C++ Program For Find The Sum of Integers In a File

Problem:- C++ adding numbers from an input file or C++ Adding Numbers From an Input File using File Handling or c++ read text file line by line. or c++ adding numbers from a file or c++ count numbers in a file or how to read numbers from a file in c++ or c++ average numbers from file or count number of integers in a file c++ or determining largest smallest & mean from file input or write a program that opens the file reads all the numbers from the file or c++ read numbers from file line by line c++ program to read and display text file line by line or 

Explanation:- First we have to create a file with extension (like .txt) after that by using the program we have to print the file in console screen. Always remember we have to read the file by line by line and also write the file sum line by line in another file name Sum.txt and one more thing file should be in the same folder in which our program already exists. We can give the file name in console screen so no need to give the filename in a program. So basically we have to take an input from one file and after the sum, we have to write the output in another file line by line. After the end of the program, one file will be created open the file you get the sum of the input file.


#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>

using namespace std;
//Ghanendra Yadav
int main()
  ifstream inFile;
    char filename[20];

cout<<"Enter The File Name With Extension\n";


/*Here You Have To Create A File And put some data on it. 
Then Save the with Any Extension With File Name As Above Shown */
if (!inFile)
    cerr << "File example.txt not found." << endl;
    return -1;
  ofstream outFile("sum.txt");
  /*Here You Have Sum Of File Line By Line Sum  */
  string line;
  while (getline(inFile, line))
    if (line.empty()) 

    istringstream iss(line);
    int sum = 0, next = 0;
    while (iss >> next) 
sum += next;
    outFile << sum << endl;

  cout<<"File Created Successfully Go To Sum.txt File And Open\n";
  return 0;




C++ Program For Find The Sum of Integers In a File


C++ Adding Numbers From a Input File using File Handling

File Output:-

C++ Program For Find The Sum of Integers In a File

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    c++ read file line by line

  2. Can you do it adding the values from text file column by column?