Aviator Winning Strategies

Aviator is a popular game in online casinos. It opens up a whole area of crash games. The game was created by the provider Spribe in 2019 and immediately became a huge success. The innovative approach and simple gameplay can explain Aviator's popularity. If you've ever tried to play but didn't win, keep reading to learn the most effective strategies for this game.

How to play? 

The Aviator slot allows players to bet on the length of the airplane’s flight. The plane in this game crashes over and over again. The payout ratio grows from the start, but nobody knows how long the flight will last. Once the plane disappears from the screen, all bets are off. 

The player aims to cash out the bet with a profit before the plane crashes. This can be done using a manual button or an auto-cashout configured for a certain amount of money. The duration of the flight is random, so winning requires a stable strategy for the long term. 

Aviator game strategies

There are several well-known strategies for winning at Aviator. Before you choose one, it is better to test it in a demo mode. A strategy is necessary because it helps you to avoid impulsive decisions that usually lead to losing your deposit. Here are the most common strategies used by players: 

  • Moderate risk strategy. Choose a relatively big multiplier between 2 and 3 and set up the auto-cashout. This multiplier appears quite often, so you have good chances for success.

  • Quick money strategy. The goal is to win with a big multiplier of 100 and above. You wait for 20-30 flights, when it doesn't appear, and then start betting a fixed sum. The risk here is higher, but there is still a chance to win big. 

  • Two bet strategy. You place two bets: one for a small multiplier, and one on a large one. The point is to neutralize the risks by winning on the small bet and make a profit with the second bet.

There are many other strategies you can find and develop. The main tip in the game is to test your approaches, be patient, and enjoy the game! 

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