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Box It Hackerrank Solution in C++. Design a class named Box whose dimensions are integers and private to the class. The dimensions are labelled: length, breadth b, and height h. The default constructor of the class should initialize l, b, and h to 0. The parameterized constructor Box(int length, int breadth, int height) should initialize Box's l, b and h to length, breadth and height.

The copy constructor BoxBox B) should set l, b and h to B's l, b and h, respectively.

Box It Hackerrank Solution in C++

Apart from the above, the class should have 4 functions:

  • int getLength() - Return box's length
  • int getBreadth() - Return box's breadth
  • int getHeight() - Return box's height
  • long long CalculateVolume() - Return the volume of the box

Overload the operator  for the class Box. Box A < Box B if:

  1. A.l < B.l
  2. A.b < B.b and A.l==B.l
  3. A.h < H.h and A.b==B.b and B.b==B.l

Overload operator << for the class Box().
If B is an object of class Box:

cout<<B should print B.l, B.b and B.h on a single line separated by spaces.

For example,

Box b1; // Should set b1.l = b1.b = b1.h = 0;
Box b2(2, 3, 4); // Should set b1.l = 2, b1.b = 3, b1.h = 4;
b2.getLength(); // Should return 2
b2.getBreadth(); // Should return 3
b2.getheight(); // Should return 4
b2.CalculateVolume(); // Should return 24
bool x = (b1 < b2); // Should return true based on the conditions given
cout<<b2; // Should print 2 3 4 in order.


0 <= l, b, h <= 10^5
Two boxes being compared using the < operator will not have all three dimensions equal.

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Box It Hackerrank Solution in C++

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
//Implement the class Box  
//l,b,h are integers representing the dimensions of the box

// The class should have the following functions : 

// Constructors: 
// Box();
// Box(int,int,int);
// Box(Box);

// int getLength();	// Return box's length
// int getBreadth ();	// Return box's breadth
// int getHeight (); 	//Return box's height
// long long CalculateVolume();	// Return the volume of the box

//Overload operator < as specified
//bool operator<(Box& b)

//Overload operator<<as specified
//ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, Box& B)

class Box
	long long int l, b, h;

			l = 0, b = 0, h = 0;

	Box(int length, int breadth, int height)
		l = length;
		b = breadth;
		h = height;

	Box(Box & B)
		l = B.l;
		b = B.b;
		h = B.h;

	int getLength()	// Return box's length
		return (l);

	int getBreadth()	// Return box's breadth
		return (b);

	int getHeight()	//Return box's height
		return (h);

	long long CalculateVolume()
		return (long long)(l *b *h);

	bool operator < (const Box &c1)
		if ((l < c1.l) || ((b < c1.b) && (l == c1.l)) || ((h < c1.h) && (b == c1.b) && (l == c1.l)))
			return true;
			return false;

	friend ostream &operator<<(ostream &os, const Box &dt);

ostream &operator<<(ostream &os, const Box &dt)
	os << dt.l << ' ' << dt.b << ' ' << dt.h;
	return os;

The Output of Box It Hackerrank Solution

The Output of Box It Hackerrank Solution

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