Android 11 Features Best Top 10 Features of Android Eleven

In this article, we are going to include Android 11 Features. All list of Top 10 Features of Android Eleven. Google has rolled out the developer preview of Android 11. This latest version of Android is expected to be announced on May 12 during Google I/O 2020 event. In this developer version, many user-centric features are seen that can help developers convert the mobile app idea into a stunning app.

Android 11 Features

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Top 10 Android 11 Features

Below is the list of Android 11 Features. All Top 10 Features of Android That will add on ideas for new or existing apps.

  1. Scoped Storage
  2. Mute Notifications while Recording
  3. Native Screen Recording
  4. Resume On Boot
  5. Notification History
  6. Fast Share or Nearby Sharing
  7. Redesigned Power Menu
  8. One-time Permission
  9. Share Menu pinning
  10. New APIs
  11. Other improvements and changes
  12. Wrapping Up

Without further ado, let’s go through some of the most exciting features of Android 11 that an Android app development company can use for developing new or existing apps.

Android 11 Features Best Top 10 Features of Android Eleven

Scoped Storage

The first Android 11 Feature is Scoped Storage. Google has introduced Scoped storage for ensuring data security. Mobile apps can get access to particular parts of your filesystem only. It can protect private data more efficiently. The Android app development company needs to implement the transition to the new system with the introduction of Scoped storage in Android 11. However, Google will give more time to app developers to switch their apps to the new system.

Mute Notifications while Recording

Isn’t it annoying that you capture a family moment or make an awesome video of the scenic view, and a notification comes? Android 11 enables you to mute or pause notifications while recording video. This may or may not expect in Android 11 Features.

Native Screen Recording

Android 11 is expected to come up with this feature. It is a built-in screen recorder. The second developer version has shown it in a refined way. Native screen recording feature will eliminate the need for any additional apps like AZ Screen Recorder to record our mobile screens. It is rumoured that Google tried to integrate this feature in Android 10 but failed. This feature is finally ready to come to the Android 11 version. If your mobile app idea includes a feature to facilitate the users to grab the screen of their smartphones, this feature comes handy.

Resume On Boot

The recent Android 11 developer preview has brought a new feature known as Resume On Boot. It enables the Android 11 device to access Credential Encrypted storage immediately after having an overnight OTA update. This feature allows the Android 11 smartphone to start receiving messages after reboot. Resume On Boot is a forth one of Top 10 Features of Android.

Notification History

Do you want your notifications to stay for a long time on the user’s smartphone? Well, the “Notification History” feature can lend a helping hand. Predecessors of Android 11 do not give easy access to older notifications, once users have swiped them off.

The Android 11 has a unique setting name as “Notification History” that keeps all the information about the older and new notifications alike. In a way, this feature improves the handling of older notifications.

Fast Share or Nearby Sharing

The iOS platform offers Airdrop for sharing files more quickly. Now, it is expected that Android 11 will bring a feature similar to Airdrop. The feature will be known as Fast Share or Nearby Sharing. The Android 11 Developers release notes have confirmed this file-sharing feature along with some known issues with it for developers. Once these issues are resolved, this feature will make it easy for the users to share their files between Android devices. This feature has a special place among all Top 10 Features of Android.

Redesigned Power Menu

Android 11 is expected to come with an extensively revamped power menu. We can also expect that app shortcuts will also be a part of the power menu. Though this feature is not confirmed yet, the app developers(Mobile App Development Checklist) have found it in Android’s code. This power menu can be a significant feature that can draw the attention of many users.

One-time Permission

Unlike Android 10, this version will come with a one-time permission setting. It will enable the user permission for a single time only. In previous versions, the feature enabled the app to ask permission to access location, microphone data, or camera only when the app was opened. The one-time permission also allows users to revoke the permissions later. This feature is an essential milestone in enhancing security and privacy. It also shows Google’s commitment to preventing the confidentiality of users.

Share Menu pinning

Do you think that Android 10 has the best Share Menu? Well, Android 11 has something better to offer. Users can pin apps and shortcuts to the Share Menu with ease in Android 11. This feature was also a part of the Android ten build cycle, but it was not released. We can certainly expect that the Share Menu will remain in Android 11.

New APIs

Android 11 Features comes with new APIs. For the first time, Android 11 has added the 5G state API to detect whether the Android user is currently on the 5G network. This API enables developers to activate particular experiences for the faster 5G network. Another new API is dedicated to foldable devices. It can read data from a hinge-angle sensor of a foldable device. It enables the apps to adapt to the angle of the hinge of the invention. Last feature of Top 10 Features of Android.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • Automated dark mode toggles
  • No impact of Airplane mode on Bluetooth audio connections
  • New screenshot UI, but it is not yet fully functional
  • Enhanced support for waterfall and pinhole displays
  • Bubbles- A new UI for messaging app. Though it was a part of Android 10, Google wants to integrate it in Android 11
  • Pixel 4 device tweaks include a new Motion Sense Gesture and Increased Touch Sensitivity for music and screen savers respectively

Wrapping Up

This is all about Android 11 Features. It is fair to mention that Android 11 will boost the mobile app idea. It is interesting to see the roll-out of this latest Android version. We can also expect some new features and performance enhancements in the release.
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