Best Practices for Small Fashion Houses on Instagram that You Must Know

Fashion is a big thing on the photo-sharing site Instagram and fashion businesses on this social media site garner about 16,616 likes as well as 102 comments for each post! Did you know that one-third of IG users bought a garment they viewed on the social app? It is a huge number, which is, approximately 265 million individuals. Instagram is more popular among Millennials, who’re hooked to this platform to follow celebrities and brands.

According to an article published on https://blog.hubspot.com, you can follow a couple of fashion brands on IG for marketing inspiration. These include Everlane, Teva, Zara, Nike, Fossil, and Madewell to name a few. 

Best Practices for Small Fashion Houses on Instagram

Now, the question is whether a small fashion house that is struggling hard to make its mark among giant retail brands such as Amazon could stand out in the crowd. Smaller fashion brands need to be noticed and must promote their products and enhance brand awareness on Instagram to boost sales. Here is how:

4 Practices for Small Fashion Houses on Instagram

  1. Use Nothing but Stunning, Flawless Photos
  2. Make the Most of Influencers to Promote Your Fashion Items
  3. Take Time Out to Understand Instagram Hashtags
  4. Build Engagement

1. Use Nothing but Stunning, Flawless Photos

Instagram is the realm of stunning, jaw-dropping images and so if you own a fashion brand, you need to create high-definition photos to generate user interest. Even if you have any other business, quality content is the key to the success of your business on Instagram.

All your IG images should be high-definition and you need to upload photos using your smartphone camera and Instagram because it does not have high-end functions like your phone. Then, mobile phone cameras are not as good as real cameras. Therefore, try to take shots from a good-quality camera and then post images on Instagram. High-definition images are everything on IG and no user will engage with poor quality and blurry pictures on this social media platform.

Your photos must tell an interesting story. It’s been observed that visuals that narrate a good story receive maximum engagement. Adobe Express features built-in photo editing functions to make it the ideal tool for perfecting pictures. The easy-to-use free photo editor online free offers scaling, sizing, filters, enhancements, and excellent text overlay options for professional quality results right at your fingertips.

2. Make the Most of Influencers to Promote Your Fashion Items

Instagram influencer marketing is beneficial for your fashion brand to take your business to the next level. Did you know that even big brands use influencer marketing? Therefore, you must try to make your brand bigger on IG.

Ensure that your preferred influencer and his or her audiences are related to your fashion brand. For example, if you own a fashion accessory store selling bags, belts, wallets, or cufflinks, there is no point in connecting with a restaurant business influencer who specializes in pork chops.

Focus on engagement and not followers. You need to figure out whether the influencer is genuine or not by looking at his rate of user engagement. Try to understand whether the engagement an influencer receives is real by studying the comments he or she receives on IG. You too will get comments on Instagram posts provided they look spectacular to build significant engagement.

3. Take Time Out to Understand Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are the best tools to discover your brand on this social media app, used by billions of individuals all over the world. Avoid using generic hashtags like #love because you will find millions of posts related to the hashtag. Therefore, it does not make sense to use such hashtags because it is extremely expensive, and using them will make your IG photo a drop in the ocean!

The best thing to do is to use narrow, long-tail hashtags, which are also relevant to your fashion business to promote your products.

For instance, if you own a luxury fashion store, and use #luxuryfashionlove, it has 34,737 tags, and that is sufficient to be noticed but not too many to become lost in the Instagram crowd of hashtags.

4. Build Engagement

When you have mastered photography and learned the use of Instagram hashtags, it is time to build engagement with individuals, who use similar hashtags. Like their posts, comment on them, and take the conversation forward. You can even seek their permission to repost their content, which means leveraging user-generated content on IG if they beautifully featured your fashion items. You can also re-post if a picture gels with the theme or mood of your Instagram feed.

Shout out on Instagram by tagging those people to prove your appreciation, love, and gratitude! In other words, create a community by building engagement with your prospective customers, the best way to develop a bond or rapport with your Instagram followers. It will help you in building mutual trust, thus encouraging brand loyalty from your followers and customers.


Before you, start posting content relevant to your fashion products, you need to make sure you have adequate photos or videos to last for a month. If you have lots of visuals and content to post, try to experiment with them to figure out what works best for your new fashion brand. Post quality images and focus on post frequency for the best results.
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