8 Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024 [Updated List]

There is a list of the top 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024. Computer programming is the most critical skill to learn today. Programming is important in speeding up machine input and output processes. Moreover, computer programming is important for automating, collecting, managing, calculating, and accurately analyzing data processing and information.

Programming is vital for building software and apps, which help both computer and mobile users in their day-to-day lives. Because of all these reasons, it’s all the more important to learn how to use programming languages every single day. The developer and programming communities are emerging at faster rates than ever before, and custom software development is a continuously evolving industry.

Different programming languages are coming up, which suit various developer categories, from novices, intermediate, and experts, as well as for various use scenarios, including mobile apps, web apps, distributed systems, game development, and so on. So, what programming language should you learn in 2024? Here is the list of the Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024.

Programming Languages have their particular purpose and have unique keyword sets and syntax used for creating instructions. Whether you aim to join a Fortune 500 company, a custom software development company or work from home, knowing what’s hot in the industry is paramount. 

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The Hot 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024

Below is the list of the Top 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024. These programming Languages are based on popularity. These Top and Top 8 Programming languages make you future-proof.

  1. Python Programming Language
  2. Kotlin Language
  3. Java Programming Language
  4. JavaScript
  5. Go Language
  6. C/C++ Language
  7. Swift Programming
  8. R Programming Language

Let's discuss all the 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn in detail. Top 10 Ranking of Programming Languages | Expert Opinion

1. Python Programming Language

Without a doubt, Python language is at the top of the list as the first language to learn. It’s easy to use, fast, and easy to deploy for developing scalable web apps. It can be used for desktop and web apps, machine learning, data science, desktop apps that are GUI-based, and network servers. Python is the first Best Best Programming Language to Learn in 2024.

Python Programming Language

It has massive community support, offering various frameworks, open-source libraries, and modules, which make app development a piece of the cake. Although it’s been around for many years now, learning it in 2024 and onwards makes perfect sense. It could help you become a custom software development service provider, accelerating your career growth. Without any doubt, Python is the Best Programming Language in 202.

2. Kotlin Language

The Second Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024. A general-purpose language that has type inference. Kotlin is designed to be entirely Java-interoperable. Ever since Android was announced as its first language, it has provided the features that app developers are looking for. Its features combine object-oriented and functional programming.

Developing Android apps is enjoyable and faster with the effortless interoperation between Kotlin and Java. Furthermore, since most organizations move to Kotlin, Google is likely to promote the Kotlin language more than Java. Thus, in the Android app development space, Kotlin has a bright and strong future. Kotlin Language is the Second Best Programming Language to Learn in 2024.

3. Java Programming Language

Java always comes in the Best Programming Languages list. Celebrating its 26 years of existence, the language has been one of the most popular languages that custom software developers worldwide use. It’s a practical choice to develop Android applications since it could be used for building highly functional platforms and programs. Moreover, it’s another popular choice in big organizations and has remained so for years.

Java Programming Language

All Time the most popular Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024 in Java. Used widely for creating enterprise-scale web apps, Java is renowned for being highly stable, thus a lot of big firms adopted it. Almost any business nowadays needs an Android app owing to the billions of users of Android in the world, opening up a big opportunity for Java developers. Furthermore, Google has built an excellent Android development framework that’s based on Java, the Android Studio.

4. JavaScript

A front-end programming language used widely for designing interactive front-end apps. Upon clicking a button for instance that opens a popup, logic is implemented via the language. A lot of organizations today, especially startups use NodeJS, a run-time environment that’s based on JavaScript. Javascript is the fourth Best Programming Language to Learn in 2024.


NodeJS enables developers to use JS for server-side scripting, running server-side scripts to create dynamic web page content before a page is sent to the web browser of a user. Now, you could use one programming language for client-side and server-side scripts with JavaScript. If you’re thinking of a cool tech job at a startup custom software development company then you should seriously consider mastering JavaScript. Javascript is another choice of Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024.

5. Go Language

A relatively new system-level programming language with simple scoping rules and focused vocabulary. It blends the best functional programming and object-oriented style aspects. It has become the fastest-growing language on GitHub and is meant to replace languages such as C++ and Java. Go Another Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024.

Go Language

Known also as Golang, the language is created by Google. It provides excellent multithreading support, and thus it’s used by many organizations that heavily rely on distributed systems. Moreover, it’s used widely by startups in Silicon Valley.

6. C/C++ Programming Language

Like the bread and butter of software programming. Nearly all systems that are of low level are written in C/C++, including operating systems, file systems, and so on. This is the language for you if you’re contemplating to be a system-level programmer. C and C++ are the Evergreen Forever Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024.

C/C++ Programming Language

Used widely by competitive programmers because it’s stable and fast, the language also provides something called Standard Template Library or STL. It’s a pool of libraries that are ready to use for different data structures, algorithms, and arithmetic operations. The speed, as well as the support library, make it a popular choice in a high-frequency trading community too. Mother of all Languages always comes in the list of Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024.

7. Swift Programming

Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024: The language used for developing iOS apps. Devices that are based on iOS are becoming more and more popular. For instance, the iPhone has captured a considerable market share and is giving tough Android competition.

Apple’s general-purpose compiled language, it provides a simple and cohesive syntax to developers. Swift is influenced deeply by Ruby and Python which are secure, fast, and easy to learn. Moreover, it replaced Objective-C as the key language to learn for apps that are Apple-related because of its practical apps and versatility.

8. R Programming Language

It has in-built libraries and an excellent framework for creating powerful machine learning algorithms. It’s used for general statistical computing and graphics as well. R programming Has a Good future this is the reason I have added it to the Top and Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024.

One of the strengths of R is the ease with which publication-quality well-designed plots could be created, which include mathematical symbols and formulae where required. Great care was put into the minor design options graphics default, but a user retains entire control. Now time to conclude of 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn 2024.


When it comes to learning new programming languages, almost all coders have an unquenchable thirst. Nonetheless, knowing which are gaining popularity and ensuring better career opportunities and growth helps you to prioritize learning them first. The information on the Best Programming Languages to Learn this year could help you make a well-informed choice.
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