[Best 8 Tips] Email Marketing Growth Hacks

This article will discuss some cool hacks to take your email marketing to the next level. Stay till the end of the article, and you will find some helpful tactics.

Top 8 Hacks for Email Marketing Growth

  • A Super Signature
  • An Effective Email Finder to Find LinkedIn Email
  • Clean Your Lists
  • Avoid Getting Marked as Spam
  • Leverage the Sender Score
  • Resend Email to Cold Prospect
  • Minimum Links Works Well
  • Avoid HTML Emails with Templates

1. A Super Signature

A Super Signature

A super signature is where you write the best tagline representing your brand in the best possible way. It has got the power to bring your company to life. Please keep it simple and relatable to your brand.

2. An Effective Email Finder to Find LinkedIn Email

Time is precious, and you can’t waste it on building a prospect list that will not even convert because it lacks quality.

The best hack to build a B2B list is by finding LinkedIn emails, and the best tool to find the business email addresses of people is using the GetEmail.io email lookup tool.

3. Clean Your Lists

It’s significant to clean your email list. What does it mean to clean the email list? Well, it involves removing inaccurate data or inactive users from your email database.

For example, it is normal to have people who have not engaged with your emails in the past three months. Do you still have them on your list? If yes, why?

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Having such prospects on your database is going to affect your email marketing campaign performance.

4. Avoid Getting Marked as Spam

Besides what we saw in the previous paragraph when you keep sending emails to the people who don’t respond, Gmail notices that and eventually pushes your email into the spam box. Hence you must keep your email list squeaky clean. This would ensure that you have a good email open rate. 

Google doesn't allow you to serve temporary emails. Still, Gmail does provide the ability to create custom emails that you can throw away when you no longer need them, for example, if you're asked to send a message via your email to a service or To a specific company that you don't want to give them your correct address, you can follow these steps to create a temporary email address.

5. Leverage the Sender Score

Depending upon your performance across factors critical to the email subscribers and mailbox provider, your reputation as a sender is determined. A sender score represents the sender’s reputation which measures the health of your emails.

By any chance, if you are on the low end of the sender score spectrum, you still have the opportunity for improvement.

Email Marketing Growth Hacks

6. Resend Emails to Cold Prospects

Most business owners and marketing professionals believe that if a prospect doesn’t respond to their email the first time, they will surely be not interested in their product and decide to leave those prospects alone!

You should always send a follow-up email when you don’t get a response on your first attempt because it increases your chances of getting a response. Even after that, when you don’t see any engagement, then clean your list.

7. Minimum Links Work Well

When you stuff more links in our emails, it will overwhelm your prospects. Therefore, it would be best if you keep it to minimum numbers.

You can quickly achieve this by clarifying what action you want the reader to take from that email and ensuring that you have only one goal from one email.

If you try to achieve multiple actions with just one email, you will annoy your audience as many links make your email more promotional rather than personal.

8. Avoid HTML Emails with Templates

When you use HTML-based emails with templates, the email service provider will see your email as promotional and place your email in the promotion section. This would eventually reduce your email open rates.

So don’t run behind the fancy look; instead, you may use catchy texts to convey your message, draw their attention, place one link and intrigue your prospect to take action.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find these marketing hacks helpful and that you would leverage the power of these tips.
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