Wednesday, 4 November 2015

C++ Program To Print A Reverse Number Using Loop

Problem :- Write A C++ Program To Print A Reverse Order Of Any Number Using Loop

Logic :- Very Simple Logic Just Divide a number by 10 and then proceed for next statement 


Note :- Always remember Do Not try to print the reverse Digit always try to modified 
Like you can also solve the problem

System.out.print("Reversed Number = "+reverse);
but in this way number is printing actually not reversing .

If you Understood then try to solve given problem .

Check this Geeksforgeeks Solution For " Reverse digit "

Solution :-

using namespace std;
int main()
 //By-Ghanendra Yadav
 int n,x,sum=0;

 cout<<"Enter The Number To Be Reverse: \n";

 cout<<"\nThe Reverse Number is "<<sum;


C++ Program To Print A Reverse Number Using Loop

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