Java Program to Check if Given Alphabets are Uppercase or Lowercase or Digits

Problem:- Java Program to Check if given Alphabets are Uppercase or Lowercase or Digits or Java Program to test if a character is uppercase/lowercase/number or Java Program To Check Character Is Uppercase / Lowercase / Digit / Special Symbol or Determine character is a capital, small case, digit or special symbol or Java code to check number of uppercase letters, lowercase letters.

Explanation:- As we know that Uppercase(A, B, C........Z) or Lowercase ( a,b,c.....z ) or a Digit ( 1,2,3,.......9 ), or a Special Symbol ( #,@,<,> ). Now to solve this problem we will use ASCII Value if you have any problem with ASCII Value you can check Java Program for Print ASCII Value Of Any Character. if the character is between 65 to 90 then You Entered UPPERCASE if it is 97 to 122 then you entered LOWER CASE if it is between 48 to 57 then it is a DIGIT And for rest print SPECIAL SYMBOLS.

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Java Program To Check Character Is Uppercase / Lowercase / Digit / Special Symbol

/* Program By Ghanendra Yadav
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import java.io.*;
public class keycheck 
    public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException
        char key;
        BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));
        System.out.print("Press any Key:");
        key = (char) bf.read();

        if(key >= 97 && key <= 123)
            System.out.println(" You Press Lower Case"); //for lower case letter

        else if(key >= 65 && key <= 96) //for upper case letter
            System.out.println(" You Press Upper Case");
        else if(key >= 48 && key <= 57) //for digit
            System.out.println(" You Press Digit");
            System.out.println(" You Press Special Symbol");
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