How to Play in Aviator and Win Real Money?

Today the game Aviator is very popular and you will find out why. Also called the airplane game, this game is very easy to operate. Everything the player has to do is to place a bet at the right moment, as soon as the plane takes off. In case the player does not do this before the plane crashes, he will lose his bet, but not for long, but as soon as a new game starts where he can win.

Learn all the information you need to know about the rules of the Aviator game in India here. Stay tuned to get started on this game faster.

The Rules and Process of the game Aviator

Check out the gameplay process and how to start betting. When each round starts, a plane takes off into the sky and each time it takes off, your bet is multiplied by an ever-increasing amount, which can reach 10, 20, 30 or more times the amount you bet.

You must, however, withdraw your bet before the plane flies away from the game screen.

That means if the plane takes off and you do not withdraw in time, your bet will be deducted from your account, taking into account the odds at which the plane took off the screen. But if you manage to withdraw your bet in time, you will receive a BIG prize according to the value at the time of the withdrawal.

This is a slot machine, but with some more innovative features. Part of the "blast or crash" games, it and other similar attractions use the concept of sports betting known as cash-out.

The cash-out is often used in real-time sports betting because it allows you to complete the bet and keep the odds until the event is over. Still, since the game is always available and operates entirely virtually, the Aviator Game still has advantages among other slots.

How to start playing in Aviator?

So, you have learned about the rules of the game above, and now it's time to find out how to start playing Aviator. Playing Aviator is quite simple and easy even for a beginner. See below for our instructions:

  1. Visit any betting site that offers the Aviator game;

  2. We can immediately download the bookmaker's mobile app if you plan to play at any time of the day or night;

  3. Login or create a new account from the official platform;

  4. Next, open the game through the casino sector ("demo" mode or real money mode);

  5. The first screen you will see a big button labeled "Bet". Tap the "Bet" button to start the round;

  6. Push the "Cash Out" button on the same button to close the bet.

At this point, let's talk about the features that make the game more interesting. One of the main ones is "Autoplay", which allows you to participate in each round automatically. Using it, you can customize how the system will process your bets. 

For example, you can set:

  • Winning amount for stopping the bet;

  • The limit of loss for stopping a bet;

  • The size of the bet automatically for each bet;

  • Number that must be reached in the game for the cash-out to be automatically activated.

The list with all participants and their winnings is on the left. At the top you can also see the history of the rounds with all the numbers the plane reached before landing. The two features help to see the possible winnings, as they show the actual results of who is playing at the moment.

Let's summarize Aviator's work

Many strategies and tips exist on how to win at Aviator. No matter what method you use in practice, never go too far. Monitor the success of other players to develop your strategy, and remember that everything is based on a random number generator and it is impossible to guess anything. Make your bet with your money limit and experience in mind. You have a better chance of making a profit without risking and without losing all the fun!

You can play Aviator on a variety of platforms. They offer a welcome bonus, cashback and other benefits. In choosing betting platforms, you should also pay attention to how good, reliable, safe and easy to use they are.

All rules and instructions in this article are relevant when playing in the official web versions and in the Aviator game apps for Android and iOS.

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