etc.) It also works within Mediawiki software for running R-programs and getting text or graphic results. Its highlights include:

  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Acting as a tool for working with statistical data.
  • Working with machine learning algorithms.

#6 C and C++

In the PYPL ranking, the popularity of C and C++ languages is on the same level, so they don’t distinguish between them. C is one of the oldest languages around; however, it remains popular. This a sort of basic programming language, which was used for creating most existing operating systems, web-browser, basic Microsoft products. C++ has much in common with C. Their core features include:

  • Basic syntax and basic memory model.
  • Similar mechanisms of interface exporting.
  • Separate compilation.

#5 PHP

PHP is the main programming language for web development. It is mainly used for writing scripts for websites and web apps, i.e. for creating dynamic pages. PHP deserve 5th position in Programming Languages Ranking. Its main features are the following:

  • A cross-platform open-source language.
  • Built-in MySQL support.
  • Reduced learning curve.
  • PHP Frameworks.

#4 C#

This is another brunch of the C language family with some features of Java. It is often used with the .NET framework by Microsoft for the development of all types of desktop applications for MS Windows. Its highlights include:

  • Integration with MS Windows.
  • Has programming idioms for recourse management.
  • Availability of dynamic variables.

#3 JavaScript

JS is the main tool of front-end developers and one of the most widely used programming languages out there. With the help of JavaScript, most interactive elements of web pages are created. Numerous JS frameworks add flexibility. Here are just some of its benefits: It's obvious that Javascript has a special place in the top 3 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022.

  • Compatibility with various languages.
  • Several frameworks add flexibility.
  • The feature of data validation.

#2 Java

Java is a classic choice of many backend developers throughout the world and the only official language for Android app development. Many major web apps and systems, such as LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and others are built with the use of Java. Widely used Java comes in 2nd place of Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. Here is a shortlist of its benefits:

  • High quality and stability.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Strong support from Google.

#1 Python- No.1 Ranking of Programming Languages 2022

Our top choice in the category of programming languages is Python, which is the most popular option for both web and mobile development. It offers excellent documentation, great frameworks, simple and consistent syntax, and a standard library. No doubt Python should come in top of the top position in Ranking of Programming Languages 2022. The core features of Python are the following:

  • Cross-platform support.
  • Suites for desktop and web development.
  • Several modules are available.
  • It is an open-source language.

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Main Future Trends in Programming

According to a fresh Github report, the top-five fastest-growing programming trends look like this: Check the list of 5 fast-growing Programming Languages Ranking,

  1. Dart.
  2. Rust.
  3. HCL.
  4. Kotlin.
  5. Apex.

Top 5 Fastest Growing Programming Languages Ranking

The languages like Rust and Kotlin are related to so-called statically typed languages with the focus on interoperability. HCL, in turn, stands for human-readable language, the popularity of which also tends to grow, according to GitHub.

How to Choose a Programming Language for a Project?

It depends on the type of tasks you need to solve. Don't think too much about the Programming Languages Ranking. The best approach is to rely on the choice of competent developers who have experience in this particular sphere. Making the right choice is important for the future of the product, its functionality, security, and scalability.

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