PHP vs ASP.NET: What to Choose for Web Development?

There is a developing trend to provide progressive web applications that will enable the user experience and commitment and also promote the development process. The business demands are progressing remarkably agile and the best technology stack could cause a distinction to the project. As per the statistics, most business share of the back-end technologies is succeeded by two programming languages in the digital world: PHP and ASP.NET

There has perpetually been a battle when it proceeds to pick between ASP.Net and PHP for web development. What do developers prefer for their development projects? If you question the developers, they will repeatedly immerse themselves in complexity as they are uncertain of which is more content to work with or which is the right that provides more features. Here we are to find out.

PHP is one of the extensively utilized scripting languages, and developers are hooked to it. However, ASP.NET language has Microsoft as its substitute beneficiary and can be performed beyond any .NET supported language. However, the last decision is yours. If you are in the requirements of the project, then, you will be the only one who should determine whether PHP accommodates your requirements or whether you require to produce your project on the .NET platform?


So, in this post, we will explore the what and why of the PHP and ASP along with the benefits of practising both that will assist you to choose that would be perfect as per the specifications of your project: PHP is a Hypertext language. It has grasped all minds over the internet for the wonderful training curve that it provides. And, also it has a great developer population.

There are several web technologies such as PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails, or Python. Though, PHP and .NET are the well-known used technologies in web development. As reports state, PHP and ASP.NET endure a big percentage of the web technologies business. In most circumstances, development teams pick between these two alternatives.

So, let's explore both tech stacks and decide which will be the best choice between PHP and ASP.NET.

PHP vs ASP.NET:- Table of Content

  1. What ASP.NET is in the world of Web Development?
  2. Benefits of ASP.NET for Web Development:
  3. Drawbacks of ASP.NET:
  4. Why ASP.NET for Web Development?
  5. What PHP is in the world of Web Development?
  6. Benefits of PHP for Web Development:
  7. Drawbacks of PHP:
  8. Why PHP for Web Development?
  9. PHP vs ASP.NET: Differences between these two technologies.
  10. Why are These Techs Exceptional at Web Development?
  11. PHP vs ASP: Which one is the right for your web development?

What ASP.NET is in the world of Web Development?

ASP.NET is developed from a C#, server-side web app framework. It was launched by Microsoft at the beginning of the 2000s as an expansion to the .NET program. This framework contributes to a diversity of libraries and tools, especially for web development. Furthermore, any different packages obtainable on the .NET platform such as Visual Studio are conveniently practised by web developers.

Microsoft performs the support framework for processing applications simultaneously with web-page templating language, the authentication mode, editor enlargements, and model libraries. This framework facilitates various applications, including effective web pages, microservices, REST APIs, and real-time hubs.

The Microsoft team performs continuous improvements to increase the overall functionality and displays the enormous ecosystem of unrestricted libraries. Although this is an open-source framework established by Microsoft, programmers are further emboldened to provide to the community.

Amongst the foremost functionalities is the web templating syntax know as Razor. It empowers developers to record the back-end cypher in C#. Subsequent code improvement of the server, the HTML content will be transferred to the users.

Moreover, the user faction is written in JavaScript that effectively blends with ASP.NET. Various editor augmentations enable code fulfilment and syntax highlighting.

1. Benefits of ASP.NET for Web Development:

  1. ASP.NET is extremely scalable and is growing at an accelerated momentum.
  2. Managed by Microsoft, it has more trustworthy reliability in the business.
  3. It preserves all the significant programming languages and is congenial with app and C#.
  4. Developers can determine any error that originated in the coding and edit it.
  5. ASP.NET accords a plethora of tools and innovations to maintain programming.
  6. ASP.NET guarantees the stablest results on Windows.
  7. It is the greatest platform for business applications.
  8. Developers can practice diverse pre-coded benefits affecting development faster.
  9. Also, there is an exceptional UI for experts.

2. Drawbacks of ASP.NET:

  1. ASP is more complex compared to PHP.
  2. The developer association for the patron is less.
  3. ASP.NET exclusively operates with Microsoft servers.
  4. It is more costly, as it entails acquiring a Microsoft license.
  5. For web development objectives, it is more succinctly effective than PHP.
  6. ASP.NET terrains on restricted source technology.

3. Why ASP.NET for Web Development?

Any web technology can be an outstanding option for the web development project whenever it coincides with the collection expectations. Providing a complete explanation of the issue “why exercise ASP.NET for web development?’’, we would prefer to determine the most significant features that should be delivered into account.

To begin with, ASP.NET is a full-fledged framework that has been in the business for more than several decades. In contrast to other frameworks, it has succeeded a conventional business share and proceeds to restore them within continuous evolution. Today’s association consists of more than thousands of programmers all around the world.

While comprising an open-source framework, it is likewise completely approved by Microsoft and recognized for effective community provision. This established cooperation commences to the convenience of diverse libraries and apparent guidelines.

Microsoft advances important amounts of sources in the development of its programs and association support. There are no problems that they would recommend some antiquated approaches. And for the technology party, ASP.NET is usually determined because of its quick and dynamic performance.

The accumulation requires to be taken only earlier as the .NET platform is competent to perform the consolidated code again and again. Not like the defined code that requires to be performed every season by the organization, composed one is more compatible and scalable.

What PHP is in the world of Web Development?

