Learning Programming for Children - The Main Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Many people think that programming for kids is hard. But with proper training and excellent motivation, no problems will arise.


What is Programming for Kids?


  • The child begins to understand the code and programs.
  • It is harder to deceive him on the Internet for scammers.
  • He can create his own program or his own application.
  • Kids who can code early can start making money.
  • Programming teens get more respect from their peers and praise from teachers.

How to start teaching programming to children? First, you need to understand whether the child wants to be able to program. For more on why kids should learn to code, you can check out https://maker.sg/blog/why-kids-should-learn-to-code.

For many children, this is a very interesting process. But there are also those who are afraid of learning to code and writing programs, or think that it is boring and not interesting.

Barriers to Learning to Code

Children's reluctance to learn how to program is not always a barrier. Sometimes you just need to get to the root cause of their motives. As the saying goes: and want, and prickly.

  1. The child is afraid of a lot of numbers and symbols. This is solvable because during the training, children get a taste and it becomes so interesting that they do not want to break away from the process.
  2. Also, children are often afraid of code until they start to understand it well. As soon as the child begins to understand the essence of the work, it becomes as exciting as possible. Especially when you see the result of the work.
  3. Fear of a bad result. Here everything is already assigned to the teachers, they must explain to the student that any result is also a result. After all, it is impossible not to do NOTHING AT ALL for the entire course of programming. It's just that someone writes code faster, someone slower.
  4. Fear of condemnation of parents and acquaintances if something does not work out. It all depends on the parents and their attitude to the education of the child. If you scold a child every time for a negative mark at school, then their student will not take on any new business. The fear of making a mistake will always live with him. So you need to assure your teenager that if something doesn’t work out for him, then you still love him and support him no matter what.

Barriers not Related to the Child's Unwillingness to Learn

  1. Lack of working tools. This happens, unfortunately, in our time - not everyone can have a laptop. You can use a borrowed computer, borrow a computer, or go to the computer room for the duration of the training. Some classes can be listened to over the phone and even performed on the phone, but not all.
  2. The child has poor memory, vision or attention problems. This, unfortunately, also happens, but we dare to assure you that if you make an effort, then everyone can learn to program. It will just take a little longer. The only thing that is definitely required is a consultation with a doctor if the problems are serious.
  3. Complete lack of knowledge of the English language. In programming, English words and terms are often used. Some knowledge of English would be a plus, but not knowing the language is not a complete barrier, since very few foreign words are used at the initial stage. The child will learn English at school and learn new words along the way in programming courses. This is the normal pace of learning in such conditions. Children who speak basic English learn the material somewhat faster and also type a priori faster.

How to Involve Children in the Entertaining Process of Programming?

How can a teenager learn to program and how to make sure that he does not lose the desire to learn? For teenagers, it is very important that they succeed, and that this process is approved by others. Here are some tips for parents who want their students not to lose heart:

  • Help your teen with scheduling the day or planning activities.
  • Do not raise your voice if he did not manage to do something or if something did not work out for him.
  • Praise for every new step taken towards your dream.
  • If something is not clear, then pay attention to the child to help find the correct answer together.
  • Spend more time together so that the student can share their progress in an informal setting.

How to get your child interested in programming? It is necessary for a teenager to understand: WHY and FOR WHAT is it necessary? What is the benefit and practical value FOR HIM PERSONALLY? If this happens, then you don't have to do anything.

There are online programming schools for children of all ages. Distance school Unicorn School also pays a lot of attention to IT topics. The training program includes programming for children from scratch. Students learn the basics of programming through vivid and engaging examples. All this happens in a playful way, as there are games for teaching programming in use.

Teachers carefully consider the capabilities of each individual child so that there is no feeling that learning is suitable for only one person. A well-established process allows you to achieve high results already in the first lessons. Children are involved in the process regardless of age.

Teenagers are actively engaged, so they are encouraged by a good profession that can secure their future. In order to find out the details of the training, we suggest you dial the indicated phone number and consult on all the questions that you have. Or register your future IT specialist for a free demo version of classes.

Let's grow the smart generation together!
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