Top 3 Common Email Security Threats You Must Know About

Did you know that the volume of business and customer emails sent as well as received daily totalled more than 257.7 billion by yearend 2022? It means that emails play a significant role in the professional as well as personal spheres of our lives, thus making it a lucrative opportunity for cyber hackers to steal confidential information. Emails are essential for businesses and therefore, business leaders should stay aware of common security issues.

According to an article published on Forbes.com, phishing usually happens via email. Cyber hackers may access data to help them see sensitive or confidential information like credential details and credit card info. In this article, we will therefore walk you through some of the common email security threads for your knowledge:

Top 3 Common Email Security Threats

  • DDoS Attacks
  • Scripted Attacks
  • SQL Injection 

1. DDoS Attacks

When it comes to distributed denial of service (DDoS), is a kind of attack to make any online service unobtainable by overpowering traffic from endless sources. It is a threat that could occur in various places in the Open Systems Interconnection model which is a conceptual structure that defines how PCs interact with each other by disintegrating network communication into abstraction layers.

DDoS Attacks

The common DDoS attacks are at the application layer and the network application layer.

2. Scripted Attacks

The common scripted email attack is the automated script that tries to hack into your email account by methodically typing all probable arrangements of keyboard characters until the right one is discovered.

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Did you know that even websites with a lockout policy, which locks a particular account after a person exceeds the maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts are not safe from scripted attacks? If you have, any queries related to email security issues, visit platforms like Trustifi or similar.

Though it is good to have a lockout policy, scripted attacks may consider the policy by letting Cyber Haftpflicht cyber hackers describe the effort to try before discontinuing and passing the time for the lockout timer to end. Let us explain this point with the help of an example.

Scripted Attacks

For instance, when the lockout limit is three attempts and resetting the lockout timer is fixed at 30 minutes, a hacker may think of up to four passwords each 31 minutes to sidestep the protections in place.

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3. SQL Injection

As far as SQL injection is concerned, it is quite a common threat to your email security when some application asks for user input, like a username or log in details. An unscrupulous hacker can place a SQL statement instead, which next runs on that application’s database.

SQL Injection


You know how essential emails are to your business; therefore, you need to implement stringent and watchful security measures to protect sensitive data. You need some application firewall that lets custom rules identify malicious or suspicious users and leverages its wide network to evaluate the behaviour to get rid of complicated attacks on your email system. Once you have proper measures to protect your email data, there is nothing like it. Protect your email against scripted, DDoS, as well as SQL injections to keep all data safe.
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