PHP is a server-side web development scripting that has developed from the diminutive open-source project. It was constructed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf who inscribed several CGI details and engineered them to deliver web applications and databases.

He hasn’t intended to produce a distinct programming language but it adapted to convert amongst one of the most significant open-source languages. Everyone can contribute to modern propaganda including duty deployment, experimentation, documentation, and specialists.

Thanks to its accessibility, PHP has gained popularity among a huge number of developers. It might be a common choice for newcomers, as its learning curve is much easier in comparison with others.

The PHP association has several open-source available libraries, devices, and expansions. For instance, MySQL Extension enables developers to generate PHP applications that communicate with the database while facilitating enhanced account and transaction maintenance.

In the enlightenment of ASP vs PHP association, the PHP developers trade with a different kind of code – a defined one that is entirely coded in C. It provides exceptional customization although that might be the problem for fascinating bugs and inadequate coding.

1. Benefits of PHP for Web Development:

  1. PHP is open-source and available for users' language.
  2. It has a broad alliance of dedicated developers universally.
  3. PHP is the most suitable option for extensive projects such as Facebook.
  4. It is likewise an excellent selection for web-based writings like web content management systems (CMS) because of the efficient interaction with different database models.
  5. Customize it as per your requirements, and it is extremely scalable.
  6. And PHP is cost-efficient and effortless to read, code, and accumulate.

2. Drawbacks of PHP:

  1. PHP is usually not fitting for desktop apps, since it targets web applications.
  2. PHP applications run more past it than apps developed with other programming languages.
  3. Customization choices can drive bugs and bad coding.
  4. In correlation with other programming languages, PHP requires efficiency in error treatment. Hence, it needs more time to catch errors.

3. Why PHP for Web Development?

It might appear a simple problem to explain, so let's be more explicit and explain why PHP is useful for web development. The primary cause why we utilize PHP for web development is that the PHP programming language has been originally introduced as a web scripting language. It is exceedingly maintained and developed by its population that consists of over 5 million PHP developers.

The open-source programming language is considerably successful among novices and has succeeded the most prominent market share. Its supportive population continues developing for more than 25 years.

Working with open source has its benefits and limitations. This language is simple to learn, cooperative with several servers, and proper for various web applications. Different perception of PHP development is the evaluated code.

This kind of code is normally performed on the server, following created into HTML and particularly then assigned to the user side. Hence, the performance time is extended and might get some glitches with conveying big files and commence to more moderate performance associated with other languages.

On the other hand, PHP web development is frequently preferred for improved scalability. This is succeeded by totalling more servers. The overall workload will be divided between them and can manage more user applications. This approach relies on the horizontal scalability that varies PHP from ASP.NET.

PHP vs ASP.NET: Differences Between These Two Technologies

Now we are going to deep dive into the difference between these two technologies that will define why a business must differentiate PHP vs NET-based upon these parameters:





Facebook is PHP-based sites, therefore there is no uncertainty PHP can be your option if you desire it to exercise. Though, PHP is a more secure choice if you aspire to produce a website by a content management system like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. 

Microsoft and Stackoverflow are created utilizing ASP.NET and are extremely scalable.

Deployment Time

PHP is performed on the server, consequently, it requires approximately a shorter period in deployment.

Employing ASP.NET includes a time-consuming method since ASP has to be complied with each time to secure changes in the code.  


PHP is compatible with various platforms like Linux, UNIX, Windows, and practically everything you would practice it for. Since PHP is recommended by various IDE's open for available and paid as well.  

ASP.NET is constructed for windows platforms essentially, hence it has a large dependence on the platform. If it gets to working with ASP.NET, developers require to use Microsoft Visual Studio throughout the development process. 


PHP, however, is more durable. It is following Facebook, Google, and other sites. 

ASP.Net provides total authority over the project including the scripting of code and construction implementation that established the great performance of the website. 

Now we know that the differentiation is hard between ASP.NET vs PHP. However, with time, PHP has acquired extensive community support. Therefore, various frameworks and combinations are free to support it.

Why are These Techs Exceptional at Web Development?

PHP platform is practised to create a little project that does not need complicated support. While ASP.NET benefits in more suitable scalability which is an excellent option for extended projects.

ASP.NET operates on organized code that works like computer code and utilizes hardware of the method that performs it more specifically. PHP has performed a programming dialect that is platform-independent and supports many effective programming methods.

ASP.NET provides upward scalability that involves enhancing the performance of an individual element of the conformity for overall performance. While PHP operates on regular scalability that separates the system into little structures and runs on them concurrently on several servers.

The alternative, in the end, is conditioned on the project and its computation in the business. The best is to hire a dedicated PHP developer to develop a small-scale corporate business and reduce the cost and improve the development process.

PHP vs ASP: Which one is right for your web development?

As this discussion of ASP.NET vs PHP has reached the summing point, let's decide which one is best for the other. ASP and PHP, the development frameworks are extremely prominent in the task they perform and developers smoothly decide between them according to the requirement of the development procedure.

In many instances, PHP has been determined to be a more powerful framework but has also produced some defects that can influence the development method in numerous areas. Also, it's seen as a separate division for the benefits in ASP.NET development which complied with stable features of profits for the developers.

PHP has a large community and is an available framework to run with. However, ASP.NET is expected to have more range in the upcoming time as it has a big company name Microsoft supporting it. So, it's entirely upon you to decide which will be more suitable for your project.
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