Why Startups Should Opt for Flutter for Developing a Mobile App

Are you planning to launch an app for your startup in 2021 but confused about which platform you should choose? Flutter can be your sought-after choice for rolling out feature-rich applications without breaking the bank. Let’s see how!

Why Flutter Is the Best Choice to Build a Startup App?

Being a startup, it is of utmost crucial for you to develop an application that offers top-notch performance and customer service to the end-users. With Flutter, you get exactly this. It speeds up the development process and eliminates the need to test the code on different platforms. Besides, it’s a free and open-source platform, so you don’t need to purchase any license key for running it.

Why Startups Should Opt for Flutter for Developing a Mobile App

With Flutter, you can quickly develop and deploy your mobile application without any challenges and roadblocks, an aspect crucial for startups to grow and thrive in the hyper-competitive world.

Key Insights about Flutter

  1. All certain problems related to app development can be minimized with Flutter as it is powered by google.
  2. 39% of developers are already using Flutter. Hence, startups like you have a huge talent pool for finding flutter engineers.
  3. Many international companies such as Alibaba, Google advertising, Appletree, Myleaf are developing flutter apps as it offers single codebase functionality.
  4. The hot reload feature enables developers to do the changes in real-time.
  5. Flutter has a powerful GPU rendering UI that seamlessly runs your app on different platforms.
  6. Flutter offers many IDEs such as Xcode, Android Code, and Visual Studio Code.
  7. Since Flutter offers a “code once and uses anywhere feature,” it reduces the time for the testing team. The testers can simply test the app on any one platform and run it on other platforms.
  8. What Makes Flutter Ideal for Mobile App Development?

1. Backed By Google

Flutter is an SDK rolled out by Google. It uses Dart as the programming language. With Dart, you can easily manage, integrate, standardize and code consistently. It also helps you

promote powerful design and architecture, which other cross platforms do not currently offer.

2. Enhances the Development Process

Developing a Flutter app for your startup will help you in the long run. Your app would run efficiently as Flutter operates on native binaries and graphics. This creates high-performing cross-platform applications. Additionally, an app built with Flutter can reach up to 60fps and 120fps and enable your app’s true potential.

3. Uses its Own Rendering Engine

As a startup founder, your top-most responsibility should be to provide your customers with the best user experience. Flutter being a strong network offers feature-rich functionalities and variations which no other platform offers. Flutter uses Skia to render itself from a platform that makes it easy to install a Flutter-based UI on any platform. Moreover, you won’t have to change the UI while migrating to a different platform as Flutter uses its own rendering engine.

4. Gives Access to the Native Feature and Advanced SDK’s

Flutter offers native app development features so that developers can easily create function-rich mobile applications. It also offers advanced software development kits and third-party integrations, application APIs, widgets, etc. that simplify the software development life cycle. The best part of flutter SDK is you only need to code once and use your code across all operating systems – one of the primary reasons why top apps are built with flutter.

5. Requires Lesser Development Time

Running a startup requires wearing different hats. You need to look after the marketing, operations, finance along with the development. In such a scenario, you’ll need a framework that makes software development 10X faster.

And, futter does precisely that. The developer community of Flutter works round the clock to create a gamut of customizable widgets which you can use to speed up the development process.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert developer, these widgets will help you get started with flutter app development quickly and easily.

6. Develop apps on all operating Systems

Whether it is Android or iOS, you can quickly build applications on both platforms using Flutter. For Android, it gives access to architectures like VMI and MVP to create an animated UI and shortens the total development time. For iOS, it offers an equally intuitive programming platform as that of iOS so that developers don’t have to fret while coding.

What Kind of Applications Can You Build Using Flutter Other Than a Mobile App?

Flutter is one of the best cross-platform frameworks to develop your mobile app on. It is robust, intuitive, and secured. Here are some of the applications you can build using Flutter.

1. Web Applications

The flutter community has launched a project known as Hummingbird, which will focus on developing visual and interactive media-rich content for the web. With Hummingbird, it is expected that there will be only one code base for building android and iOS applications. Many developers are interested in exploring Hummingbird as it offers state-of-the-art features for speeding up the development cycle for building web applications.

2. Desktop Applications

Flutter is carving a niche for itself in the market by flexing its hand beyond mobile app development. Currently, the flutter community is working round the clock to make desktop-compatible applications with Flutter SDK by targeting all major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, macOS.

3. IoT applications

If you want to create an IoT application (IoT), then flutter fits the bill. Its function-rich capabilities help you integrate with IoT easily and fulfil your business needs.
How Much Does It Cost to Build an Application Using Flutter In 2021?

Cost plays a crucial role in mobile app development, especially if you’re running a startup. Since you don’t have a lot of cash in hand to invest in technologies and hire top-notch developers, you’ll require a framework that developers of any experience can use.

This is where Flutter comes to your rescue. It is free and open-source, so startups can easily skip the license fee, which otherwise burns a hole in your pocket. Also, the flutter SDK has been developed to just write the code once and reuse it in the future without hiring additional resources.

Moreover, there is a huge talent pool of flutter developers in the market. All you need to do is to specify your requirements, and you’d get the talent of all experience levels. On average, the cost of flutter app development ranges from $25-$50 depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Summing Up

With so many companies launching every second, it becomes of utmost crucial for you to stand apart to pave the way to success. Usually, startups run dry on pockets and can’t invest much in technologies and resources. In such a scenario, opting for cross-platform development such as Flutter will help you develop hyper-performing applications for both Android and iOS. It is free, open-source, and backed by Google and gives an almost native-like performance.

Looking to develop an application for your startup? Flutter is your answer!

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