Top 10 Ninja Techniques for a Killer Website Design that Sells

It just takes 5 to 7 seconds to determine the entire website and its business. Does your website have the audacity to explain your business in a few seconds? Does your navigation do justice with your website to easily navigate the visitors to fulfil their purpose to find something valuable? Can you control your website’s bounce rate to hold the customers till they shop service from you? If all your answers indicate the “NO,”; you badly need to revamp your website at any cost. There are almost 8 billion websites in the whole world that cover all sorts of business niches.

Top 9 Ninja Techniques for a Killer Website Design that Sells

10 Ninja Techniques for a Killer Website Design- Enlightening The Intelligence

The article will share the top 10 website design tips, including the layouts, interfaces, content, and other essentials to revamp your websites and make them savvier and get organic visitors, leads, and traffic.

1. The Lucid Simplicity

Having too much and cluttered vision in website designs could intimidate the business and its growing aspects. Website designs always demand simplicity under the rule of “Less Is More.”

People are so busy and desperate to know the essential information from any website, so simplicity slightly aligns the more leads. You need to showcase your website’s most important data to the inner pages, not to the home pages, to easily make your visitors understand your business and services in one go.

Too much content can distract your audience, and you can magnify the chances of losing your visitors in just a few seconds due to the cluttered website interfaces. Always go after decent and straightforward design to boom your digital awareness.

2. The Intuitive Navigations

Your navigation must be so easy to understand, even for new website visitors. You need to stick with conventions and always create a sticky menu to understand the website niche easily. First of all, plan your all navigation and also add a search bar. These websites are the best examples of perfect navigation.


Website navigations need to indicate specific services, product ranges, and prominent calls to action. There is no use in availing the navigation that could take the visitors astray. The more trouble-free your navigation looks, the more visitors will stick to your website to increase your sale-pace.

3. The Non-Stop Consistency

You need to be consistent about your website’s fundamental elements ranging from colour to content. Always check out your content, fonts, colour palettes, layouts, icons, brand elements, images, and videos every month to keep the website well-looked and aesthetic.

If you think you need some changes to make your website more dominant, do it and be consistent about your website. Success does not always come with a great attitude; it also comes with consistency.

4. Enhance Your Readability

Never jot down the text on the images to make your readability more prominent and easier to understand. Some websites have written text over the images they share in the backgrounds, reducing visitors’ interest.

Visitors are hovering over thousands of websites to get valuable information, services, and products. Increase your website readability to make it stand in the row of your visitor’s list. Always ensure that the text of your website is easy to understand and beneficial for your visitor.

5. The Dynamic Content

Content is the king of your website. Always focus on your SEO and share valuable articles, blogs, and videos to bring valuable vibes to the website. The more valuable content you will share, the more visitors you will get in a short span. 

Share information and publish informative articles as much as possible to add some creative value to the visitor’s life smartly. Educate your audience through your content. Make your content creative and dynamic simultaneously.

6. The Mobile-Friendly Element

Always check out your website’s designs for all sorts of responsiveness. Make sure your website looks the same and is savvy on any device such as a desktop, tabs, and mobile. There are almost 5.27 billion mobile users to date, so you can increase your visitors by acquiring a mobile-friendly website.

7. The Beneficial Purpose

Your website must have a definite purpose to serve the audience. People visit websites for the purpose of shopping for services and products. Always fulfil their intention by quickly explaining your services, product, and their beneficial elements through your content.

Your website’s services or products should resolve the visitor’s digital hurdles in one go. Your website content should definitely explain your business mannerly to grab a more organic audience. Find out the purpose before building a website if you wish to be stable in the digital world.

8. The Creative Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the most vital part of any website design. Always keep some creativity in mind while building your website to enhance its visual hierarchy. People always go for bigger fonts to read at first sight.

Your website colours should be bright and eye-catching to grab a vast range of customers. The alignments should be proper, and spacing should justice the content. Your typeface [fonts] should be readable and matchable from the entire website theme to boost the website’s charisma.

9. Enhance Load Time

There are several elements to keep in mind to reduce the website loading time. You need to optimize your website images and then clear your bugs to magnify the speed. Plugins must be minimal and lessen your JavaScript & Style Sheets to boost your website speed in a minimal time.

Moreover, you need to optimize caches and utilize the lessening coding to improve page load time. There is no need to fill your website with non-essential stuff that does not define the services and products.

Wrapping Up the Intelligence

Your business website could be your best and most advantageous asset if you work on the website design tips, hacks, and revamping the websites. The core reason to build a website to serve the customer base with intuitive intentions is to facilitate customers and grow your digital appearance. Your website could be mainstream and stand as a behemoth in the digital world.

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