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Write a program to print the Fibonacci series in C++ Using Function. Check another program to find Fibonacci Series without using a Function I am sure you will get the concept. Fibonacci Series start with Zero and the next element is one then first we print 0 and 1. Now add two previous elements and print the next element as 0+1=1. repeat the process again and again until you get your answer.

Fibonacci Series program in C++ Using Function

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13+21=34. . . .

Fibonacci Series in C++ Using Function

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int fibo(int n);
int main()
	int n, i = 0;
	cout << "\nEnter the nth term of fibonacci series in C++ using function";
	cin >> n;
	cout << "\nfibonacci Series in C++ is Given Below\n\n";

	while (i < n)
		cout << " " << fibo(i);

	cout << " \n\n";
	return 0;

int fibo(int n)
	if ((n == 1) || (n == 0))
		return (n);
		return (fibo(n - 1) + fibo(n - 2));

The Output of Fibonacci Series in C++

The Output of Fibonacci Series in C++

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