How To Print Message " HELLO JAVA " In Java

Hello Reader This Is A First Program In Java To Print A Given Massage. Here Remember One Thing Java Is Very Case Sensitive Language So Be Careful. This is a simple example or this is the first program in Java or we can say with the help of this program we learn about printing a string on display while printing a message on the screen below are some useful tips read all tips.

Some Useful Tips

1. Import All Necessary Header File Or Library Or Package What Ever You Called them.

2.Class Name Should Contain Only Alphabet ( Upper & Lower Case ) Or _ ( Underscore )

3.Class Name And Java Program Name Should Be Shame Name Ex: Class hello And When You Save The Program It Should Be hello.java

4.Use Best Editor For Write A Java Program Instead Of NOTEPAD You Can Use NOTEPAD++ or SUBLIME TEXT

5.If You Need Any Help Our Expert Always With You Here Your Java Expert Is Prashant Chaturvedi Sir

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How To Print Message " HELLO JAVA " In Java

import java.util.*;

class hello
    public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("HELLO JAVA");

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  1. Try Some Differrent Program Actually I Am Not Child

    1. Dude This Is Beginer Level Program Wait For Advance level