5 Best Books for Web Development for Beginners [Must-Read]

Web developers always need to be on the lookout for emerging trends and new information. Here is the list of 5 must-read Best Books for Web Development for Beginners. The internet is constantly evolving and modern website design standards continue to progress along with it. Books are one of the finest resources for continuing your education as a web developer.

5 Best Books for Web Development for Beginners

Web development books can help veterans brush up on modern design tendencies and can guide newcomers who are just learning programming for the first time. No matter your skill level, these five books are absolutely essential when striving to become a competent web developer.

Top 5 Best Books for Web Development

These are the top five Best Web Development books for Beginners must read to start web Designing & development.

  1. The Clean Coder: Robert Martin.
  2. You Don’t Know JS: Kyle Simpson.
  3. Front-End Developer Handbook: Revised For 2019 by Cory Lindley.
  4. The Pragmatic Programmer: Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt.
  5. Don’t Make Me Think: Revisited by Steve Krug.
  6. Conclusion.

The Clean Coder by Robert Martin

The first Books for Web Development is The Clean Coder by Robert Martin. This manifesto details the proper conduct that all professional coders should aspire to in the workplace. Since web development is often a team effort, it is important to know how to work with respect for your fellow programmers. It is a common mistake to allow pride to get in the
way of progress on a project.

The Clean Coder Books for Web Development

The Clean Coder helps you take a step back and see when you are the underlying cause of a problem. By taking ownership of your mistakes and bugs, it makes for a stronger dynamic amongst the entire development team.

As web development staff numbers continue to rise, this book is becoming even more relevant today than when it was first released. Be sure to give this one a read before taking on any assignments that involve a group effort.

You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson

JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in web development. This means that you will most likely never stop honing your skills in that discipline. You Don't Know JS is a series that is split into six parts. Each part takes you on a deep dive into one of the seminal pillars of JS.

Kyle provides a strong foundation that any coder can use to be more productive in their scripts. Each section starts with a broad overview before hammering home some important technical details. You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson is the second suggested Best Books for Web Development for Beginners.

You Don’t Know JS by Kyle Simpson

You will learn how to adjust scopes, function hoisting, and use libraries to perform asynchronous tasks to name just a few of the practical points gifted to the reader. These talents will come in handy when operating a website that was previously developed by someone else.

Front-End Developer Handbook- Revised For 2019 by Cory Lindley

This ebook is an incredibly handy resource for any web developers who are just starting or find themselves short on cash. That is because the Front-End Developer Handbook is completely free for you to download and read endlessly. The best part is that the information shared by Cory Lindley is worth paying for.

Front-End Developer Handbook- Revised For 2019 by Cory Lindley

The book is revised every few years, and the latest 2019 edition provides tricks that are still relevant to cutting-edge front ends today. There is a comprehensive list of tools that professional web developers use daily. If you want some recommendations on what software to use during live projects, then you will find what you are looking for here.

You also get an overview of the development industry as a whole. This will help you prepare for the upcoming design trends that will surely change your work methodology. Revised Front-End Developer Handbook is the third Best Books for Web Development for Beginners in our list.

The Pragmatic Programmer by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt

Coding is a lifelong practice that requires the development of good daily habits to be successful. The Pragmatic Programmer is a book all about realistically cultivating a coding mindset. It is a book that is designed to be read many times over and should be referred to whenever a programmer gets stuck. The Pragmatic Programmer is the fourth book for web design and development by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt. Read this Marketing Books.

The Pragmatic Programmer by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt

The practical advice from Thomas and Hunt will help you see problems and challenges from a new perspective. This shift in perspective is what separates the good coders from the great. By viewing bugs from a different angle, the solution to the dilemma often becomes clear in short order.

It also teaches you how to create code snippets that are easy to reuse and flexible enough to be modified for other uses. Since many websites operate similarly, this will help you save tons of time when working on subsequent assignments.

Don’t Make Me Think: Revisited by Steve Krug

Don't Make Me Think is an exploration of what makes websites fun and satisfying for people to use. It preaches the importance of usability, or how easy it is for people to understand how a webpage works. The less a user thinks about what they need to do, the smoother and more enjoyable their browsing experience will be.

It is easy to get caught up in focusing on back end coding all day, but professional web developers also need to create an engaging experience to boot. One of the core components of this book is UI design. The user interface is everything the user can click on or interact with to control a website.

Don’t Make Me Think Book for Web Development

Krug discusses which UI elements are easy to comprehend and which ones leave most users confused. In addition to the simple to read text, the book has many illustrations that help visual learners grasp each concept easier. This is the last Best Books for Web Development for Beginners on our list.


Each of the above books(Top & Best 5 Books for Web Development for Beginners) will help further your web development knowledge and skill set. Since the world of web development is forever turning, you must always continue to reach for new information. These five texts will help ensure that you don't get left behind by the latest trends.
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