Why Code to Text Ratio Is Actually a Significant SEO Factor

Code to Text Ratio Impacts in SEO. There are a lot of factors that have an impact on the Search Engine Optimization of your website or individual web pages like the content quality, a number of backlinks, balanced use of keywords etc.

Code to Text Ratio a Significant SEO Factor

However, there is one not so talked about the factor that has the significance of its own when it comes to optimizing your website for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) particularly those of Giants like Google.

It’s the code to text ratio of your web pages. We’ll discuss in a while why they significantly impact the SEO. 

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First, however, it’s important to understand what code to text ratio really is. As evident by the term, it’s a ratio of the written code to develop a given web page at both the back and the front end against the visual text on the page. This can include the backend code in PHP as well the front end code in HTML.

How it Impacts SEO

Now, as the readers may already be aware what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and for those who aren’t, it’s the quality of a website or a webpage that allows it to appear in the foremost search engine result pages (SERP).

And, if the percentage of code is significantly high as compared to the percentage of text on a web page, it would slow down its loading speed and that will negatively affect the SEO of the website or the web page for that matter since it would fail to prove convenient to the visitors on your page and most search engines use this rule of thumb that if the website speed is slow then it would naturally be inconvenient to site visitors.

Consider this, the higher the number of images and backlinks on a webpage, the higher the chances that the HTML code would increase.

Apart from all that, most search engines use built-in code to text ratio checkers to analyze websites. This is why this factor should not be ignored otherwise it may end up harming your site’s overall Search Engine Optimization.

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However, not all is lost. Discussed below are the possible solutions to this problem.


There are a number of solutions you can employ to get rid of this problem.

Commenting system

The first technique that can be considered effective in keeping more text on your webpage than code is to have a commenting system enabled on your site that is open for the public to comment and it should not be private and should not ask for registration.

There are different social plugins available that enable users to post comments without providing any kind of information or getting registration. Some of the most popular social plugins are Disqus and Google + comment box.

However, you should make sure to remove spam comments and block spam users to avoid decreasing website’s content quality.


The second technique to encourage more visual text is to create a forum on your website with relevant threads where additional text can be added.

Code Minifying

The third technique on the list is called Code Minifying which can be done by tools available on the internet with names like “Minify Code” or “Minify HTML” etc. these tools minimize the code text without harming its purpose or function.

On the downside though, it does make code unreadable to humans but it functions just as well.

Code to Text Ratio Checker

As you improve SEO and ensure a balanced ratio, it would be wise to keep checking the code to text ratio of your website from time to time since it is normal to update webpages which increases the coding ratio.

On the other hand, backlinks automatically increase the coding ratio so checking the ratio from time to time and taking countermeasures to maintain your site’s SEO is a solid idea.

For the purpose, you can use web tools with names like Code to Text Ratio or code to text ratio checker etc. A google search with the relevant keyword will suffice. Many websites like theseotools, Prepostseo and dotmaui offer tools like these free for online use.


It is important that you maintain and increase the Search Engine Optimization of your website by knowing all the techniques and methods that can help your website to appear in foremost search result pages.

Many techniques like backlinks, quality content, and active social media representation of your website help increase your site’s SEO. However, code to text ratio is as much a significant factor in SEO as any other and high amount of code with a low amount of visual text is a bad move.

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To solve this problem, you can use many techniques such as using social plugins on your website to increase text on site with public comments. You can also employ code minifying.

Lastly, it’s a good practice to check your website’s code to text ratio from time to time due to the evolving nature of the web.
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