Why Do You Prepare Stoichiometry Calculator in Python Language?

Stoichiometry is a process by which we are going to balance the chemical equation. It is better to prepare the Stoichiometry calculator in the Python language as the coding process is just too simple for the programmer. The other thing which is quite obvious is to adjust all the parameters of the Stoichiometric techniques in the Python language. The language is prepared just to codify the measurements more simply. You can recall the git function in the Python language and can prepare online calculators easily.

What is Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry is a process of balancing the coefficient of the chemical equation. It’s a simple technique of balancing the proportional qualities of the chemical and their number of moles. The Stoichiometry technique is implemented according to the law of conservation of mass.

If you are not able to maintain the proportional ratio of the reactants then it can be difficult to produce the required quality of the products. Use the stoichiometry calculator to produce fixed-quality products. When you are maintaining the precise quantity of the chemical, then it is essential to mix the reactants in a predefined ratio.

In this article, we are elaborating the Stoichiometry by presenting a practical example of the concepts:

What is Stoichiometry?

You can balance the number of moles on both sides of the chemical mail equation with the help of stoichiometry. When you are using stoichiometry it is easy to identify the number of reactants and the product in a chemical reaction.

In the Greek language and methodology, the word “Stoikhein” means the elements, and the “Metron '' is Number The of elements in a chemical reaction.

When using the stoichiometry calculator, then you are easily able to determine what is the molar concentration of the reactant required. The above reaction needs to follow the stoichiometry ratios.

Examples of the Stoichiometry:

Practical Example 1:

For example, if you want to produce 1 mole of water, then it is essential to mix the 2 moles of hydrogen and 1 mole of water. When you are producing the 2 moles of water, you are producing 36 grams of water.


Use the stoichiometry calculator to determine the proportional ratio of the reactant and the products in a chemical reaction.

the molar concentration of water = 2H2O
Atomic weight of water = 2(1)+(16)= 18 grams
2 moles of water and its weight = 2(18) = 36 grams.
Have noticed the molar concentration of the reactants and products is equal on both sides of the chemical equation.
Stoichiometry molar concentration can be determined by the stoichiometry calculator.

Practical Example 2:

Now rusting of the iron metal is the iron oxide Fe2O3, when you are going to produce the iron oxide in the laboratory, you need to mix the 4 moles of the iron with 3 moles of the oxygen


Just use the stoichiometry ratios to balance the chemical equation. When using the Balance the molar ratios of the reactant and the products are. It is easy to produce a specific quantity of products.


Need to understand that the whole chemical reaction is going to work according to the law of mass of action, and it is essential to use the predetermined ratios of the chemical. The reactant and the product of the chemical reaction are going to produce in the predefined molar concentration.

  • Use the 4 moles of iron = 4(26) =104 grams.
  • Use the 3 moles of Oxygen = 3(16*2) =96 grams.
  • Use the 2 moles of the Iron Oxide=Fe2O3 = 2[2(26)+3(16)]
  • Use the 2 moles of the Iron Oxide =204 grams of Fe2O3

Notice here the 104 grams of iron is going to react with the 96 grams of the 204 grams of Iron oxide.


The online stoichiometry calculator makes it possible to find the molar concentration of the reactant and the product. The stoichiometry ratio is specific for a chemical reaction, by changing the molar concentration of the reactant, we may not be able to produce a specific product in the lab. For example, H2O2 is not water but Hydrogen peroxide and it is a pungent chemical but has the same reactant
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