Planning Your Social Media Strategy with IGTV and Its Scintillating Features

Considering that you know that IGTV is here to stay, it’s time to use it for your business. IGTV is crucial for marketers because out of every social media platform out there, only Instagram listens to its user's navigation. IGTV, since its ceremonial launch, continues to be a very viable tool, potentially offering huge opportunities to creators and brands.

Social Media Strategy with IGTV

  • It provides a different way of reaching people. IG builds a proliferation of videos, formatting them specifically for the tool.
  • It creates more viewership and you can add more value to your content, and dig deeper with your audience.
  • IG’s extra investment and a commercial boost to IGTV help your brand in standing out. Apart from the main feed’s previews, IGTV stuff also features in the Discover section via Instagram notifications.
  • The platform presents them as recommended videos on similar videos. You can also find IGTV videos in the unique IGTV app or your desktop’s IGTV tab.

Market surveys prove that creating content for IGTV leads to more engagement and viewability. Users tend to stay and view IGTV longer than Facebook videos because of seamless, easy viewing, and smooth integration with IG. Alongside the platform’s push for its broader adoption, IGTV is certainly a lucrative endeavour. 

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Some Basic Aspects

IGTV is both horizontal and vertical. Feedback from creators has propelled Instagram to maintain this flexibility. Vertical videos are beneficial for creators, who seek personal dynamics with their audience.

Landscape videos also have their strengths, primarily when you’re working on sports and dance. These things have a high motion and mostly have many people in one frame. The decision to expand IGTV to the landscape mode is well in the queue.

  • Video has become an imperative skill in the gamut of social media marketing, and with IGTV, marketers need to build or update their video shooting/editing acumen.
  • Technically, IGTV works like YouTube and not Netflix. Even though you can upload 1-hour long videos, you can’t expect to watch your favourite television shows on it.
  • Instagram is taking part in Snapchat and YouTube by attracting teen influencers. Many famous social media influencers graced the IGTV launch.

For businesses, the good news is that you don’t need to create a high-resolution and polished video for IGTV. Regarding the production quality, you could say that Instagram Stories has come of age. However, you don’t need to curate or perfect it like a typical IG post.

Boosting Your Business

IGTV’s long-form content provides more scopes to generate extra traffic and results in increasing your product and service visibility.

  • You can get likes on Instagram fast through the proper utilization of IGTV. Studies show that online video watch time is on the upsurge. Experts project them to surpass 240 million in the coming year.
  • It implies that IGTV can help businesses expand their video marketing and social media reach. It also provides a room to effectively educate your audiences and entertain them.
  • Studies show that demonstration and tutorial videos are the most viable video content types. Brands can leverage this viability with IGTV’s push for long content.

You also post guidance/explainer videos for introducing your business, launching new things, or sharing your brand story. In addition to boosting engagement and business conversions, IGTV also helps in community building.

  • From 2 minutes of short videos, the focus is now long videos. IGTV provides the flexibility and bandwidth to create stuff that addresses the interests and challenges of your target audience.
  • IGTV is extremely fruitful for your business. It’s a free app and anyone can build their channel. Your current IG personal or business account can host your IGTV channel.

Utilizing IGTV for Business

You can reach a new audience with the video content you previously published. IGTV provides the best opportunity to repurpose and reuse a popular video, infusing new life into it.

Planning Your Social Media Strategy with IGTV and Its Scintillating Features

Repurposing horizontal videos that you uploaded on Facebook and YouTube or those busy live-stream sessions is a fashion. Short listicles or tips are always an ideal way to share. Many marketers are repurposing their blog posts for IGTV integration.

  • For example, if you’ve horizontal videos, you need to edit them and transform them into a vertical video segment.
  • Once you start IGTV video repurposing, keep a tab on your audience’s reaction.
  • You can offer gripping, meaningful and productive stories about your business based on that data.
  • Create exclusive content for building a niche audience. It helps in building a dedicated and quality base for your IGTV channel.
  • If your regular quantum of insider content appeals to your audience, they can connect emotionally with your brand.

You can also include behind-the-scenes videos in your content. Showcase product development, designing, production, and packaging and distribution. It creates a more personal bond with your audience. Most importantly, you don’t need extra editing for these videos as people drool over authentic content.

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After setting up the app and optimizing your bio, you can start uploading. You can upload many videos to your IG gallery.

  • Your IG followers can automatically watch these videos. Hashtags and metrics are also very important.
  • You need to review and underline your IGTV insights daily to understand the performance of blogs.
  • You can realign them with your main business goals. You need to remember that it’s a new platform. Give it some time.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts

Although IGTV is yet to smash the ball out of the park, it has a bright future. People have just started to tune in and digital marketers can leverage it. It’s extremely relevant for online brand building and marketing.

  • IGTV is not limited to business or professional content. You can design it for anybody with a phone and for those who have some idea.
  • You can do everything on a mobile device. You don’t need any software or fancy equipment to run the app.

IGTV is perfect for main funnel marketing. Don’t reshare your YouTube stuff without making the concerned IGTV adjustments. Use the horizontal format and don’t worry about formal tones.

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