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SMS Marketing full for is "Short Message Service" Marketing. The digital marketing world has evolved dramatically during the last decade or so. These SMS Marketing Guide for Startup Owners and new Startup. Today businesses and startups have easy and multiple ways of reaching potential customers.

However, some ways are more effective as compared to others in accessing your target audience. Nowadays, mobile marketing is regarded as one of the most effective and competent forms of brand promotion and advertising.

Novel and innovative ways help you to engage and entice your potential customers by Short Message Service. Initially, many startup owners try avoiding the use of SMS marketing strategies because they assume that text messaging could leave their target audience irritated and annoyed.

In the United States of America, existing SMS marketing rules and regulations are very stringent. So most of the Startup owners are worried. They wish to steer clear of any legal issues.

However, by not including a robust SMS marketing strategy in your overall brand promotion and marketing strategy, you are simply losing golden opportunities to earn more money simply because SMS messages are having an assured 99 per cent open rate.

Some SMS Marketing Rules Every Startup Owner Must Know

The startup owners must realize the fabulous results received once you start texting customers and get into the habit of incorporating a robust SMS marketing plan in your overall brand promotion and marketing strategy.

As you know startups are afraid of paying too much attention to text marketing since they do not wish to flout any texting rules or regulations.

4 Rules to SMS Marketing Guide for Startup Owners

However, startup owners must realize that SMS marketing rules are pretty stringent but if you consciously pay attention to adhering to all those TCPA regulations, there are no chances of you falling into any trouble whatsoever.

According to https://www.forbes.com, you simply need to follow just one major rule and that is, you are free to send commercial text messages only to those people who have authorized you to send them messages whenever you want.

SMS Marketing Guide for Startup Owners: Table of Content

  • Never Overshoot Beyond 160 Characters
  • Timing is the Main Factor for Your Success
  • The CTA Must Be a Mobile Number or a Web Address 
  • Consider Advertising Your Shortcode
  • Is SMS Marketing Worth the Effort? Explore the Results 
  • Conclusion

You must develop a contact list or a list of subscribers or people who have approved your request to send them text messages about product launches, product details, offers, deals, promo codes, or major discounts, etc.

We have seen that some very good organizations in the United States did not follow the existing rule. Moreover, we have heard the flop stories of several entrepreneurs who had to shut down their business in the first year itself as they had ignored this important text marketing rule.

You need to remember that just because somebody shared his mobile number with you; it does not authorize you to start shooting commercial text messages to the person concerned.

This SMS Marketing Guide for Startup Owners is based on a case study, this will help you to grow your startup just follow these rules.  

Rule 1: Never Overshoot Beyond 160 Characters

This is the first rule of SMS Marketing Guide that never overshoots beyond 160 Characters. 160 seem to be a crucial number in the SMS marketing landscape. It could help in literally redefining the SMS language. Actually, SMS full form is "Short Message Service".

We know that mobile networks would be segmenting your SMS into numerous pieces of 160. So it is best not to exceed this limit or your promotional message could be sliced down the middle. Moreover, long texts are not acceptable by some networks and there could be inconsistent slicing. 

It is, therefore, best to stick to 160 characters as that is the safest rule to follow. Hire the services of a reliable SMS text messaging API that could assist you in sending an SMS with confidence.

Rule 2: Timing is the Main Factor for Your Success

Timing is of utmost importance while chalking out an effective SMS marketing plan. The timing seems to be all-important and it could make or break your SMS marketing plan.

You know that SMS marketing is certainly going to experience an assured open rate of 99 per cent so almost every message that is received by the customer would surely be opened.

Most of the SMSs are opened within just a few minutes of their arrival. Timing must be right. No point in sending them an enticing offer to purchase something when they are not inclined to buy something.

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As a marketer, you need to reach your targeted audience while they are freezing a purchasing decision. This is primarily the reason why restaurants are in the habit of sending interesting offers twice or thrice daily when people, in general, are considering what to eat or buy at a precise time.

You must do your homework well, find out when your potential customers are more inclined to make a buying decision.

Rule 3: The CTA Must Be a Mobile Number or a Web Address

The CTA or the Call-to-Action must be incorporated into your marketing message. Hence, SMS marketing must also, pay attention to incorporating a CTA into the marketing content.

Very few options here You have to access. Do not have any buttons or anchor links. You have to rely on the specific words that you are using in your text message.

A general description of a product would be of use provided the customer is directly sent to that product present on your website. Hence, it is important to include a shortened URL or maybe only your number.

Rule 4: Consider Advertising Your Shortcode- SMS Marketing Guide

SMS marketing must be incorporated into every other marketing plan you are implementing. The success of your plan depends primarily on the maximum number of people you could reach and connect.

You must promote your SMS shortcode across all other marketing and promotional channels. Your SMS shortcode must necessarily figure in your social media campaigns, email campaigns and on all physical marketing materials used by you.

Your SMS shortcode is supposed to be the hallmark of your startup marketing success. This is the 4th rule of SMS Marketing Guide for Startup must follow.

Is SMS Marketing Worth the Effort? Explore the Results

It is quite easy to assume that SMS would be going out of vogue with the introduction of web-based messengers. However, there are no such indications yet.

Marketers are utilizing online messaging systems that come for free but that does not imply that they are not sending or receiving SMS messages.

  • SMS marketing is great for expanding the potential reach of your brand. It results in an extended reach.
  • Generating a phenomenal reach by engaging consumers via text messages. This would be generating leads. Almost 98% of SMSes are opened and over 90% are almost always read within the only 3 minutes.
  • Ensures higher response rates. While email and conventional print response rates are going down, we have been witnessing that SMS marketing is surely flying high.
  • Assures increased customer retention, as well as, repeat sales.
  • SMS marketing involves swift action and the entire process could be effectively automated.
  • Leads to a boost in brand loyalty.

Conclusion- SMS Marketing Guide

SMS marketing must be incorporated into your overall marketing mix. If implemented effectively, your SMS marketing campaign could dramatically fortify your strength as a brand.

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SMS marketing assists you in reaching and engaging more customers, tracking down increased leads and consolidating your marketing endeavours for generating greater returns.

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