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Learn Programming Languages we also say that Language of a Machines. Computer programming refers to a set of commands given to a computer given to a computer. It helps the devices to execute various tasks for which it has been designed. The instructions are provided using a language commonly referred to as codes.

These codes can only be understood by the device for which it was written and the trained programmers and coders.

Codes can be used to make numerous things on a computer. It can be a piece of a beautiful image or highly sophisticated software that facilitates online payments.

History of Programming Languages

Programmable devices have been a part of human civilisation since 1206 AD. It was not as sophisticated and functional as it is now, but it was a start. It was first achieved by a polymath(a person of wide knowledge or learning) and inventor named Al-Jazari who programmed a machine using cams and pegs to play drums and rhythms.

Programming Languages Learn

Later, in the year 1843, a mathematician by the name of Ada Lovelace created an algorithm that was designed to calculate Bernoulli Number sequences. She invented the algorithm for the Analytical Engine that was created by Charles Babbage.

Types of Programming Languages

There are two types of developing work associated with programming. Front end and back end developing. 
  • Frontend Programming
  • Backend Programming

Frontend Programming

It involves converting data into interactive visuals and graphical interface that users can engage with. It includes everything that users view on an application or website.

Previously, it was only associated with programming languages like HTML, CSS and Java. Presently, it uses technology stacks and build-tools to keep up with the growing demands and deliver greater functionality.

Backend Programming

While frontend programming takes care of the visuals on an application or web page, the backend is what powers the applications. It creates the functionality of web applications.

Backend codes connect applications to databases and manage the connection of the users. The backend allows users to access the web and get the desired information pinpointed by the browsers.

They can be referred to as a mix of servers, databases, operating systems and APIs.

Programming Language Algorithm

Algorithms are an integral part of computer programming help. It refers to clear and unambiguous steps that a computer must take to execute a task or solve a set of problems.

All functions that a computer does use a programming language that works according to instructions of an algorithm.

It is like a cooking recipe that instructs a cook using precise steps about what is to be done next.

It must be noted that programming algorithms do not use computer codes. They are represented in clear humanly understandable language that does not have anything ambiguous associated with them.

Topmost Popular Programming Languages

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. C Language
  4. C++
  5. SQL(Structured Query Language)


Originally called Oak, Java was developed in the year 1995 by a company called sun microsystems. It was designed to have very few implementation dependencies as possible.

Programming Languages- C, Cpp, Java,and Python

The main reason for its popularity is that a compiled Java code can run on any platform.


Another popular high-level comprehensive language is Python. It can be used to develop APIs, crawlers and other backend systems. Python has a large number of applications in machine learning and data analytics.

The language is considered more comfortable to read and require lesser lines of code when compared to other languages. Instagram is one of the most popular applications written in this language. 

C Language

The language C was originally developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. It is a general-purpose, procedural language that supports lexical variable and recursions.

Applications for supercomputers and operating systems use coding in this language. The static type system ensures any unintended operations. 

C++ Programming

It is known as the sequel to C++ programming help. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1985. It has object-oriented, functional features that allow manipulation of low-level memory.

It was designed focusing on efficiency in embedded resource-constrained software. 

SQL(Structured Query Language)

This domain-specific language was developed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce.

It was meant for designing and managing data in relational database managing system.

Best 5 Tips to Follow While Learning to Programming Languages

Follow these tips to improve your coding skills.
  • Concentrate on the Basics
  • Start Practising
  • Play with Codes
  • Ask for Help
  • Use Bugs to Learn

Concentrate on the basics

A major mistake that students make is that they try to move on to the next lessons as soon as possible.

Understandably, everybody wants to build great software and application. But it is not possible to make a dependable application without creating a strong foundation.

Trying to understand existing scripts and the syntaxes will help you to get used to the language.

Start practising

As soon as you start implementing your knowledge, the better off you are. Programming by hand is a great way to get in shape for interviews and exams where computers are not provided.

It is a great and practical way to learn and identify your mistakes.

Play with codes

There are a large number of sample codes available on the web. Just learning the codes will not be enough to become an expert.

One needs to alter and add to the codes to get something different out of it. It is a great way to kick-start the coding journey.

Ask for help

Asking for help is the greatest promoter of learning. Numerous great websites offer assistance in learning to code(Programming language). Facing problems is natural and even the best is has asked for help.

Getting stuck on a problem is detrimental to the learning process. You can get easy assistance on the web to complete an assignment and gain valuable insights.

Use bugs to learn

Bugs may seem like a problem, but they are an excellent opportunity to learn. According to programming aficionados, individuals should learn from bugs and try not to repeat mistakes.

It will also help learners to detect and correct bugs quicker. They are natural and acceptable but not learning from them is a mistake.

Learning programming is an intensive task. A computer programme should have a high degree of reliability and robustness and provide excellent ease of usability.

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