C++ Program To Reverse An Array And Sum Of Its Element

Problem:- Program to read the 1D array, Display its elements in reverse order and print the sum of the elements or easier way to reverse array c++ or c++ reverse array elements or how to print an array backward in c or print array in reverse order java or print 2n lines in reverse order c++ or print array in reverse order javascript or c++ program for printing 2n lines in reverse sequence or how to print the content of a file in reverse order in c++.

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Explanation:- You can print array element from the last index to zero'th index and add all elements of an array and while you are reversing the array also add all variables of an array and keep the sum in and at the end of the program print the sum of all variable of an array. check here how to reverse element in array C++ Program Reverse An Array In O(n).

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using namespace std;
int main()
  int a[100],i,n,sum=0;

  cout<<"Enter The Size of Array\n";
cout<<"Enter Element Of Array\n";

  cout<<"Elment in Array is Given Below\n";
  cout<<a[i]<<"  ";
  cout<<"\n\nSum Of Array Is = "<<sum;
 return 0;



C++ Program To Reverse An Array And Sum Of Its Element

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