Top 5 Tips For Hiring The Right PHP Programmer

PHP is, without a doubt, an omnipresent language on the worldwide web. Even though it has been present for a while, it still can dominate the web development domain for years to come. No matter the size of a project, PHP is still the ultimate choice for any individual or enterprise that wants a customizable, scalable, and robust website or application. However, this is a scripting language, which means that the success of a development project lies in picking the right PHP developer.

Top 5 Tips For Hiring The Right PHP Programmer

The problem is that so many PHP developers out there claim to be capable that choosing the right one sometimes becomes an arduous task. This is especially the case if you are a non-technical individual. With other essential factors to keep in mind, such as technical capabilities, experience levels, budget, and others, it's undoubtedly important to know how to choose talented PHP programmers.

Why PHP?

1. PHP Can do Almost Anything and Can Run on Anything

One of the primary reasons behind PHP's popularity is that it can run on any web server and be used in various things. Many popular applications, including WordPress, run on PHP, and so, if you want to make custom changes to your blog backend on WordPress, you'll want to hire a PHP developer.

2. Numerous PHP Frameworks

PHP allows you to write and solve code issues in an array of ways. This means that you can get something up and running fast by writing code that only you can comprehend. In the web development world, this is known as ''spaghetti code''.

There's an array of PHP frameworks with a set structure of how code should be written to bypass such issues. Every framework has its structure, rules, and community behind it.

3. Affordable

PHP developers are usually more affordable to hire as the language is widely known, and thus more developers in the industry. If you need a remote or local developer or an on a tight budget, the vast pool of PHP developers will help accommodate your needs. You also get to enjoy the flexibility in rates depending on the PHP developer you hire. Ideally, you have the opportunity to hire more experienced developers without hiccups as your project scales.

The Role of a PHP Developer

The programming aspect is important when it comes to web development. After all, it is the programmer that turns your imagination and thoughts into reality. In your life, you have stumbled upon many ideas to start a new website. However, the lack of an ideal PHP developer might have hindered you from achieving your goal. As such, you must find a PHP developer who's efficient at transforming ideas into reality. PHP developers come in three levels, beginner, mid-level and advanced level. The cost of hiring goes up with each level, and so, it is imperative to first determine the extent of your project before hunting for a developer.

How to Hire PHP Developers

With that being said, here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring your next PHP programmer:

Focus on Experience

Most professionals in almost every field are often better as their experience grows. This is no different when it comes to PHP development. A programmer who has been in the industry for a significant period will be invaluable in terms of their skills and knowledge in the subject.

Pick a Framework

You must decide on a PHP framework to go with before hunting for a programmer. If you post a PHP project on a job board or freelance market, you will be flooded with numerous submissions, with every developer claiming to be the best in a certain framework.

To decide the right framework to go with, research the benefits of each framework, how large the communities behind them are, and the developers' hourly rates. Ideally, consider getting a PHP expert or an infrastructure architect adept in PHP frameworks for consultation and guidance in picking the best framework.

Technical Knowledge

Apart from PHP development knowledge, a talented PHP programmer will possess great knowledge in various frameworks compromising HTML, Cake PHP, MySQL, XHTML, ZEN, etc. You must know these skills and SQL and MySQL.

Portfolio Check

By going through the projects, a potential PHP programmer has worked on before; you will have a general idea of how they can contribute to yours. You will also be confident that when you choose them, they can deliver.

Interpersonal Skills

You get to ascertain the basic nature of a programmer from their interpersonal communication skills. If the developer cannot communicate well, building a proper connection and working relationship is slim. After all, your project's success will also rely on how well you communicate ideas, suggestions, changes, progress, etc.

And there you have it, the best tips to keep in mind if you want to hire the right PHP programmer for your website or application.

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