Importance and Introduction of Core Java

Basic Knowledge of Java programming language

Author: James Gosling

Vendor: Sun Micro System

Project name: Green Project

Type: open source & free software

Initial Name: OAK language

Present Name: java

Extensions: .java & .class & .jar

Initial version: jdk 1.0 (java development kit)

Present version: Java 8 March 2015

Operating System: multi Operating System

Symbol: coffee cup with saucer

Objective: To develop web applications

SUN: Stanford Universally Network

Slogan/Motto: WORA(write once run anywhere)

Importance of Core Java

According to the SUN, 3 billion devices run on the Java language only.

1) Java is used to develop Desktop Applications such as MediaPlayer, Antivirus etc.

2) Java is Used to Develop Web Applications such as durgajobs.com, irctc.co.in etc.

3) Java is Used to Develop Enterprise Application such as Banking applications.

4) Java is Used to Develop Mobile Applications.

5) Java is Used to Develop Embedded System.

6) Java is Used to Develop SmartCards.

7) Java is Used to Develop Robotics.

8) Java is used to Develop Games etc.

Technologies Depends on Core Java


Java Alpha & beta: 1995

JDK 1.0: 1996

JDK1.1: 1997

J2SE 1.2: 1998

J2SE 1.3: 2000

J2SE 1.4: 2002

J2SE 1.5: 2004

JAVA SE 6: 2006

JAVA SE 7: 2011

JAVA SE8: 2015

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